YoHo! Yoho!!! Congressman YoHo.

Social Control vs. Social Investment… we [the staff of this most non-consequential blog] will get to that. But FO’ist, now that the “F–word” and the “B-word” have been entered into the official Congressional Record, the following is a message directed to White House Spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany.

The color of A James Carvile oilpainting

The color of a James Carvile oil painting over a DSL land line on Dial-up [modem sound goes here] .:. 0D5C3A09-C125-47E1-9784-008F6E662F00

KayLeigh! If you are going to Fuck the Nation by lying and constructing avenues of Coronation for the current wanna–be–king, then Eye must insist in engaging in crude and passionate intercourse, in other words Kayleigh McEnany, as long as you continue to break your promise of not lying to the audience in front of you (KEY WORD audience) then we [the staff of this blog] must insist in on doing the things (with your sexy ass) that Stormy Daniels did with your current boss. We’ll go mattress shopping on a non–National Holiday Weekend; Eye will even lead you by the Vulva.

So with that in Mind, Kayleigh McEnany, Let’s Fuck, Bitch! C’mon K–hey’Lee, there are 100 and Two Theys until the next General Election and your boss is trapped into speaking as if it was early March in order to sound reasonable to the American people who like to scream: America, love it or leave it. So Time is running out for You and Eye to engage in making Whoopee without the consequences of Child Support and Parental alienation, —Yeah–Buddy.

And in Washington, It’s Take Mí out to the ball game with Willie Geist and the Evil Empire… those motherfuckers!


In publishing news, a judge told Donald Trump’s personal Attorney General that he could not prevent a person from writing a book about CORRUPTION, even if that person is a convicted felon and a close personal friend of Donnie Deutsh.

Fair Use of Publishers

MEDIA MATTERS .:. 6005FFF7-441C-4662-A50F-9AA455915D38 ⚖️ Fair Use of ALL Publishers “Aquí y en China (Nuevo León) », https ://www .leparisien .fr /politique /nicolas-sarkozy-publie-un-nouveau-livre-sur-le-debut-de-son-quinquennat-23-07-2020-8357433.php

In a Parallel universe, it seems, but we Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto are not sure until the month of September rolls around, if the French Republic understands what the concept of Freedom of Speech is.

Right now, in the month of July 2020 we know that a foreigner can be convicted WITHOUT EVIDENCE and without the accuser being in the same hearing room. This modus operandi, is not tolerated by the French Empire when French citizens like Florence Cassez break the rules in “shithole” countries like The Mexican United States.

Great moments in: Eye was Shocked that would Happen!

LIVE from the Oklahoma Governor’s Mansion, but FOist! Dear, Edward LUCE, don’t be a bitch, don’t pussyfoot around the issue, Sir: fuck the Gâteau, Let Them Eat Frijoles!!!

Layer CAKE

From the Archives:
It’s what some, at the Latin-American Higher Learning Institute (IHEAL for it’s French initiates) at Saint Germain-des-Prés (75007) might call, a “flashback” .:. 2B23CDD5-8979-453C-A4C2-F1FC100E0E09 🌬 https://asegovia3.com/2014/10/11/11-de-octubre/

… [A]nd dearest, Mika: don’t run throught D.A.T., but rather, Run With D.A.T..

And Zeppelin goes here

And Zeppelin goes here .::. 9B7AD594-41B5-45AC-BA03-8A859A6791F3 🎂 The Layers CAKE effect.

Here’s your snapshot, Willie Geist… enjoy!

Them POLES are talking

Deer, AP LeMire, glad you’ve got your LeAudio back, listen up dick weed, please forward the following warning to Monsieur Le Président du Tribunal Administrative à Paris:

Televisa Presenta

Televisa Presenta .:. 59F3B803-CFEE-447F-A097-0DAB1D1A7931 💨 a Pantelion Films production from Santa Monica, California. — Music arreglos  by: Ry Cooder.

