Dear, Rachel Maddow.

Thank you for never taking a Mynut Minute to read this blog for it would constitute a copyright infringement on Brian Williams XEROX machine, which BTW, thank’s thanks to a clause on Vocational Rehabilitation BATTERY courses, ÖÜÏ the staff are also skilled to adjust.

[previous picture is being benchmarked to R.S. Standards… wait un minutito chicolito, Raquelito].

The only things that convicts carry is their soul, unless those convicts sold that soul to Donald Trump:7249FFA4-BD3E-41CA-B42B-6F0E09EEC224 — Judge Sabo presiding; alguacil ejecutor: Sebastian Bach.

… from the creators of “the” Extraterrestial and “Castaway”, and from THE PRODUCERS of Schlachthoffünf and, The Childrens Crusade, comes a mash-up of the FRAGMENTED events in the life of a “Most Unreliable and UNEMPLOYABLE narrator” stuck in an Island calledLa Isla de la: » ILE deFRANCE.

But first, let’s Waste some “Virtual Time” in New York, where yet, another candidate throws his tapa-noggin into the Morning Joe Circus round-up. Brian Williams has all of the necessary forms to process an “Eye told Ewe So.”

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