And, Claire McCaskill… never mind Mme. de Rambouillet’s tears

How are you? Is that water still fine? Oh-oh say can you see? You know what’s ironic, Mexican two-stepping their way on that bucket of Communist chickens and chairos at La Jornada, sandwiching no less, wait for it… La CONTRADANZA, not to be confused with the Country dances of Katty Kay’s ancestors in Rosbif Île…


Indeed, mis disculpas más ➕ sinceras, señor Moran, y en el siguiente segmento del martes 11 de abril del año anterior a las Olimpiadas de París, le explicó a su señora madrina, Anne-Marie el por qouipour quoi O.K., cabrón?

And, Pao’ Ramos… Ewe think daddy’ill mind if I SuperImpose Emma on Ewe?

Natty Le Pio translates from Thailandés:

You have no memory… is Thai for: no tienes madre, grandissimmo cabrón.


If you are already versed in the Rhules of 6 Degrees of Kelvin Bacon, please go to jail… 🧐 without collecting after passing GO. Don’t be like los Juanitos Ganabacoas de Ameri-cue 🎩🎩🎩

But speaking about La Emisión Americas, I don’t know what the peruchos de Botzaris are going to be covering tomorrow, probably a re-transmission. In any case, I did not decide to close el llamado “mes de la hispanidad” with Chile 🇨🇱, but here I am, with a review of “La Resentida”… So come on, 🎶 CREAM, get on top. crEAM you will cop. Cream on Deadline.

Los detectives de Salvárcar, Freddy Cats cameos as a cholo Reloaded.


So, by the power vested in El Chavo del Ocho, Katie Benner is going to plot the degrees of Bacon:

1. Old El Paso del Norte (Cantina Felina)

Yup, Felina’s cantina was in El Chuco, but that “hill overlooking El Paso” is located across the Río Bravo, in front of The School of Minas, and of course, Congressman Beto O’Rourke’s front yard in Sunset Heights.

To the West, Palomas and in front, Douglas. Don’t ask me about the East, I’ve never been to Marfa, ni mucho menos Ojinaga.

Los Amigos de Miguel Baylon (Nadieshda Asso. 1901) en Saint Merry. Y Alicia Leos no me puede dejar mentir, PAOLA RAMOS, el segnor Baylon es de los que se subieron a las gradas del Ayuntamiento de París durante una sesión del consejo administrativo de la Ciudad (bajo el líderazgo de Anne Hidalgo) para “gritar” la protesta en CONTRA DE LA VISITA de Estado de Enrique Peña Nieto… o algo así, la cosa es de que Micha y sus secuaces le besan la mano a Dios, y luego-luego al salir de ese encierro, van a la Embajada de México en Francia a besarle el Culo al DIABLO en turno. Los Masones hacen eso para simbolizar que están más allá del bien y el mal… or something like that, PAOLA RAMOS, any how, Your Father Should Know, though he was born a long-long time ago, when Micha, was just ADELA.

http ://www .parisinfo .com /sortie-paris /180113 /la-fete-des-morts-a-paris

So, Old El Paso, add del Norte and and even Francisco Primero will tell you, that the strip in which the Air Italia flight landed was in the Abraham González (Señor de los cielos) Airport, and not at the Don Haskins International Airport.

In El Paso, Clear Chanel Communications would not allow the local papers, except for one diario, to bill the Pope’s visit to Ciudad Juárez, as that, and so for the length of time that the Pope was in the vicinity of Las Dunas de Samalayuca, Ciudad Juárez conveniently became a part of “El Paso del Norte”… the same thing happens when José Díaz-Balart visits Santa Teresa, the racetrack in New Mexico in front of Lomas del Poleo, becomes a part of Coronado and Mesa Drive, casi esquina con la calle Stanton.

Lo que ví [Paz Corona]. I saw nothing. I’m serious Lo que ví always had a thick set of curtains across the gallery’s storefront.

2. If you can’t connect what Pao’s religulous reporting is trying to communicate, then you need to go to El Teatro del Pueblo en Abbesses-de-Montmartre.


3… Jump to Page :  “Pare de Sur Fear is Knot what His Panic think that it is ».


