April tú, Marathon They in Paris (not that one Serdán) in Réel Docs

Dearie Blossoms, Batman! I know what youse probably thinking, y’all think that I am making all of this these junctions up, but I am not.


For starters, it is a crime in France to make a false alarm on the Paris metro intercom system, almost as bad as pulling the emergency break handle for personal reasons or even for reasonable persons. The punishment is death by Guillotine™, in other words, licenciado Prieto, i would not dare stage a distress call over the net; private or otherwise. If anything, the record log of Metro stop Châtelet on the L1 at 09:15 in Central Europe Time will show that the fire department didn’t take more than 20 minutes to arrive, but then one must factor the fact, that above the collapsed fellow a marathon was passing by. The good Samaritan that made the distress call had a lot to do with the care of a homeless man… across the pond, in Guadalajara, Mexico, allá no ha pasado nada. It’s Guadalajara, —what’d you expect, a happy ending? Please refer to the Affaire de Cassez con Israel.

https ://mobile .twitter .com /SegoArma /status /1642778338694426624 ?s=20

I am telling you Susana Puveda, it’s like I was telling Mr. Prieto yesterday outside of Cinéma Hall 1 at the Georges Pompidou Center, ISSY Susana the same Carlos Prieto who just curated a few weeks ago in Mexicali, Bani Khoshnoudi’s, “El Chinero : A Phantom Hill”, anyhow, who would have thought that Mr. Prieto was into la Sonora electrónica, talk about striking the right scale on that range, considering that as predicted last week in the month of March, “Eye don’t think that Mr. Prieto selected the Daft Punk’s introduction for the promo clip” of Ms. Khoshnoudi’s take of the Xicali Chinese Tourism Board in the San Felipe Valley³, just below it’s its Imperial counterpart in Calexico.

Now with Corona de Cardenche.

³~. La Gaceta, UABC.

For the record, Katie Phangs… Imagine my amusement when lo and behold, which is Aramaic for ‘et voilà’, Mr. Prieto pops out of my left field as I prepared yesterday afternoon’s ‘por menores’ before entering the movie theater to witness what all the fuzz about Chinese people in Aztlán was.

To put it in perspective, for all of the Reverend Al Sharpton’s fans at the peacock coop, Katie Phangs, it’s as your heroine, Min Jin Lee (in just a few frames below) says:

Is it possible? Sony it ain’t so?

when was the last time that we had a Chinero on primetime special honoring and discussing the interests of Asian American women in América?


Previoulsy on Red Privada : ¿Quién Chingados Mató a Manuel Buendía? , Juanito Guanavacoa was picked-up to play the role of Mexican president nephew (Jean Raphaël Moro Ávila) and following una calentada was hired by the Gendarmerie de la préfecture de Paris in order to train the new MOTORcycle force in France. Notable among Juanito Guanavacoa learned SKILLS while working for the Mexican Federales is the doctrine of how to BEAT the LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of syndicalistas de EYE-Mí-MINE.


Réel Docs is a collection of Venn Diagrams, tetrical triangulations, transactional tangents, rapid radiuses and of course the square roots of a bunch of Tetris cubes at the world famous “Late Pablo Fanque’s Circus Royal” at Cinéma One of Georgie’s Beaubourg.


Reseña de, Yesterday:

Siempre en Domingo, 2 avril 2023

Un juge californien ordonne la réouverture de l’affaire du meurtre de ‘Kiki’ Camarena

la historia de Buendía tiene tantos elementos tan peculiares que, si la escribes en ficción, no te la crees”.

Manuel Alcalá

Private Network: Who Killed Manuel Buendía


Exit through the underground Toledo at Cinéma One Beaubourg.

Ahora bien, SoFy Velasco, dile al niño ese del abaco que deje ya de joder con las bolitas. Mira SoFy, aquí adentro de mi Sac-a-Dos saco yo lo que en un árbol d’esos comunes y corrientes como tú ya sabes quién… fue una ramita que jugaba con soldaditos de jugete, más tarde, ese misma ramita inspiró a un tal Bizet a bautizar a esa ramita con el nombre de CARMEN.

