Another One Bites The D.U.S.T. with Juliannie Tatelbaum

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Smile 🙂 Key word here is A DIET en Inglés y, DIETA en Espagnol… and this Cousin Joseph is our Pilates episode of: Adventures in Anagrams, which the staff titled “Contrology”. Episode One focuses on Fiscal Transformation… ISSY, I’D EAT D.A.T., indeed, S.I.R.E.N.E., in–deed.

In Local news, según El Mundo de Le Monde, mientras los EEUU se desgarran las prendas para retirar la SUBVENCIÓN de equipo y herramientas de GUERRA a departamentos de policía en los Estados Unidos de América, La France is looking into the SUPER RICH (portfolios) to strengthen the social fabric of Marianne.

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The Rachel Maddow Show:

As read on “the front page of the Internet,” a.k.a., reddit (point) com/r

In Case you missed, IT!

In Case you missed, IT! .::. 7485C04D-91D2-4C56-A061-97A34EA9604A 🗓 yy-ddd* = 20163 ⏳, and you can thank Donald John Trump for the shift in calendars, for the record, IT!, happened when POTUS 45 order the 82nd Airborne from The School of The Americas (Ft. Benning, GA) to cross the Potomac… or something like D.A.T. —_•!•_— As for the “Arts & Entertainment” chain of events that lead The Nation to have a moment of reckoning with it’s its violent past, the vast archives of Reality TV in the vaults of FOX and A&E, will now become prospective evidence on how to KNOT play “policias y ladrones” on national SYNDICATED entertainment Chains… back to you Alice.

Le journalisme est une science humaine, c’est pourquoi nous apprenons à reconnaître nos erreurs

… dédié au personnel de l’ambassade du Mexique en France, et aux bonnes personnes du groupe des 6ème et 7èmes dêpot à la préfecture de Cité (bureau).


Of course, Susana Puveda, tienes que tomar ese calendario ROMANO con un granito de SAL, or as Julius César told Vercingetorix: CAVEAT EMPTOR, « if you break it, You Buy IT! ».

9 minutes (years) of pleasure

9 minutes (years) of pleasure .::. FD142E18-F6E7-4B05-942E-0D76E1DE1FF8 🇦🇺 Moi, Aussi! “Eye Come From A Land Down Under, the Rio Grande 🇲🇽/🇺🇸.” Yee–oh soy Mantequilla! _ζ*-~-~-~-~ξ

Ale! Marianne… Live forever? Definitely Maybe it’s 6 o’Clock

“Like a workhorse caught in a Stable”… o un periodista en un Oasis, o mismo en un baño Turco.

Oh, hey Billy G, you must have met Caroline… but have you met Marianne? Ah!!! Let me tell ya’ Man, La Grange ain’t got Jack on them set of Legs.

A Lasting Warning, and Trump’s bandoleón–wide web of LIES en Argentina FOLLOWS. Stick around.

Yo soy Armando Segovia y la edición en Ah–prietos, starts, Right Now after the 20 minute hash-mark.

Please Stand–by for Signal Identification:

Bienvenida morena… faltan 2 días, 3 horas y Cero minutos para el 1 de diciembre a las 9 de la mañana, Tiempo del Centro, –el centro de México— no el Centro de ustedes, o el de los López–Obradoristas. En París son las 13 horas.

Frequency hop:
The Following must be read with a Sonny de Valdés announcer voice in the key of Ángel Fernández.

Ladies in Gemeni, live from the Faber & Faber limited arena at The Sands in Les Halles on The güey to the Forum.

SIRIUS EDITIONS and Titan Books,
in collaboration with Ciné Vintage
and Golden Canelo Boy and Longhorn Press presents:

KATANA vS. Harley Davidson… The Brawl for A Few Dollars More.