NOW that you grammar nazis figured out D.A.T. the U.S. President’s son–in–law is running the 2020 Republican Presidential Campaign, please let The Nation on the other side of The Atlantic know that “la mano de BERNARDO GÓMEZ” is not far sous les jupes de Ivanka Trump… and nevermind D.A.T. image on your LeBrain because John Donald The First said D.A.T. it WAS FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! Yeah, buddy.

https  ://www .lapoliticaonline .com .mx /nota /124795 –exclusivo-los-acuerdos-de-bernardo-gomez-con-la-4t-que-detonaron-la-salida-de-loret-de-televisa/

After the break, it’s Dangling Participles at The Rachel Maddow Show.

Deer, Cousin Joe: Eye really hopes that your sniffles are rescinding by now and, that you are not one of the Blind Alabama Choir Boys who sent bit coins to the Russians; but, if you are –indeed– one of them kind-hearted sucker souls don’t you forget Cousin Joe, that öüï are still awaiting D.A.T. iPhone 11… —motherfucker.

« It is knot dying »

« It is knot dyeing — It is Knot Dyeing ” .:. It’s just “the Color of Change,” Bay-bee.

It’s “Two of U.S.” in Central NATO Times
and in Washington
son las Ocho del Mañana
on Do, IT! Again, —Jack.

🎶 Sweet Masked ALABAMA
Where the COVIDs are Real
Sweet Masked Alabama
Lord The Hindenburg goes HERE.

La Vache! — Ewe and Eye [Gleasons] have memories.

Quretaro, vía Saltillo y Piedras Negras:

For the record

For the record… and All Things Considered, truth BEE told, i left a PLEDGE to the Philadelphia NPR station unfulfilled, a Child Alienation case against a very young Armando Segovia, in El Paso, Texas, left mí, as they say in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: Bien Brujas del bolsillo. When the “OTHER” door opens, I, armando segovia will personally break Robert Costas “time in a bottle” from by Joan Manuel Serrat, which that motherfucker borrowed from our blog, without even asking, or WOIRST MOTHERFUCKER, citing the SOURCE ; but We’kool with D.A.T., as Fenster the Copywriter once said in a Parisian Carnaval: todo sea por un USO justo de todos Los Medios, including this THREE, “que cómo árbol CAUTIVO, doy a Los… [y Las cirujanas del Centro Medico Europeo Georges Pompideau casí esquina con Geriatría en, TECHNICOLOR]” ; just wait for it, Pied Noir, just wait.

Issy_No–mehhhh creen, pregúintenselo a los guardianes y a las guardianas de la Carabina … de la Cabina “virtual” en Monterrey, Nuevo Lyon, de don Andrés Mªnuel Lºpez ºbrador (in the Spring/Summer of 2012). Just Ask for Mona Lisa; alias Ana Lilia.

Hello, Cotton Hall!

Recuerdas, Pastor Delgado, aitor “hacedor” de “Notipoemas con Jorge Saldaña” ¿cómo respingo el viejo Don Jorge cuando le moNstré al Zapata “jet-set” de los TRAGA–PUB en el Rex (francés)?

Aún hay más, don Velasco ; y “aún un Ay Más”.

Gloves By_The_Wey

Gloves By_The_Wey, are readily available throughout the streets of Parigi, so that lonely happy people can pick-up all the dog shit left by their Masterpiece canines. Drunk History Sans Derbez y la familia peluche follows from the old PAD of “El viejo Jorge Saldaña”, ISSY, the entrance to that building is a Fucking McDo, so, Míster Rubén Luengas: How Do You (motherfuckeR) like them Apples‽ Eh?

… dear fip, keep the Seven Tissues, Eye masturbate with rubber gloves ; it is more expedient and less of an ODE to ONAN, additionally, The Strokes kneaded are considerably less.

Still To Come

Still to come: MAYA the Cow… it’s really non other than Mickey Mouse as PREDICTED by David Bowie on a trip to El Mayapán [2000 TEXAS AVE. 799o1] in El Segundo Barrio ; area code: Cornelio el mocha orejas … Coronado el mocha patas.

