Efeméride: No insistas Lupita, mi Corazón es de Suzi

12 de diciembre, 1163

My name is Diego

My name is Diego.:.F9F84191-584F-45B4-AC2C-D126B5BBD888 🔫 but people who know call Mí, “Juan”.

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C’est Arrive, but you fuckers are going to have to wait until 1345 to see this Dame de Paris, “enfin achevé ».

Eran peregrinos

🎼 Eran peregrinos, eran peregrinos.:.63BBCF0C-1BF3-41F2-9635-794764E597C8 •-_!_-• Los “halcones de Genaro eran peregrinos”.

Happy Birthday, Quasimodo.

Mean, while Donald Trump failed to generate more substantive news than a Nordic girl, time in the U.S. will not Forget that the Young Turks committed crimes against humanity in Armenia.

It's almost like a Festevus Miracle

It’s almost like a Festevus Miracle.:.155188B2-8059-4D9F-A1A4-4B7358FB80DF •|• NOW, if the U.S. Senate could just recognize Jamal Khashoggi’s brutal Murder by the House of Saud, hope would return to Chuck Berry’s “Promised Land”.

It’s another Lupita Miracle!!! And the cover Girl says, “thank you, may we have another one?”.

And in Mexico, it’s Phase Two of Six

In WaWa Land, Nicolle Wallace is ” Well Rested”, while the rankiest member of the judicial committee, Republican Senator, Dougie Collins, from Georgia, complaints that the room is cold, that his seat is cold, that his ass is cold, let’s hope that the Georgia politician never falls from grace, because it’s Cold Outside.

Año II

Año II.:.B5538C91-F98C-40E0-A701-FB493152EF5C •_¥_• Context on each “numerito” follows… Nº 1: “And like a bad freshmen student, AMLO undercuts the ability for autonomous state agencies from delegating their expertise and authority for the good of the country, in favor of the Executive branch’s political whims. N° 2: En mitin me dicen—que todo lo que hago—que todo lo que hago está B.I.E.N., ¥ yo sé B.I.E.N. por que! •_¥_• Rally, Pan y Circo, 🎼 Mejor me agarro el pajarito, ¥ juego con él! 🎶 N° 3: Cristo Rey EQUALS fascism. Cristo Rey in México is a Cult. Cristo Rey in México is the Child Molester — Legionarios de Maciel, El ¥unque*/Opus Dei.

* https ://en .wikipedia .org/wiki/El_Yunque_(organization)

Dear, Purple Pundit, why do you hate snow? And woman, nevermind the Chimes, our ears ring all—motherfunking— Day Long. Por ejemplo, girl: Trudeau was late to meet the boys, and Princesse Anne; Donald Trump, (on the other side of the hall) dropped his own staff’s jaws for nearly 3/4 of an hour.


Feldman, a show about substance.

Circumstantial Evidence would suggest, then, that the Canuck was late to meet the Frog, the Rosbif, —some other suit— and a Reptilian dame, because of a spectacle that the King of the United States America was putting on; can anyone hold it against him? Against the Prime Minister, not Russia’s proxi in Them United States? Fuck no! —Of course, not. With that in mind, why does Nicolle Wallace hate snow outside of her window? Could it BEE, because it is cold? Because snow is cold?


Come on over

Come on over.:.D2490744-6657-4D4C-BCB3-27335D5DF410 •_¥_• L’eau is F.I.N.E.

Sponsored by Pôle–Emploi (Pas de Calais, satellite)… oh, the inverted parallels, —nevermind the humanity.

https ://rss .cnews .fr/pdf/NEP/20191204

TimeStamp 20h00 in Central NATO Time

minuto 3’
Los Putines vS Los BROZOvics

BROZO… Ja–Ha—Ja Cabrón:

minuto 20’
Rusia 0 — Croacia 0

en entrevista con CARLOS LORET de MOLA, la ex ministro señaló que no se podía incluir a quienes hayan cometido Delitos de Alto Impacto, como los cometidos por TELEVISA cuando Florence Cassez había sido atrapada con LAS MANOS en LA MASA… y por esa razón, la ex ministro que le cedió la libertad a la ciudadana francesa que se ocupaba en atender las necesidades de una banda de secuestradores en el Estado de México, le comento a Loret de Mola que la nueva ley de amnistía será llamada: La Ley de Florence Cassez.

minuto 32’
Ewe Can’t Hide Your Love, from me
in Central Siren Time:
Rusia 1— Croacia 0

minuto 39’
Rusia 1— Croacia 1

Half Time

The sound—of life—All Around. Music… or somethingh like that; this is a time—delayed SIREN screen grab, time NOW IN CENTRAL NATO Time is 20h53

minuto 48’
Rusia 1— Croacia 1

minuto 59’
¡Palo Cuida Portero de PUTIN!!!

Rusia 1— Croacia 1

… BROZO, por favor toma asiento en lo que te recordamos de que según La RAE, la palabra de hoy es precisamente CUIDAPALOS. Hay te encargo el mio.

minuto 67’
BROZOvic entra al terreno de juego
Rusia 1— Croacia 1

minuto  78’

… ¡vamos BROZOvics!!!

minuto 87’ al 90’:
CUIDAPALOS de Los Putines* sufre calambre
Rusia 1 — Croacia 1

*… es decir el portero que cuida la porteria croata, DE LOS PUTINES QUE ATACÁN A GOL.

minuto 93’
Rusia 1 — Croacia 1

TimeStamp: Never Ever Submit To Authority
in SIREN Central time

Yes, Bill Maher…
It’s time for OVER TIME
IT’s 22h00 in CET

minuto 95’
Rusia 1 — Croacia 1

minuto 100’
Croacia 2 — Los Putines 1

minuto 114’
Rusia 2 — Croacia 2

Time Stamp: Penalty Phase
Croacia 2 — Rusia 2
“we are cooking now”
dice John Lee Hooker

Final score:

… wait for it, wait: CROACIA VENCE A Los Putines. Next match Crotia vS England.

Los Brozovic’s 6 — Los Putines 5