And, Claire McCaskill… never mind Mme. de Rambouillet’s tears

How are you? Is that water still fine? Oh-oh say can you see? You know what’s ironic, Mexican two-stepping their way on that bucket of Communist chickens and chairos at La Jornada, sandwiching no less, wait for it… La CONTRADANZA, not to be confused with the Country dances of Katty Kay’s ancestors in Rosbif Île…


Indeed, mis disculpas más ➕ sinceras, señor Moran, y en el siguiente segmento del martes 11 de abril del año anterior a las Olimpiadas de París, le explicó a su señora madrina, Anne-Marie el por qouipour quoi O.K., cabrón?

Anda, wëön — Ketch up…


Sunny Afternoon 🇬🇧

Arrieros somos, y El Camino follows 🤠 y ni modo que no se acuerden de promexico? Does Annie Bodi remembers PROMÉXICO? Of course she doesn’t. She was too busy watching Mad Men.

And, Susana Pub-eda, no insistas, your accent is fine, you Hoochie-mama, you. Did you put Mí, on the list, of course Ewe didn’t. Güay güold Ewe, what are you, Italian?


Breaking Bad Meets Mad Men or, how your flag has never looked like The Alamo before. Sponsored by Chile del perro agradecido en El Río Bravo.

It’s ok, buddy, Ewe too may jump on the bandwagon, the Queen’s passing set the aroma in the guisado of Yesterday.


And just in case the Melle. Pitch Award thinks that this jump from Madison Ave., is out of order, let Mí, explain the rules of Breaking Bacon in France, so, let Mí-tell-Ewe how, IT!, —will be:

In local news, Denisa Kerschova is projecting her Madisonian avenues of approach… Grosso Viale 🎻🤺

“Shut up, start talking!”

“Shut up and start talking! ».

White Priviledge… An El Camino moos tounge commercial.

Scrambled eggos… who gets a Hurricane? Who gets an Arabian horse breeder, and what ever happened to Sharpies redirecting Global Warming under a Nuclear Blast?… Let’s Ask Prometheus.

Memories from e l Arbusto de Bush 43 🐎 at rue Honoré en Nueva Orléans… sponsored by the FEMA horserace committee at the 8émé Arrondissement.


Jabón del Collie agradecido y Laboratorios Camacho presentan: … Mutts Inc.

Chantilly Lace y los hilos de Nicolle Wallace at the Bush Communication room follies.

Intermedio with the BriWi’s — Surf’s Up, Charlie

It’s the 11th Hour at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, New York, and in Portland, Oregon:

“America as I see, IT!”

“America as I see, IT!”

Cualquier parecido con las madres de La Plaza de Mayo, en Buenos Aires Argentina es pura CAUSALIDAD, Eugene Robinson, nothing but a rhyme–in–time.

In the words of Lt. General Honoré:

— “What kind of bullshit is this?”
[And the waiter replies]
— A Quilmes, Sir.
— Pabst Blue Ribbon, I ordered a Pabst Blue Ribbon.