Exhibit: 0
Bleu Vaseline:

Glory Hole in braille

Glory Hole in braille… these French people are really–really inclusive. Neta que öüï, me cae que ISSY. Especialmente en el mes de octubre.


Complément de Affaire — CERFA n° 13473*01

Good morning Marianne:

Let’s dance,
shall we?

El proceso… context follows. Stick Around!

Shall we start, 3 hours after 4h20 “with the very thought of You”?

… and, Sweetie, wadda’Ya say if we [the staff] start at the beginning, which of course, fucken of course, on Your itinerary is « the last –item– in Line ». Now Baby, You, of all the free—swinging bosoms in the Free World know that “I’m a man of Means by no Means”… and that this situation was brought upon by your man: Brontis à La Préfecture; allow me to recapitulate… because Mari:

”What we’ve got here is failure to communicate”, and understand beteween the two of us what a “Catch–22” starring Jim Carrey looks like.

Así que ahorita que “calienta el sol” aquí en lo que próximamente seran las playas de París, could You believe that the very trade that brought me here is keeping me from filling up a CERFA form?

Yes, indeed—yes indeed. Of course for You to triangulate the paraghraph above with concrete references concerning my case, You—precious darling— of all Icons would have to go back to MY INITIAL REQUEST FOR a French VISA, —because it was from San Bernardino (my birthplace) Baby, from where I opened up that last Stretch of Route 66 to arrive to Your Consulate General satellite in Los Angeles, California in order to request that God-forsaken visa that would allow me —an aspiring journalist— a crack at taking a look at Mexican Corruption from abroad… “oh how i laughed” (internally, and to quote Ziggy, at that moment) when a Consulate Employee asked me: what business does a Californian have, wanting to take a look at Mexican corruption? In her defense, it was in the context of my request, which was a Skill and Talents visa, a sort of LONG TERM immigration MECHANISM that France offers to “developing” countries or something like that., and here you have a U.S. passport holder asking for that sort of “special” and privileged visa.

Long story short, on that initial request i mention a hypothesis that it’s probably similar to the thesis of the current (three times running) and leading Mexican presidential candidate, Andres Manuel López Obrador, regarding his thesis (According to The New Yorker Magazine*) “about the political formation of the Mexican state, in the nineteenth century.”

TimeStamp: on this Dance… “you think that jamming was a thing of the past” Bob Marley— in fip Central Station Time… y lo bueno es de que Francia no tiene un National Public Radio, eh… diez para las 21h20.

… Anygüey, Mari, along those archaic and supposedly “ quiet villages” of the nineteenth century “i put forth the proposition” in so many words that up to 2010 (an emblematic year for Mexicans) the French Civil Code and it’s constitution was a mirror image of how “el godínazgo INSTITUCIONALIZADO” ran things in modern Mexico, but with the particularity of having Washington’s (D.C) interest rammed up the country’s ass and all the way up the so-called “horn of plenty shaped country” neck’s in the YUCATAN PENINSULA… remember, Marianne, what Mafalda found out about THE MAP OF THE WORLD ACTUALLY BEING UP-SIDE DOWN**.

A QUE VOY, regarding the voucher for CREDIT from a BANK OR CREDIT INSTITUTION… or something like that (HAAAAA JAAAA HAAAA)… en voz baja—¡no me hagas reir Marianne!

If your préfecture reviewers at LE 6ème BUREAU à CITÉ wanted me to be able to properly complete A GOD-DAMNED CERFA Form for small entrepreneurs (freelance Journalist) then they should have instructed me back in March of 2011 about « LA PUTA CEDULA PROFESIONAL NECESARIA”, para ejercer como periodista en Francia—INSTEAD OF HAVING ME RUN AROUND THE PARISIAN MEXICAN MUCK— with a “talents et compétences Card”… MARIANNE, “my fickle friend”, You gave me a « carte blanche » to operate and when it turned out that i figured out that the roosting chickens came from Your motherfucking coop—YOU PULLED THE MOTHERFUCKING RUG FROM UNDER ME.