Anda, wëön — Ketch up…


Sunny Afternoon 🇬🇧

Arrieros somos, y El Camino follows 🤠 y ni modo que no se acuerden de promexico? Does Annie Bodi remembers PROMÉXICO? Of course she doesn’t. She was too busy watching Mad Men.

And, Susana Pub-eda, no insistas, your accent is fine, you Hoochie-mama, you. Did you put Mí, on the list, of course Ewe didn’t. Güay güold Ewe, what are you, Italian?


Breaking Bad Meets Mad Men or, how your flag has never looked like The Alamo before. Sponsored by Chile del perro agradecido en El Río Bravo.

It’s ok, buddy, Ewe too may jump on the bandwagon, the Queen’s passing set the aroma in the guisado of Yesterday.


And just in case the Melle. Pitch Award thinks that this jump from Madison Ave., is out of order, let Mí, explain the rules of Breaking Bacon in France, so, let Mí-tell-Ewe how, IT!, —will be:

In local news, Denisa Kerschova is projecting her Madisonian avenues of approach… Grosso Viale 🎻🤺

“Shut up, start talking!”

“Shut up and start talking! ».

White Priviledge… An El Camino moos tounge commercial.

Scrambled eggos… who gets a Hurricane? Who gets an Arabian horse breeder, and what ever happened to Sharpies redirecting Global Warming under a Nuclear Blast?… Let’s Ask Prometheus.

Memories from e l Arbusto de Bush 43 🐎 at rue Honoré en Nueva Orléans… sponsored by the FEMA horserace committee at the 8émé Arrondissement.


Jabón del Collie agradecido y Laboratorios Camacho presentan: … Mutts Inc.

Chantilly Lace y los hilos de Nicolle Wallace at the Bush Communication room follies.

Résidente en Ayotzinapa — Atréve-te-te

Vereda Tropical / Lamento Puertorriqueño

Los Amigos de Mélenchon en YucatánBohm-Bah.

Sponsored by: Heineken y Corona

Now that Jesús is in Lockdown, El Mineral del Monte en Hidalgo, México… puede descansar.

All together now — La Resentida de Marco Layera, o como dice Juanito Guanabacoa, “‘pa que no se sienta tanto’”

The following is a personal observation at Le Bataclan made in the Summer of 2015;  scratch that, “ah, the Humanity!”:

yyyy 🛩️🛩️🛩️🛩️🛩️🛩️


First and foremost, no disrespect to The Space Cowboy ni mucho menos al señor René y su compadre Cabra. Sin embargo, if you are old enough to remember a time when Traveling Without Moving was about to party like it was Y2K, then maybe Alicia might get my drift … 🚶🏽 … if Alicia remembers the treadmill, Mehdi Hassan does as he shadow boxes the pinche IRS.

TimeStamp: 17h11 in EST — Dear, ARI VELSHI

POTUS takes a cue from the president of México, except that instead of forcing the Nation to “adore” his ignorant ass at 07h, POTUS prefers to deliver his word salad at 10 past the HOUR!

Today Marks 15 Weeks
'Till The November Election


Deer, Ari:

Don’t call it “America is being Pinocheted,” good £orde!!! No, no, no — No! América is being Kissingered! In the words of Rachel Maddow:

You Are Knot Foolin’ Anyone
Mark Landler, Eye Can See D.A.T.
You Are Trying To Play The Role of A Young Henry Kissinger…
May Eye please play the role of:
a young Bob Evans trying to pass as a bullfighter?

You Magnificent Basterd! Get Mí The Head of Jesús Domínguez! No wait, you got @Taserface16 last night; scratch D.A.T.! Get Mí The Head of Sarah what’s her face on the Deadline Show. Eye had an entire Wednesday morning prepared for TUESDAY’s GONE! But, nooooo! You JEST had to drop the Mother Lode, ISSY, Mr. Velshi: Zeppelin Goes Here.

Pinochet as a Verb:

Instructions for use, the student will conjugate or turn into action with the AID of a Spanish language Gerund, or as öüï say on this space, ARMANDO (para la memoria).

