… to the Moon, en SEE Chord#

To the moon, Alicia Leos! Meanwhile in Mexico, “las autodefensas” que tanto inspiraron a los co optados del Frente Amplio de Izquierda mexicana, y al “gran” corresponsal de radio france international, El Gran Raphaël Morán, cumplen 8 añotes de andar forjando MERMAS.

Orion goes here (Metallica)… because Zeppelin is for fags.

4 Billion Dollars (US) towards MARS, and the one thing that the WORLD needs to start assimilating right now, before the Planet decides to kill all carbon-based life forms, is that in SPACE 🌌, there won’t be any democracy, this is to say, that a day in MARS will make all of the Arabian Peninsula regimes look like a day at any-given Disney World.

KEY WORD —co optación institucionalizada.

And, GO’ill de Niza, it seems that Cerf-panthĂ©re is trying to move in on your Allegretto fo’Kids brand, I mean, can you believe that Cerf-gato (Pantera, mis huevos) is asking, “when is parents day?”… coincidentally, all the little black kids at underprivileged learning institutions in-and-around the French ghettos, are asking the very same question, “when is my parents day”, on account that those little fuckers parents are too busy raising the “Lazy Figaro’s” bobos children in France.

To The Moon, Alicia Leos. To The Motherfunky Moon!

I’m tellin’ Ewe!… To The Moon, GO’ill de Niza, to the Moon.

Twenty minutes is not an appropriate medium to relay my context, let alone this post. So, Juanito Guanabacoa, inform your pinches esquincles that this Blog is only a DRAFT, not a Maison de l’AmĂ©rique latine confĂ©rence for faggots.

… (Context goes here) And, Alicia Leos, ya tu’sabe que don LEOncio 🇨🇱 en la MAL27 no me dejaria mentir, “Caminante No Hay Camino”, y con todo el respeto que tĂş senora madre me merece, Saludos Hasta, CuauhtĂ©moc, ShyWaWa!


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