Affirmative Action at the P.E.N. Club de France — Dew Ewe fuckers like tuna?

It’s Friday night Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and over in at the putas red light district de Pigalle, home of “Les Rats du Petit Moulin” y… de las tunas de un nopal it’s the Deadline for Entry into the P.E.N. Club (elitist) Translation Prize of 2023.

Today’s word of the They, dear Martin at “Le Grand institut de la statistique publique française”, en la bagagerie de Marie-Ange Schiltz is:


from the German (joy of the French’s misfortune).

I did ask if youse motherfuckers, “sprechen sie Deutsch? », didn’t Eye? So get back, honky cat. ÖÜÏ didn’t start that fire, but we did forewarned BRONTIS and Stephanie Menou at the Cité préfecture all those years ago. And, Bruno, que dice la Doctora, J-G Poisson 🩺 🐟 que por favor le saluden a Talía Olvera y a su patrona de ella, Barbara Carol de Obeso, en el show de Juanito Guanavacoa en Botzaris.


Under all that American ruble in the Academy, Öüï just learned that her name was Nicolle, and she once brought back a ROSE 🥀 to life.

Yeah, so normally as a norm our shit is fucked up, period! With that in mind, police radio interference is bunchin’ up today’s Deadline feature… bola de —putos.

In France, your won rights are closer than a crash-test dummy appears.

La tuna no es como las sardinas la pintan, en primer lugar, la tuna es desértica y tú mamá también, have some atún, it’s a cold platter.

Any how, shit’s going down at the Pinault Collection…Get Off’ my Lawn! You young people. And homie, leave those cops z’alone

The Death of French Commerce, long live the market.

And Gene Robinson… yo’Black-ass knows what goes good with Thon?

— Ketch-up… in Mexico a Zero Plus game es un “cero a la izquierda”, dijo El professor Alejandro Valenzuela en Sciences Po. Elítismo Immaculado.

Friday, June 30th, 2011… Paris, Francia_ To stand in solidarity with the new cuts at la Maison de La Radio on JFK Ave., in Paris, France, MGMT fucked with the models and fondled the mannequins notwithstanding the Summer Break. In Babylon Two (NYC) it’s “death and taxes” but in France it’s mimosas for Breakfast 🥞. Indeed.

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