12–rounds of main–Streaming horror Brand Snatching in the middle of a Freejack recall of Yellow Colored Autobots®️ and freelance automatons and androids across the TONKA and Concept Artists UNIVERSES–es–es, ese, as the Very French use of a yellow-colored “attention getting” glove compartment emergency habit, —or boring garment— as their “trapo de guerra” en la contienda por puto litro de gasolina continua en el melodrama de la Historia del primer quinquenato de Jupiter.

TimeStamp: almost Veinte para Las Tres in Central NATO Time… Eye Want—Your… yes Sirens, you’ve guessed it: Eye Want Your SEX.

BREAKING THE NEWS: HEY MR. MUSIC… this is SOME SERIOUS SHIT, The “mighty dread” and Reggae Music is now un Patrimonio de La Humanidad… and Ewe know what, without the Ganja none of it would have happened, “Yeah Mon”… Jamaica, Rocks… steady—nenah.

16.00 hours in Central NATO Time

Allez! Marianna, thanks for the ale… Jazz Central follows. This message will self–destroy following the execution of  Sirius Error 16, which is code for “Trial” period is Over… Kafka follows… KAF•TA,  not Kafka, —follows. It’s Lebanese night… where’s the Moon at?

TimeStamp: 19 hundred hours in Central NATO TIMES.

Vamo’ Marianna, picha de nuez… Eye know You Love Me, at 19:03 on Central Siren Den, it’s Live, but that frame there is Not, we [the staff] repeat it Is Not The Bossa Nova, You just don’t know it yet.

Hola Marianne… i lost the count, but may I, Armando Segovia, have the next dance?

Hey, Marianne… i really don’t have any other moves to practice with you during our Vals or Waltz later today, but for all that has been said and done concerning the past 4 years — here’s looking at Le IHEAL: centro de indoctrinación:

El Cívismo, don Andrés, por el 4to o el  5to año de primaria comienza y, es secular, apartidista, y sobre todas las cosas, parte del presupueso escolar…

Dr. John Mill Ackerman (presente)… asignado al próximo Centro de Propaganda Política Mexicana… o algo así.

The Atlantic and The Nation must be proud, but personally, i wish to see what kind of paraphernalia the Energy Sector is going to dole out, and what kind of cumbias are going to welcome Elba back to ”El Sindicato”.

Viva México!
Y si nos dejan,
we [the staff] will be watching.

La Función Pública, is now (once again) “just a Family Tradition”… lejos del acomodo y del Ne•Po•Tis•Mo, —of course.

In the Words of Stanley Kubrick…

Paranoia means understanding what’s going on.”

…in Stanley Kubrick’s Pipe Dream,
Napoleon: a French Odyssey
Napoleon: The Greatest Movie Never Made
Editor Alison Castle
PRINTED IN CHINA… where else?

11 de febrero, 2018
Sabbatical Day, N° 38
Valentine’s date with Marianne…

Dear, Marianne;

You and me have one more date, and i just love the way that your faceless monster [as Tocqueville referred to your Bureaucracy] likes to pick our dates, the last one, if you recall was on December the 22nd of last year, and if i recall correctly, the « recepisse » issued to me on that day was the last one for the year, a nice little British lady, by-the-way, received her legal residence permit at the same moment and the people on the other side of the interrogation desk review desk kind of celebrated that occasion before everyone in that office took off that week to enjoy Noël and Sylvestre.

I will not go through the list of requirements that your public officials asked of me, if your Great République was to let me be… let’s just say that they hit me with a CATCH-22; your people want me to register this blog as a small business… or something like that, but the first thing that the office in charge of registering said enterprises told me, is that they will not let me register this most inconsequential Blog without a «JOURNALIST CARD» or «CREDENTIALS» that vouch for my trade, which as you should recall from our first date in Los Angeles, California, [November of 2010] my trade and passion is that of a photojournalist… good or bad that’s what i do.

Needless to say, Brontis at the Préfecture revoked my Credentials because yours truly was not earning my French Taxable pay-checks from a University (doing research) or from a news outlet jerking my wee-wee off. Anyway, your people in High Places seem to have forgotten – yeah right!? – that my journey to France, was an INDEPENDENT RESEARCH about Mexican Corruption, not a Grant or Sponsored study about Frida Kahlo, per say... o dígamos.