Glosario para Stephanie y Brontis à La Préfecture:

a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions. [Sounds familiar, Ewe’all?].

Jim Carrey:
Actor, painter
… in the role of Truman Burbank, he happens to be the star of the most popular live show in television history. The only problem is, he doesn’t know it!

Tras las huellas de Diderot* 3ª Entrada

Guerrilla blog–in

VoBo: Acrónimo burocrático que se utiliza para verificar o cotejar documentos y que significa Visto Bueno; ATTENTION, please don’t go mixing your bureaucratic VoBo’s with the contraction “BoBos”, because in Parisian society, and especially at vernissages where people pretend to be all progressive, anarchist and revolutionary, one must handle these implicitly driven subjects with an entirely different set of codes.

Frequency Hop, ahora regresamos a nuestra previa programación sobre lo que en la historia pasó en una semana como la que en este fin de semana termina; pero primero licenciado Brozo, ya vio asté como hasta los franceses la riegan, mire nada mas de que manera los artistas gráficos de Libération plasmaron ‘patas pa’rriba’ al Rey de España, ¡Chihuahua!. Han de haber andado locos o algo así (insert laughter track for the U.S. viewing audience)… ANYGÜEY licenciado sobre aviso las memorias se relatan mejor y en ese tenor aquí tiene asté lo que pasó en un día como el de ayer (en Cataluña) pero ¡CON UN INTERVALO DE 492 392 años!… nada mas que para que este pinche pié de foto (al revés) no le quede a usted tan aglomerado, aquí abajo del cuadro le voy acomodando las efemérides. ¿Vale, májete?

En un 6 de octubre, pero de:

1642.- Catalanes en rebeldía, ayudados por franceses, derrotan en Lérida a las tropas del Rey, mandadas por el Marqués de Leganés.

1934.- El Gobierno proclama el estado de guerra en toda España ante la revuelta originada principalmente en Oviedo, que cae en poder de los revolucionarios, y Barcelona, donde el presidente de la Generalitat, Lluis Companys, proclama el Estado Catalán dentro de la República Federal Española.

About the video clip:

Patria o Muerte“… fragmento de La Insurgencía cubana de 1959 cortesía de el collectivo Chto Delat para la ocasión de la Noche Blanca en París, Francia y en Toronto, Canadá. —_~  Entonces, pues, amigo Pablo … y “mediante la explotación al máximo del terreno”, como lo dice en La Pantalla Fidel, esto es un uso justo de todos los medios.

En Contexto

Described by the organizers as, “a monument dedicated to the Century of Revolutions“, the clip shows an insurgent Fidel Castro in the process of explaining “l’Espirit de Corps” of the guerrilleros during the making of the 1959 Cuban Revolution.

This clip was shot [by the staff] from the outside of a wire-fenced perimeter that was put in place during last night’s vernissage (or public relations review) just in front of City Hall by Le Collectif Chto Delat. From our point of reference the PR event was not without the POMP and CIRCUMSTANCE, which is a must when catering to the Parisian presse… in other words: A Packaged Révolution en Contenedores, especialmente preparada (o perpetrada) para los VoBo’s de los médias, [independent bloggers need not apply].

No obstàte, una persona a quien durante el transcurso del día, el staff de este blog lo vio haciendo las labores manuales necesarias para adornar el motif de los contenedores con las Revoluciones del Siglo XX, él si nos permitió entrar rápidamente a tómarle una foto a la figura inclinada (con los pies más arriba que la cabeza) del Comandante Ernesto Guevara.

