Over at FIP central station it’s…

‘Skiüs Mí, but in this humble bubbly Blog, San Martín de Porres is a Knight in Her Majesty’s Service and Jimi Hendrix is a producer on Steve’s jobs apple pharma.

Make Jimi, great again… pinchi George!

While Eye Kizz The Ska’is.


And in this corner. Fighting out of the Eye told you cocksuckers SO corner. It’s of course, Juanito Guanabacoa, because why the fuck Knot!

Öüï interrupts this transmission to bring you the latest on the Crosstown ho’s and the upward ladder with an Air France concession trust fund and an… I better shut my blog before Poseidon sends his clochards.

Nah, i know where the octopusses are buried.

Plus… Eye buried Titus 🙀

… Tu chingada madre, it means fuck you in Eastern European… in french it means “no fucking Back Bone” , or as Denisa Kerschova learned today, it means espina dorsal para Tus SacaDos.

Keep on rocking at The Red Cross ❌

Time-stamp : Sunset 4-Theys Before Armistice

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