Anyway, dearest CARYATID of Liberty turned into a bust around the World, we both know that the real REASON that my Carte de Sejour was revoked, was because the Government of France, under François Hollande WAS COMPLICIT in PROVIDING the MEXICAN PRESIDENT, Enrique Peña Nieto, with the PRESTIGE that he needed in order to make, as Jorge Ramos wrote last week on his syndicated column, MEXICO’s IMAGE PROBLEM GO AWAY.

Next Wednesday, you and i have another dance to waltz to; i ask that you please consider that after all was said an done, that yours truly warned you about how providing FRENCH MILITARY INTELLIGENCE to the Mexican Armed Forces was a very bad idea, your DEPOT Group at the Prefecture —should— at least acknowledge that the makers of this most inconsequential Blog, [Armando Segovia and Armando Serrano Prieto] at least had a very good hunch of what a fuck was going on.

That, my dear, is more than what Professor John Mill Ackerman and Pablo Gleason can vouch for; for at that very same time, when the Mexican President was having his Donald Trump Day run (on Bastille Day 2015) they were herding all of the Mexican opposition into a little movie theater where they comfortably reviewed documentaries about the Zapatistas and probably Gilberto Bosques (also) at a Cinema called Le Clef, while mind you half of France was protesting after the National Celebration –on the Streets… we [the Staff] are not going to say against who, because that’s what research libraries, and fuckinig Bing® are for.

… Foto de Archivo por: Armando Segovia / segoviaspixes (2015 — 2018).

Without anything more to add, i remain a lover of most things French.

Yours Truly,

Armando Segovia
Editor of this most inconsequential Blog.

The Bpi (Biblioteca de información pública) at the Centre Pompidou at Beaubourg… does not have the basic “paint software” found on the nodes of La Mairie de Paris Library network, so please stand-by for “imagery” until Tuesday, because public libraries don’t open on Mondays (at least in Paris) … but of course, you know that.

In the Mean Time, dear Marianne, here’s a picture of my favorite jewish person, and i hope that you can find Both the Humor and the Irony behind this Albert à l’ouest snapshot; BTW, there is no cutline for it, it just is what it is: UN USO JUSTO DE TODOS LOS MEDIOS, that’s all.


According to Mexico’s defence ministry, about 1,383 elite soldiers deserted between 1994 and 2015.

Defectors included members of units that received training in counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, interrogation and strategy from French, Israeli and US advisers, according to a 2005 FBI intelligence document.”

Mexico:’The training stays with you’: the elite Mexican soldiers recruited by cartels:

8 de septiembre…

<<Saint Marie, Mère de Dieu, priez pour nous, pauvres pécheurs, maintenant et à l’heure de notre mort.>>

El fondo es forma… This is not a subliminal message –in advertising. —_~ El reflejo de Marianne y un par de tortillas arropando unas fajitas… 75003 Place de La République. From the collection ‘The Street is my Atelier.” Photo by armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2017. Creatve Commons, Int’l license 2.0; share-alike/attribution, non-commercial—copyleft.

Good afternoon, it’s Mother Mary’s Birthday and today cults all over the world celebrate the Virgin Mary…

Un fragmento de Norberto, vocalista de Los Cardenales Marianos, una gavilla de eclesiásticos desendientes de ‘los cuatro de a caballo—de aquél Real de Mapimí— quienes desde finales del Siglo XX se han dedicado a solapar la opulencía y el poder en México… Norberto tiene la peculiaridad de ser el más sanguinario de los cuatro, “pues una vez mató a un cura, cuando rezaba un Rosario”.

True story, earlier today a gypsy woman approached me and asked if she could read me the Tarot, i didn’t have cash so i declined, she insisted and said, “anything in that bag of yours that you might want to bargain for the unblocking of your luck?… I can see, she went on, that something is holding you down; a big break is within days but you have to know where the next road that you need to be traveling on is headed to, let me release you from those chains that are holding you.

