Whatch out, Steph… there’s a « chicano » in that Esquat

HisPanic studies fall semester

Reference dossier follows

Reference dossier follows…  Breaking the News, Fox fires Sheppard, Cristina Aristegui reports.

There’s a Cookie Monster in that fork’s background.

Everybody gknows

Hey everybody, EVRY respectable bum gknows that one kneads a Spoon to eat a Soup Sandwich. Fucking, forks… son puros CUATROS.

… congratulations to the Washington Metropolitan Sector.

this segment is brought to you by:
Pence is a Tree landscaping services

In other news,
Oh, Hey Hallie Jackson:
Sam Stein would look swell in a Donnie Deutsch costume, period

Dear, cousin Joe’s wife:

…,”with Sugar on top”, NO.
If it’s good for Chile,
(the “underacheiver” 9–11)
then, –it SHOULD BE good for dumb fucking redneck values, SO:

Trump’s crime is not “meddlin'”, it is treason. Under U.S. Law he should be either:

This frame is being planted for you courtesy of "LA Pecsi Cº"

This frame is being planted for you courtesy of “LA Pecsi Cº”

… anyone? Anyone?

Coming up on NBC:

Lana Sube....

Lana Sube… lana baja‽

Bollywood para andinos… according to Fatima Bhutto on Mika’s show.

  Guillotine Island
… wait for it, wait… Catch!

Dear, cousin Joe’s wife guest:

BOLLYWOOD... presents

Bollywood presents: Midnight Melanomia… in a Turkish prison. Starring Bud Spencer without “Nobody”. And in the role of Donnie Deutsh: Adolf Hitler.

Fuck You, Eye saved Campbell’s Soup, via La Soupe Populaire. So–Up e POPulaire, get it?

— And Uma goes, Catch-Up‽ Get it?

Eddie Glou…‽ Is there an Eddie GloudE, JayAre in this bitch?


Thougher than Jaime Bonilla Thinks

Thougher than Jaime Bonilla and Mitch McConnell think.

Dear, MSNBC, this squad is bigger than four Flags.

That's what she's there to do

That’s what she’s there to do, which is to make the U.S. great for the FIRST TIME… and Tom Brokaw, the Military Industrial Complex ruined your “Greatest Generation” and gave Eddie Gloude the reason to remind Nicolle Wallace that there is a Cold Civil War going on.

Attention handlers, editors, Hijos de JOE McCarthy, y REPUBLICANOS del ex Secretario de la Defensa Nacional de George Bush, el ex C.I.A. Director, no el Evangelista George Bush quien lo hizo ponerse (a Dick Cheney) el traje de Batman para enternecer un poco y darle un corazón [de titanio] a ese señor.

El Ándale Man

El, ¡Ándale Man! (1987). En el metro de Monterrey, Nuevo Lyon, a ese churro se le rotuló cómo “Córrele, Güey”.


[The following must bee read in an Omar Sy voice, in the role, —of course— of Kevin Hart, who else? And the set is the game show reality featured in Governor Arnie’s “The Running Man”. The contestants are:

And Stevie goes:

And Stevie goes: In France, Les parisienes-esos are already “nostalgic” for the male fútbol team… just Sayin’ Katy Kay #6, just sayin’.

Professor Eddie Glaude Junior
Professor John Mill Ackerman]:


The U.S. is sending its criminals to mexico

The U.S. is sending its criminals to the Mexican Senate, trying to make Mexico “White Again”… but don’t worry Johnny My’Boy, The “American” press will never play RAYUELA TRIDIMENSIONAL .

— Which one of this two armchair “influencers” is going to win that Vacation to Punta Canah, en La República Dominicana?

[The set cuts to commercial]

… it’s a plug for the 45th President They

[The set is back]

— Our first contestant is Ackerman ; for the record, there are no titles in this contest, everybody here is a political Athlete.

PoliTicks, dice un frijol judio del Texas Monthly.


Igual, nada ni nadie se puede comparar con Dick Cheney, ni siquiera Vladymeer Pewtyn ; SIN EMBARGO, John Mill Ackerman, ¿será que luego de tocar BASE con Sergio Ávalos en los escalones del palacio de Tokio supiste mantenerte parejito en el rebaño, —y precisamente— porque Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo te iba a “demandar”, asi cómo dicen los muy franceses, que por favor me cuadraras LA RADIO de el [AHORA] Senador ViTALICIO: HECTOR Jaime BONILLA?