Spics vS. Sand Niggas

TIKI Taka…

Live, from a Place Where Évry body,
knows Your Name.


… hear, Mí, out Franck (you Coq Sucker) before Ewe jumps to Conclusions.


GO’ill de Niza… Knives Out! or Stradivarius if you can fiddle while you shoot 💅🏻

In local news 📰

Lives Cut Short.

The Beatles Arrangement on the Alley, follows.

The Cliché: a Tommy Gunn inside Évry Stradivarius case, CHOP 🪓 NOW!


… Tú Morrow on the Denisa Kerschovas Show: 🪗 Sha_Perra de Mí Amour!

Breaking Knews… Attention Niggas, the “Music Oh’Police is clamping down on the Zarzuelas and The Habaneras just don’t care. She’s Got A Ticket to colonialize.

… Stand-by for context, don’t you jump into Arabesques-es—ese!

It was a Bloody Match!… It was, at the place Where Évry Body Knows Your Name, and on the Streets of Paris, well let’s just say that there’s a lot of Happy Moroccans on the strip.

Sand  Niggas Win… Fue PENAL!!!

Cette édition est réservée aux Amis de l’Histoire, is there life on Earth? And if so…

MadeMeSmile, indeed:


No Insistas Suzana³, you had your chance.

« Les Enfants de La Pitié: … [P]édopsychiatrie au temps du Covid ».

To celebrate the Mars landing of Perseverance, the French are going to take the sacrosanct cigarette break, before having to deal with Life on Earth… is there life on Earth? Asked the year 2666?

And with Dominique Strauss-Kahn in the rear-view mirror i would like to re-instate that repetition never ceases to amaze me, but most important–Lee, how in the most inconspicuous way FRENCH TV will park their undesirable memories (pecadillos, dicen los wüerkos) in another section of the world, like in “the Americas” section of the vault², period!

Still to come:

Deer, Representative Robert O’Rourke, let the record show that a picture is worth a thousand words, but does it have any context? .:. 8EEADD08-5BB8-4130-923C-91737BE94B39 ⚾️ And, Beto, your labrador is a fucking klutz, and Nicole Wallace won’t let me lie, she saw the whole shake-up; and in the paraphrased words of the Capitol policeman with the 4 daughters: if you are in on the joke, fuck you.

Fire, fire–Sabot… [B]ut FO’ist! AP LaMire spitted out Mars Mom and out came Alicia out of a box.

Yada, yada text goes here, and it’s about finding out if France has any weight condemning the actions of Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, for incarcerating and possibly torturing Alexei Navalny. With that in the chamber, please don’t misconstrue the QUESTION, the question is about torture strategically and systematically dispensed by a NETWORK of state elements and willing sycophants in THE ARTS. In case LA JORNADA en México was really curious about figuring our how them pre-columbian artifacts from México that get sold at Auction in Paris, France.

… Thank you /r/mexico. May i have another one? In context, i arrived to El Señor Gobernador, via reddit and learned that in order to document Mexicans like El Señor Gobernador, one really has to be French; you know, as French like that fucker, de Toc-Toc… que ville, Alexeï¹?

https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /lmduuo /rubén_figueroa_figueroa_el_señor_gobernador/


1. 10 Choses À Savoir Sur…, Alexeï Navalny. n° 2934 L’OBS; 21-27 janvier, 2021. Page 15

Numero Uno: Alexeï is a dissident.

2. https ://www .france24 .com /en/europe/20201204-a-decade-on-strauss-kahn-to-give-his-version-of-new-york-sex-assault-case