Mr. Velshi, do you, Sir, know what the good thing about this most non–consequential blog is? Well, Mr. Velshi, the good thing about U.S. taking advantage of Mr. Sarkozy’s Talents and Skills Visa program in 2010 (when i, Armando Segovia requested, IT!, alas—and Armando Serrano Prieto being Spawned) is that I, unlike “La CIA. Resentida” de Marco Layera and every Chilenean of my generation (Generation Ex) that comes to France, I actually have a MEMORIA for the Président du Tribunal Administrative* au Pont Marie (just above the Kiss Bridge) Reid About It! Find out About IT!

* That is you know – You’ve got to
Tune–In but it’s alright
That is Eye Think D.A.T. our trip was not made in the style of
“an on–again•off–again”
3-month tourist visit…
and I know that Monsieur Le Préfet de Paris knows what the fuck I am Talking About. And we thank you for not putting u.s. in Solitary Confinement.

Night and Day, baby! — Jour et Nuit, cherie!

It’s Saturday Night Morning with Chris Matthews

Musical guest:

Page 9

Page 9: Un oasis de horror en medio de un desierto de aburrimiento. CHARLES BAUDELIERE .:. FCF0366F-BA35-4D2B-AE5F-A55FDB5760D7 🔊 If it seems out of place, Eye can guarantee you, that it is not, as for me, i can’t remember how long it took to read “Los Detectives” de Bolaño for the first time while inhabiting the dorms of a “school of mines” in El Paso, Texas, what i can tell all of the non-readers of this most non–consequential blog is that the second  time around, it took u.s. from the end of February 2017 to around the time that Emmanuel Macron became the Eight President of France’s Fifth Republic, at the time we [the staff] were for the most part wasting away and loathing in a cheap Levallois hotel room in front of what would become the city‘s Music Conservatoire dorms. Today, for no particular reason,  öüï begin to tackle the “crazy pilgrimage to Santa Teresa” of Bolaño before that chileno departed El Horizonte (Horizon City… look it up,  ‘Amigos y Ciudadanos Morenos de Sicilia en Francia, —con Freddy Cats en Montreuil— 2011/2013*). 🔃 For the record, i, Armando Segovia, wanted to read this “little pamphlet” of 793 pages from the mind of Bolaño back in December 2010 when we [the staff] received the GO AHEAD from THE FRENCH CONSULATE in SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA to travel to Paris and, WATCH–RECORD–Critique–CONFRONT and THEN WRITE about Mexicans in France; however, Catch–22 (at the préfecture de police) and, LA FRONTERA DE CRISTAL (of Mexicans who collaborated with THE 6éme bureau of that dépôt) really–really–REALLY got in the way of u.s. checking out the only chileno (next to Victor Jara*) worth a damn, so 2666, here we are, WELCOME TO SUNLAND PARK (race track and casino On My Mind) in France.

* Salvador Allende excluded from this commentary, directed to LA CIA. Resentida.

Burying The Lead
Periodismo Salvaje

Eye likes his town

Eye likes his town .:. 107F5ABA-F2D5-43A3-B334-EA6AC9C60588 … with a little bit of Poison, just like Waits says.

Over the Queens
across The Brooklyn Bridge,
it’s time for:

The Weekend of Warren on the Bonds, and since the TimeLine on this most —MotherFucking— non-consequential blog is non–linear we send a signal to the fip Sirens and of course, esas Femmes d’Affaires at High Noon in Central frogmen times: Viva la libertad, just don’t be secretive or COY about it, ISSY, the next time we meet, Ms. Crow, Eye will not tell you that you are the only one, so please don’t expect a prince on a White Horse, ¿vale? because the sexes cut both ways.

It's just a Hand in The Bush — No more tears

It’s just a Hand in The BushNo more tears .:. 165673C3-8640-4FC4-8BFE-F5F79F4A1AFA 🦵🏻Although it is illegal and against the law (two separate charges) to call a woman « Femme » in France, öüï the staff celebrate your conchas and, we [the staff] want nothing more than to see Her particular concha (in the role of a Young Cecily Strong) replace Le Coq de Notre Dame de Paris. Indeed, Franck, öüï do.

Let’s Play Deneuve, again… “el comandante está aqui”, dijo Paolo Conte, ¡sírvanle un Vermouth, chingada madre!