Enfin, Licenciado Carlos Prieto Acevedo, no es que yo, Armando Serrano-Prieto, me ponga en la misma esfera del señor Alcalá, ni mucho menos, el señor Alcalá es periodista de abolengo, whereas me (or EYE if you are Katie Phang) let’s just say that journalism landed on I, in the same way that COLBERT’s  « code noir » landed on that Plymouth Rock, y por eso… Yo’s-toy más PRIETO que toi, but that’s only because Eye is char-broiled like a Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua “Santo” fan.


—Más Prieto que Pablo Fanque, Ms. Khoshnoudi, nomás su colega CARLOS P. de Cebada… or was it Acevedo? Ya se me olvidó… anyhow³:
““Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!” provided a tantalising glimpse of the kind of sonic experimentation that could be done in a recording studio, if only we could get there.”


³~. Más Prieto que Pablo Fanque, más noble que El Puto de D’Artagnan (VF):  https ://www .sheffieldtribune .co .uk /p /the-life-of-pablo-fanque

In theaters now: The Basterd’ of Nazareth… “that nigga owes me Five Bucks! ».

🥁 Watts 🔭

Like A Rolling Stone and Le Hôtel Britannique presents:

Infâme République…
based on a Trou 🕳 story

by: M. HenRi de Gaulle
légitimiste, monarchiste de arrepentimiento…
possibly an Early Model—T enthusiast.

Power’s out. Chapter One, where a botanist fellow from the Lamarck clan avant-proposes his dirty french fingers onto the pages of PÉTAIN & DE GAULLE … in the process, H. Taine introduces Science (capital EsE) to the oldest profession in academia (lowerCase Ahhhh!) HISTORIa.

PAGE 15_Prèmiere Partie

Tout Recommence à Paris

Featuring: Unser Mann in Stone [s] henge

Joe Friday:
Lorem ipsum… yada, yada, yada just the facts Mr. Crowley, leave “las marrulladas” para los « canallines » y para el « MALO » de La Jornada.


https ://heraldodemexico .com .mx /tendencias /2020/7/24/ quien-es-ricky-riquin-canallin-por-que-se-volvio-tendencia -195175 .html

https ://jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/08/24 /politica /amlo-anaya-un-marrullero-que-no-me-eche-la-culpa/

Rudolph ⚒ Hess 🔮

Dedicated to the tanks of the Second Armor Division (LA NUEVE)… porque no es lo mismo cruzar por La Dronne, que tener que andar lidiando con un, ¡la Dron, eh!

La metamorphosis, o algo así (same Yardbird on page 15):

« Un historiador podrá actuar como un naturalista: miraba [Mr. H.] mi tema como si estuviera mirando la metamorfosis de un insecto³ », said the Celebrated Mr. H., while HenRi the Horse dances the waltz.

³.) Hippolyte Taine.

Intermission — At The Drive–In

Almost En Vivo.
Via Stream connection from:
El Callejón de Exportación
La Chingada Mesa de Otay

oh, hey Hallie Jackson, what’s up? Please relay to SFC Hunt, that as a background, Autumn looks swell on her.

—2nd Lieutenant Jacob Soborof:
Trump’s Wall, meant to keep immigrants out, today is drawing Mexicans as a tourist attraction.
—Sgt. First Class Kasie Hunt:
(Whispers into a “hot mic“) Oh, my God*

* What 2nd Lt. Soborof failed to take into consideration are, of course, his troop leading procedures, this is typical in  Sit-Reps coming over the net from buck-lieutenants (this is why the French invented Non-Commissioned Officers) and why SFC Hunt’s whisper is a Field-Manual (FM) knee-jerk reaction of a Platoon Sergeant recognizing when a fucking “Louie” shots from the hip, or John Wayne’s a scene…

Que no te haga BoBo, Jacobo:
Dear, Frank Figliuzzi… you forgot to mention the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division [insert playback of Law & Order’s signature gavel sound*] on Kasie’s segment about the U.S. Senate not being aware, we [the staff] repeat Not Being Aware that a considerable detachment of U.S. Military personnel are “Deployed” in Central Africa (Chad), in order to safeguard Timbuktu.