Segundos más tarde, para no meter en problemas al trabajador que tuvo la gentileza de ‘tirar una esquina‘ para mejor capturar el cascajo del contenedor que evoca una mina al lado de la figura del cuerpo (casi patas pa’rriba) del “Che” Guevara, nosotros [el staff] nos salimos del complejo improvisado y una vez ya estando por el otro lado del cerco, y antes de pedir permiso de entrar al “show” a uno de los anfitriones de ese vernissage, nosotros le mostramos al anfitrión nuesto blog en tiempo real y le hicimos saber de que mismo, si no traíamos el “gafete” necesario para poder ser ACREDITADOS,  la entrega de lo que ellos estaban exaltando [O SEA GÜEY: la pinche REVOLUCIÓN y el anti ELITISMO] nosotros en asegovia3 ya lo teniamos publicado desde antes de que LA LUNA LLENA se asomara a ver “el show”.

Fue entonces cuando preguntamos al  anfitrión que nos atendió (como Border Patrol pero entrenado en SCIENCES PO) y que por cierto portaba como uniforme una chaqueta rompevientos color de rosa con el logotipo de Nuit Blanche®, si sería posible acercarnos un poco más a los tres contenedores en dónde la invención de los hermanos Lumiere se proyectaba… lo que por cierto nos recuerda en hacer un INTERMEDIO: did you know that it was the French who invented the Seventh Art? And, as a matter of fact, did you know that one half of the genie in that projecting lamp was born on a week like this, but on the 5th day of the month, check it out:

1864.- Nace Louis Lumiére, inventor francés, uno de los padres del cinematógrafo.

El pedo, Lic., es de que el mono de buenos modales se frunció y tuvo que ir a preguntarle a una chica esbelta, y muy agradable (por cierto)  a la vista de cualquier lente d’esos que retratan a mujeres en Vogue  Magazine, para ver qué decia ella… El mono de los buenos modales regresa, Y PALABRAS MÁS O PALABRAS MENOS nos dijo que no se podría permitirnos entrar porque la chica dijo que estábamos muy barbones y feos.

El staff sigue tras la huella de Diderot, y nuestras fuentes nos dicen de que ese Cabrón puede venir siendo el mismísimo DENIS del qué La Unión una vez nos platicó… Ah-uuuuh, Lobo Hombre en París.

La Unión… In search of Denis.

De cualquier manera, hace mucho que no se de nada de Films d’Altérité, pero por el momento va a Ser MUY INTERESANTE ver si NUESTRO “AMIGO” Pablo (aún no sabemos si es Primero de su Nombre) Gleason, va a repartirse entre los Encuentros Cinematográficos VIVA MÉXICO, que arrancan hoy; y la expo Revolución en la Alcaldía de París… No se puede tener dos amos; a menos de que seas un Pinche Grillo… lo que nos recuerda de que bajo una Luna como las de octubre, se empezó —precisamente— a comercializar el uso de una banda sonora en los films, o sea un cabrón le puso el wiri-wiri y la música a el cine. Saludos a Duncan Bridgeman: Viva México.

“American Girl”… turn your Squelch Off

3 de octubre, 2017.
En La Columna de La Canopée
París, 75001

It’s our 100th Anniversary RED FLAG EDITION WATCH and be it an armored combat vehicle, or an artillery timepiece inspired by a TANK, these precision items are nothing more than nuts and bolts, which any properly trained monkey, or perhaps even a trained Catalonian Caledonian crow [2] can use as a tool; alas, without a proper code of engagement rules (or combat ethics) any Republic the uses these type of artifacts of war to suppress the peaceful assembly of its Constituents risks tipping the balance of order, this is to say, that in any territory that wishes to bear the name of Democracy on any world stage, be it a league and/or council, these forms of governments should be cautious before resuscitating the legacy of THE AMERICAN TANK TIMEPIECE… especially in a month like October, because any monkey with three ships COMMISSIONED BY THE KING OF SPAIN may subjugate a Region (or an Island), PERO NUNCA LA DE UN CONTINENTE.