Featuring: Johnny Hallyday and an Agent with No Time to Die… and if youse a Freak like Colin Jost then you’ll understand the pitch. Let’s Play Hardball, —Denuevo!

And now, a Public Service Announcement:
Deer, Lorde Lorne, you have really  have  got to stop beating your musical guest for the Weekend on your show… motherfucker! What Are you, Canadian‽ And why, Lorde Lorne? Why is Michael Che not allowed on the stage dais at the end of the show—you think öüï don’t notice? Eye bets that Michael Che’s absence when the credits start to roll is because the stage at the end of the show was stipulated as a “safe space” for Jost, eh!

Tell Mí Eye is lying?
You can’t.

Get Shorty, Season 3 – Episode 3

Sr. Marco Layera, “What a wonderful World”, eh‽

Humpty dumpty

Humpty Dumpty se cayó de Third Rock from The Sun, y Augusto Pinochet said, “quick, ¿Cuál es el número de teléfono de los Estados Unidos Americanos?”.

México para Chile… y por eso el chile es bueno para La Memoria.

… [P]lease have a SEAT, while “We, Oui, Güi“, as los Franchutes de la Colina say: Ri – 7


Intermedio con Vanna White.

In the meanwhile, help Yo’self to an Antonio Sánchez, Roach on Adderall [Sales y Speed] solo, because in next to a bridge far, far,… far away, across the Left Banksy from doña Vilma Fuentes (pinko–lefty) Bank, Napoléon Bonaparte is versing those wiith Eyes to see, who the real Donald Trump is.

Las Lunetas

Las « lunnettes » de Pinochet se ponen de moda otra vez; CIA La Resentida, los “once” no están muertos; SU PRESIDENTE LOS TIENE REFUNDIDOS EN UNA CAVA de vinos. ¡Felicidades!!! A ver si así recuperan “la memoria” y le hacen honor a la nomenclatura de su Patria.

But FOist, Amigos de “La CIA” La Resentida, lo de arriba, vía el monero José Hernández de La Jornada es un flashback a su presentación en el Théâtre de La Ville de Paris, durante su gira europea del 2015.

Big Boss Man | The Law Enforcement Entertainer

Those binoculars look like Frogs….

is there people out there?
Yeah?—where are they?—I can’t see ’em! I hear you.

Oh. Wait a minute, wait a minute [son]

if you give me a little time I will make two rounds [see]

I’ll be, back-there-and-up-there-and-over-under-and…

yonder-and-up in the ceiling…”

Elvis Presley 
Dragonheart 1974
Full [ mirror ] album.

[ Multimedia and Entertainment FOLLOWS ]:

Heard at a doughnut shop:
“You’ve gotta try these… ‘Original —my ass— Maple Bars'”
…no transcript exists of this conversation.

It’s a funny world… Erdoğan in Turkey demands the EXTRADITION of a businessman in The Pocono’s… Hermione says: Get in line, bitch… HENRY KISSINGER IS FIRST!!! |  Video y opinión por: armando segovia / segoviaspixes (París-2016). Copyleft.

Stay tuned… Live from Cleaveland’s [a Real Estate joint in Paris].

Lawdy Miss Clawdy… I'm all shook up. | Uso justo de una Rana.

Lawdy Miss Clawdy… I’m all shook up. | Uso justo de una Rana. | Oh-Lord_God: the ‘big-boss man’s” LePence —en France?…

TimeStamp: 1100 hrs. Central Europe Time.

“… Wait_a_Minute-darlingI will be-back-There-in-a-moment!!!“… Only Fools Rush In… right now, this blog has to go back to Aguascalientes TV [en Turquía] via Aljazeera… BECAUSE THE REVOLUTION, well, you know… right —you guys? The revolution will not be televised.

TimeStamp: High-noon FIP time in Central Europe…
FAP time is reserved for the 2016 RNC 

Paris, is alive: A guy named Lester Holt. | Fair use of French Radio Reflections.

Paris, is alive,.” Said a guy with the MSNBC stage name of Lester Holt. | Fair use of French Radio Reflections… [Raquelito: Context Follows].