… if 2nd Lt. Soborof would have properly analyzed his terrain, and study the geographical characteristics of the region’s Cazicazgo Institucionalizado (Context for Sarah Chayes follows) he would know that his interviewees where scouting the “wall” prototypes because the Hank-Rohn Casino Caliente enterprise, is probably running numbers into the current “$400,000 U.S. maximum” bids of what are probably going to become DRIVE-IN screens, or some fucking art exposition where projections of fallen heros are to be shown in some fucking State Sponsored fair, or gala… or something like that.

The Prospector at UTEP is not going to let me lie, and if the Wetlands on the Eastside were left alone, Adriana Goméz Licón will surely let me know; or not.  Anygüey, President George Bush (part 2) might have been a “great” president (as compared to the current Nimrod  at The White House, but the no fence—some fence conceptual map is not a new thing. Just ask former Border Patrol Czar and ex 16th Congressional Representative, Sivestre Reyes, because it was under his watch that immigrant deaths on the Arizona Desert happened. My take in 2007 was that those deaths that happened were in part because Mr. Silvestre was for leaving that section of the border, “unfenced” (source on that follows)… flip the hour glass and a Halliburton subsidiary, under contract from the 2nd George W. Bush administration, had no problem following the plan of not running the “fence” through golf courses in Texas, which happened to lie next to the International Border Delimiter; homeowners at the “Chihuahuita” Barrio in El Paso, TX, had to put up with an eye-sore “fence” through their backyard (reminiscent of the Berlin Wall), and protected Wetlands —be damned!— because the “fence” had to pass through that habitat… so in recap: desert death traps for immigrants and Golf Courses (because you know, it would be an eye-sore for golfers, NO FENCE; Historical housing and  Protected Wetlands on the other hand, FENCE THE FUCK OUT OF ‘EM!… 2nd Lt. Soborof, do you know what a “fencer” is? A “fencer” is nothing more than a huckster—much like the 5-time draft-dodging President of ours…”So Sad,” so sad that he is in charge of decorating a true hero, Sad, “So Sad.”

Frequency Hop:

Sad, Very Sad indeed. We [the staff] express our deepest symphaty to the veteran receiving the Nation’s Highest Decoration from the little grubby hands of the Fencer-in-ChiefSad, So Sad.

Sources from the Field reveal that the reason for the negligent ignorance from our elected officials (on the African Theater of Operations) is due in part because of all the “wah-güa-hua-wa-ua“, background noise of “a four-star” General defending his boss’ decision to make an untimely and most inappropriate cellular phone call, to a soldier’s widow… Hey, Donald, you should have tweeted your hypocrisy and it would have been more emphatic, ‘cus we [the land of opportunity and melting pots] know how you “operate.”

General Browkaw, we admire your work, but with regards to today’s edition of Cousin Joe’s Show, we [the staff] are on Mika’s side… Source and context follows.

* Frank Figliuzzy, you must be one of those people, who like Sarah Silverman [and my ex-significant other] can’t get their eyelids shut without that dang-on gavel hitting a judge’s wooden coaster.

Dear, Mr. F… without counting or taking into consideration the Soup Sandwich Foreign Policy on the Chadian passport restrictions, and the lack of observation drones in real time on the terrain of operations, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK that field forensics in Central Africa, —one month after the fact— is going to return, “finger prints from a dropped cell phone, or a shell casing—a tire track???” —_— Image capture is courtesy of Kasie Hunt, Forensic Field Fantasy is courtesy of Mr. F… “and tonight Mr. Kite is topping the bill,” Henry The Horse, on the other hand, died years ago; being castrated at a tender age, Henry was a once in a lifetime act, for he left no little Henrys to follow his act.

TimeStamp: 0000 hours (after mid’nite) CET.


Eric Holder guest stars on TRMS.

Sources follow; we are out of juice. Please Stand-by.