La bendición de Monseñor Enrique Glennie Graue y sus explosivos sea con ustedes… “El Glennie”,  es el experto de la gavilla; entre MOLOTOV y Plastilina “plastik” Mosh, ese cabrón se ocupa en hacer que el acero —y los metales— se rindan a su merced, un día, Enrique andaba de mal humor y narran los cardencheros que, “para estar más contento, —dos trenes descarriló”.

I said, Lady, all i’ve got that is good inside this old decrepit bag is a little bottle of whiskey, here, i said —you can have it.

— I don’t drink,she said.

Take it anyway, i know that once you get to where ever it is that you call home there will be some one there who does.

Fragmento… En la imagen un San Juan Bautista, flanqueado por uno de sus dos arcángeles de seguridad, se encuentra completamente ‘molido’ de cansancio luego del regreso de unas muy merecidas vacaciones; mismas que resultaron siendo más trabajo que descanso… Dios le autorizó el dominical a San Juan pero con la condición de ir a pasar sus vacaciones al Time-Share de la empresa… en Corpus -Christi   [ya sabén cómo es de “bromista”, El Señor]… Basilica Productions, en concubinato con Pantelion Films tiene el placer de traer a ustedes esta proxima Navidad: Los Huespedes (Les Visiteurs)… ~_= El cártel de María de Guadalupe es un uso justo de todas las obras con más de un siglo de antiguedad,  independientemente [paisano Norberto Rivera] de los sellos que instituciones eclésiasticas, o teólogos de la santa moneda, le estampen a un lienzo con pintura —y a la silueta () de una mujer. —$€$—  Dicho lienzo es traido a ustedes por cortesía de la Sra. de García Lascurain, quién a través de “la intermediaria” del la Embajada de México en Francia (¿Sandra, eres tú?), obsequió una copia fiel de “la Emperatriz de América Latina y El Caribe,” a la parroquía de Saint-Germain L’Auxerrios en París—75001 CEDEX: El Vaticano.

You have a good heart, do you live around here? She asked. I pointed to the other side of the building that we were in, and after sipping some of that Americano double tail Seattle siren coffee (spiked with a double shot from that little bottle that i had just parted ways with, i proceeded to explain to her the discipline known as ‘free-style hoboing’.

Context follows… Pero de arranque, el jueves por la mañana coincidió que tanto a los Estados Unidos y a Francia los aquejaban dos cosas iguales, la primera es por causa de unos huracanes ligados al calentamiento global, mientras que el segundo dolor de cabeza involucraba a los problemas internos en los partidos Republicanos de cada nación. —_~ Uso justo de la semana que Philippe Labró en el ex Dirrct Matin; hoy CNEWS Matin.

She smiled with her eyes. Got up, and said that she was going to pray for me, she asked that i light a candle every night for 5 nights and make a prayer, “to whomever you have faith in,” she said.

Al regresar… “El crucigrama de La Semana que Philippe Labró... [RUSHed – Copy].

I reckon that she must have heard the echo transponding from my sad brown eyes because she turned around and said:

— Monday i will read you your cards. Don’t forget to light a candle and pray every night, you agree?

I don’t have a god, i said.

— You must have something that you believe in, otherwise you wouldn’t be sitting here with that pen and paper, pushing your fingers and texting on your phone without a pause.

The Tomb of Saint Journo, Theophraste Renaudot: patron saint of journalism… Context follows… and it involves a good samaritan and her bag filled with mini cans of red beans.

… Photos from Thursday afternoon serendipitous visit to la Chapel de Saint Jean-Baptiste at Saint–Germain L’Auxerrios, 75001, will follow. TimeNow: 1800 hrs… THIS WAS A RUSHed COPY; our apologies for the thumb-tacked errors Time-Now: 1900 hrs. CET on a pleasant Sunday evening.