The Morning After : animation

El llanero de las flores and other assorted transliterations.


The they would arrive when Mexican basket ballers became a doppelganger version of aspiring French Musketeers in at King James 🏀 Court, inversely proportional but in another PROFILE, a French 🏀 talent is learning the talk that Eugene Robinson 📰 at El WaPo gives his black children when they get behind the wheel of a Large Auto 🎱 Movil and any given Sheriff 🚓  pulls the car over.

96 hours of subs on the floor… 96 hours of, yeah they all are sleeping with fishes, 🎵 and in The End, the plunge you take is equal to any refugee who sunk in the coast of Greece.

I Shot Susana Poveda, but I did not shoot the United States Academy, which was part of América.

And, Ambassador with a difficult name to write… me da güeva escribirTe-te-te, sin embargo it’s time to thread the news of today, with things that I wrote about before, and in particularly, Excmo. Ambassador Asvasadourian, that little weapons smuggling operation from the creators of WACO, Texas, and Ruby Ridge.

But don’t take my blog (word) for it, you sir have the authority and the right to review my motivational letter to the French Consulate in Los Angeles, California, dated November of 2010, in one of the paragraphs you might perhaps maybe notice the part about the weapons smuggling that would come to be known as the “aspersions on Louie Gomer’s asparagus,” have your Twitter®️ Monkees look it up because it‘s as trou 🕳️ as a Whole in on the ground 🎨.

And this is where Mariana X. Rivera comes in… spoiler alert, Mariana is only a note 🎶 on this composition, a thread in the Gleason’s “Films d’altérité”  and of De Obeso’s “Rencontres Cinématographiques Viva Mexico” huipiles y guayaberas.

Eye does knot follow the knews 🇬🇧, said the the Peruvian 🇵🇪 president, according to Osler Amaro en rfpp before he was stopped on his way to Mexico’s güey. Trou 🕳️ story. Plunge in.


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