Imma la rosa y Juanito la trabaja… Ewe pimp!!! 😉


Up next, The Paris TOURISM BOARD joins les Associations 1901 and to°Get°her, The Paris TOURISM BOARD and them associados will forge a strategy to Tiddy-Up the Social Sights of El Teatro de los dos pueblos.

Breaking news, Juanito Guanabacoa aprendió a utilizar el “tio” español en una expresión con un bretón de Germania… but that has nothing to do with this blog.

If past is prologue, estimada SoFy Velasco, for what it is worth, tus cuentos eran miel de maguey, y no chingaderas… Baby You Can Drive My Car.

Im’ma gonna need a box of reticles reticulados.


For context, Juanito Guanabacoa is the DiCaprio of bilingual twats on his show, that is you’ve got—tune in–but it all works out Évry 23 months, or the expiration date on a récépissé.

Fuck it, my name today is AR-NO. And if you are a journalist interviewing my fellow clochards à la bagagerie (tu-morrow) then you should know that Öüï know that it ain’t nuttin’ but a Maraude thing.

Ain’t no such thing as Mojo, it’s all technique.

And, Tony Palma, you are going to like the Güey that Juanito is going to look, and Juanito Guanabacoa, “Sugar Mercy” is what el pinche diabetico said.

And, oh La Humanidad, Juanito imported los musicos cubanos to Botzaris… pinche coyote radial, eh Imma, abre tu ventana 🪟 para que veas a El Sol 😎.

Por cierto, Imma rosa m’esta… comunícale a Paco² que no sea culo, y que fume mota el hijo de la chingada.

²~. And by Paco, Eye means Taibo.

De cualquier manera, Juanito Guanabacoa, if only the French Nazi collaborationists³ would have turned into the Arts and not public safety, France would not resemble a Sugar Coated Democratic (German) République… eh, Imma: fuck Johnny Hallyday and his fagetty Harley, Aussi. And here is why, Imma Larosa:


A Moor Es Perros and a road trip song

Have a Nice weekend:

The following is a kind reminder that tomorrow is Kill A Jew observation THEY, and that today at La Rue Des Bourdonnais, it’s International Solidarity Day.

1564The Council of Trent establishes an official distinction between 🇻🇦 Roman Catholicism and 🤐 Protestantism.

2023 – A rash of fundamentalists attacks en contra de la 🇫🇷 Catholique church sparks a mass apostasy that can only be described as a suplex on the Ex-Comunicado powers vested by Chuy to Peter who then transmitted said superpower to the 🇻🇦 Pope in 🇮🇹 Rome.

Give a bum a doughnut, or deliver that fucker an Abrams crew, fuck the tank! This war needs IMPROV, not a fucking jam!

Especially one, with the monopoly of conformity… Get It While You Can!

La desfachates de Belmont follows:

Fuck Ewe RFPP dot co-opt

To celebrate the commemoration… Uncle Sam is sending 31 Abrams to E°UR°opa, but that’s only because Eye is 32º Flavas, and then some, Eye told y’all that Eye was a spearhead.

Encontramos a La Kerschovas, ahora en Gambetta, haciéndola de Charlie Chaplin en 🇧🇷 Portugués al lado de unas 🚇 Candilejas con Roberto ⚽ Carlos, quién por supuesto, María 🇲🇽 Hinojosa 🇺🇸, “usted no me lo va a creer”, pero el cacharro de Roberto 🎤 Carlos levanta más 🇨🇦 minas que sus Mercedes en el garaje de Vicky Carr.

The Tanker’s Creed… Can’t have a Ballroom Blitz without Em#, eh! 💃🏻

¡Total! If you need the reference for the Ferraris and the Jaguars at la Place des Vosges, ask Dr. Poisson, she held the door as I performed the operación.

TROU 🕳️ STORY… and it was all caught on tape 📼.

1942World War II: The first United States forces arrive in Europe, landing in Northern 🇬🇧 Ireland.

But first, Öüï now continue with a road 🛣️ trip from Nice to Perpignan and up to un Île 🦪 llamada d’Oléron 🦪 en Saint-Georges 🦪, o algo así, 🥐 Poitiers was on the way, but then so was a place named after the Spirit of Cognac 🥃… and that’s no lie.


1915The Rocky Mountain National Park is established by an act of the U.S. Congress.

… I’ll follow you down, but not that far.

Who’s Gonna Build Your HandiCapable Village?

People often stop Mí in the middle of a trip to ask where “el toledo 🚾 ” is located at, and my first reaction is, ‘watt’EM# Eye, a salarié de la bendita Paris Tourism Board 🛹 ?’, and then after seeing their jeepers turn de UN indigo indigne-vous is when Eye tells them trav’Lers, “la taza 🚽 del lugar está al Fondo; ala Derecha”.

Jump from, “By the numbers with nombres” y viceversa en dorso, off–course.

🌬️🎶 Yo! Ha’ ya doin’

Sorry Eye can’t get true

Why don’t Ewe leave your nombre y tu número?

De La Soul, putos!

From l’Alma, putos!



Just the facts, Timeline. Where where you when Guerrero comenzó a temblar… and Timeline responds, en el 5⁰ Sueño, siñor del Toro. I know no Chronos!

In Contexto:

¿Dónde te agarró el temblor?
La Crisis sin Chico, Che!

Won’t Ewe, come see about Mí?

To The Moon, Alicia. , the Moon.


Don’t you Simple French Fuchs Forget about Mí, because Eye, unlike otros ojos mexicanos lindos 🕵🏻‍♂️, Eye knows that l’Alma termina en dónde Longchamps comienza, es decir, en el mero culo del Caballo del General George WaWaLand en París, casi esquina con Tokio, el Palacio, —knot the Risin’ Sun 🌞.

