And in New York, Nicolle Wallace got a new dress*

*~. It’s not just any dress, it is stamped right straight from the last Tasmainian tiger taxidermy sample from the Bones museum at the Smithsonian in WaWa Land… or from a counterfeit Zebra’s ass.

Tres Tristes Tasmanian Tigres — On Deadline

And not to be outdone by AG James in Babylon 2, The French Minister of Education finally³ confronts his middle school bully, a Russian defending lawyer named Juan³ Branco.

³~. After 15 or so years since 🇫🇷 Junior High School 🎒.
³~. Of course he’s named Juan, what else could Branco 🇪🇸 be baptized 🇵🇹 as, “Paulo”?

Naturally, the French Pulitzer Prize Society, dit « Le Goncourt », wasted no time in adapting a literature Prize to parallel Nicolle’s outrageous fashionista pitch.

In The Pockets of The French.

The trousers don’t lie, great looking stripes, what a way to inflate one’s assets. Our guess is that the tasmanian tiger ate the zebra 🦓 and the fabric are skid marks on DEADLINE, and live from Knew York, it’s just another Manic Monday.


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