Dear, Tom Petty:
Thank you for your “Friijoles” and that TRIP Down the Rabbit Hole; without you in this new Millenium, ALICIA no tendría sentido en un País de Las Maravillas.

American Girl courtesy of Brian Williams, and the good folks at MSNBC… although we [the staff] are saddened by the events that unfolded in Las Vegas, we cannot overlook the fact that much like Donald Trump, the “American” voter has way OVER-sided with the Ted Nugent and the Stupid National Rifle Association crowd.  =_=  Dear, White House Bunny of the Month, please keep your Squelch OFF, we are en route to our Colombian shrink, but during that convoy we [the staff] are going to be looking for a reliable signal to continue with our 100th Anniversary Red Flag Edition Watch.

There goes the Last DJ.

Ese Lic. ¿Cómo van los cambios de tercio por aquellos ruedos? Por aquí yo le puedo comentar de que me acabo de recetar una crónica del otro mundo en dónde se toca el tema de los enemigos quienes juntos no tienen de otra mas que la de habitar juntos en los adentros de una canica azul… asi con horrores de ortografía y gramática con todo y su sintaxis y la sintaxia; y hasta con las pinches quesadillas —sin queso (jeje).

Foto cortesía de George Harrison, Roy Orbison, and Very Special Guest: Prince.

Cosa que en el contexo de los “llamados” Republicanos [con cola de elefante] en los Estados Unidos que están abajo de el Cánada* concuerda con ese tema de Las Crónicas del Otro Mundo porque mendigos WASPs y anglosajones no quieren ver más allá de sus trompas ni de escuchar con sus chingadas orejotas la única solución víable cuando de tiroteos indiscriminados se trata, alla en cualquiera de esos sus 50 chingados Estados.

* no confundir con los Estados Unidos que están arriba de la Guatemala, porque eso sí, señor El WaPo, esos 32 Estados y una CDMX están requete de guate-pior.

sure, but where’s the cheese?  No self respecting Southerner is going to commit to a shot-gun wedding… WHAT, christian radio and Alex Jones crowd: Too Soon? Listen, with all due respect, bad jokes don’t kill people, GUNS KILL PEOPLE, especially Fully-Auto and Semi-Automatic tactical rifles and machine guns. —_—. Uso justo de Los Huckabee’s and the SNL Troupe.

Y es-que Sarah Huckabee Sanders, vocera en turno de La Torre Trump jugando el rol de portavoz del lobby de la NRA (asociación del rifle nacional, por sus siglas en Inglés) le pide a sus conciudadanos paciencia y de no politizar a las víctimas de un anglosajón “de lo más normal” que de nuevo, bajo pretexto de la sagrada 2da Enmienda a La Carta Magna de los Estados Unidos** fue y se tomó la BENDITA LIBERTAD de disfrutar de unas muy merecidas vacaciones en Las Vegas y luego en un lapso de no más de 15 minutos, mandar todo lo que estaba en su linea de fuego a-la-verga, exterminando a su chingado prójimo en una multitud que estaba celebrando la música que irónicamente [yo argumento que] es la favorita de los ciudadanos gringos que más celosamente defienden EL DERECHO A PORTAR ARMAS en “los” WALMART® y, misma que muchos otros y otras dicen, that it’s just bad Rock and Roll, BaBy; and yes Hank Williams III, we [the staff] are referring to the roots of your grand ol’daddy’s Country & Western musak… of which we [the staff] dig some, not all, but some we do – yes we do… you can dig it? Right?

** Los Estados unidos que están por el lado de la riviera norte del Río Bravo… cuál pinche río grande, ni-que la chingada.


While my guitar gently weeps: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6SFNW5F8K9Y

2. Betty, the New Caledonian Crow; don’t give her a pistol because we talking Monkees could be next on the endangered species list, but of course you fucking monkeys at the gun lobby don’t believe in Evolution… “So it goes” or something like that: https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2016/09/this-crow-nearly-died-out-before-we-knew-it-uses-tools/499724/