Over at the Juanito Wannabacoa orbit, rfpp is sucking a big Bleu coq of Le Roi, no less. It’s not only tributary, but symbolic of yesterday’s Rosbif catastrophe.

A la memoria de Nazar Haro, mentor de los Guanabacoas en RFPP… Before Eye Accuse, Ewe… take another look in the mirror, mister Le Roi, or whatever your Nombre est.


†~. That’s French for nomenclature… Can Ewe, entendre moi bien, mon écoute?

But speaking of slaves, is there anything missing in this 🚾? Except for accountability, and a Bud™ if youse a lowly peasant, Eye can’t think of a doG danG ThinG.

In the WO’ids of Pundita Rhulita³: don’t hate the Game, hate the ⚽ FIFA ⚽ and the 🇫🇷 elite 🇫🇷, not the game 🌬️ :

The RATP HandiCapable Bleus. In local News, Valérie Pécresse, Île-de-Saint Louis préfet, vows to install some kick-ass screens on Évry privatized inner-city collective transportation system bus 🚌 for the 2024 Olympics. The funds for such endeavor de envergadura, of course arrive via the SPLASH FUND from the Burning of Nuestra Señora de París, and that pesky hunchback, NostraCosa.

³~. Stephanie Rhule’s, “Hate the Game not the Players” δ Hour.

Any how, SoFy Velasco is not scheduled to tell those tales that she tells so well, Dommage en Dimanche, and–so, Öüï (that motherfucker) is going to continue reviewing Cousin Joe’s criticism of Messi 🇦🇷, and substitute El Gran LIO, for the soup sandwich of Sir Kane 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.


Franc-Tireur nº41— Kafkaesque

Note to editors:


After the break, it’s Hitler on ICE ❄️

Los Nietos de Oriente 🧭

“I know the moment”
Season 3, EP 10
The Fly…
or how I Learned to stop worrying about The End and learned to love The Randomness of The Universe… what are the odds, Jane 💉, what are the odds, on The Radio 🤹🏻‍♀️?

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /le-grand-club-de-jane-villenet -4876061

🎫🎟️🎫🎟️🎫🎟️🎫🎟️🎫🎟️🎟️🎫 🚏

Ak-choo-alh-ih-zey-shuhn, in psychology, The French (those motherfuckers) have yet to invent the ‘self’ como un verbo y no un sustantivo, but whatever one might be tempted to do, do not, Eye Say A-gain, Do Knot introduce the Gerund fraternal twinsiendo’ y ‘ando’ into la oración, lest Ewe wants a sentence.

But first, Ypirianga Navíos and Toña La Negra presentan, a su Hartista exclusiva de Banderilla Veracruz, “La Abuelita de Juanito Guanabacoa”, y porque no apuntarlo, ‘la abuelita de todo México’, doña Cata Orduñez Pérez, en:

Doña Cata comes courtesy of MOTA LIMÓN, who apparently is the undisputed “sabroso” champion of the Salsa on this dial, Eye mean, yeah—sure!!! Juanito Guanabacoa might claim that he is “el más sabroso” en FPP 106.3 fm, but he’s not, and here is why SoFy Velasco … because Doña Cata is la abuelita de todos Los Pollos Hermanos, al fin todos son bien pasados de, don Vergas.

Desorientada tu chingada madre ⚜️ señor Franco Tirador nº 41 (el hombre perfecto).

… previously on “Puros cuentos con fines culturados” Eye guess Susana may use CHALK if she wishes So.

Avoir is to have Carina in the mind of Mari…Anna

El Horizonte: the haves and the have KNOTS 🪢… Si El Norte Fuera El Sur 🧭, Ricardo, Si el Norte fuese el Sur.

Season 3, EP 9 : Kafkaesque

Lavadoras Vulgares de Liverpool presenta: I’ll Put A Drive Thru on The Dark Side of The Moon… de allí, HASTA la VEGA en el panteón de Veracruz

https ://www .clarin .com /internacional /abuela-pidio-ultimo-deseo-morir-monumento-pene-acompanar-tumba_0 _ysBE2Um6D9.html

footnotes from The Top:

Puros cuentos con fines culturados, o algo así… lo más seguro es de que por ESO los lapiceros son buenos, y a la goma con los crayones 🖍️, punto.

2016… mes de todas las Madres
Musical guest: Jesús Flores de Lys
Tema musical: Veneno para tu madre

In local News, The Olympic de Marseille assigns new Captain at the College del Bat y Can.

https ://www .euronews .com /2022/08/27 /popefrancis-creates-20-new-cardinals-who-may-choose-hissuccessor

“This trust that the Pope has placed in me is a great honour, which commits me and obliges me even more in my mission in the service of Christ.”

Jean-Marc Aveline, Archbishop of Marseille


charged with interreligious dialogue between the cartels.

In entertainment happenings, hoy no hubo Juanito GUANABACOA en rfpp (106.3 de su internet de la Ville de Jan) Öüï only had las Meninas!!! Narrated by SoFy Velasco 🤹🏻‍♀️ y los chaparros del Topo Chico, with special guests: los enanitos toreros de Marciano Cantero.

Juanito GUANABACOA y María Félix had a baby, SoFy baptized the creature “Juana Galla”… En RFPP, Eduardo Hughes Galeano moved to Paris, mister HUGE Galeano, it turns out, according to SoFy Velasco, era una Partícula del Olympique Marseille ⚽ … Oh, La Humanité! Se acabó La Magía y ya Se Chuparón la venas Dry… ‘inches canadienses mamones.

Sponsored by Lavadoras vulgares de Liverpool.

Coming up, SoFy blows up The World Trade Center and Revisits Pinochet this coming September 11 on Aquí Somos y Allá t’Espero… A Qué Horas Sales al Pan?