Ale! Marianne… Live forever? Definitely Maybe it’s 6 o’Clock

“Like a workhorse caught in a Stable”… o un periodista en un Oasis, o mismo en un baño Turco.

Oh, hey Billy G, you must have met Caroline… but have you met Marianne? Ah!!! Let me tell ya’ Man, La Grange ain’t got Jack on them set of Legs.

A Lasting Warning, and Trump’s bandoleón–wide web of LIES en Argentina FOLLOWS. Stick around.

Yo soy Armando Segovia y la edición en Ah–prietos, starts, Right Now after the 20 minute hash-mark.

Please Stand–by for Signal Identification:

Bienvenida morena… faltan 2 días, 3 horas y Cero minutos para el 1 de diciembre a las 9 de la mañana, Tiempo del Centro, –el centro de México— no el Centro de ustedes, o el de los López–Obradoristas. En París son las 13 horas.

Frequency hop:
The Following must be read with a Sonny de Valdés announcer voice in the key of Ángel Fernández.

Ladies in Gemeni, live from the Faber & Faber limited arena at The Sands in Les Halles on The güey to the Forum.

SIRIUS EDITIONS and Titan Books,
in collaboration with Ciné Vintage
and Golden Canelo Boy and Longhorn Press presents:

KATANA vS. Harley Davidson… The Brawl for A Few Dollars More.

12–rounds of main–Streaming horror Brand Snatching in the middle of a Freejack recall of Yellow Colored Autobots®️ and freelance automatons and androids across the TONKA and Concept Artists UNIVERSES–es–es, ese, as the Very French use of a yellow-colored “attention getting” glove compartment emergency habit, —or boring garment— as their “trapo de guerra” en la contienda por puto litro de gasolina continua en el melodrama de la Historia del primer quinquenato de Jupiter.

TimeStamp: almost Veinte para Las Tres in Central NATO Time… Eye Want—Your… yes Sirens, you’ve guessed it: Eye Want Your SEX.

BREAKING THE NEWS: HEY MR. MUSIC… this is SOME SERIOUS SHIT, The “mighty dread” and Reggae Music is now un Patrimonio de La Humanidad… and Ewe know what, without the Ganja none of it would have happened, “Yeah Mon”… Jamaica, Rocks… steady—nenah.

16.00 hours in Central NATO Time

Allez! Marianna, thanks for the ale… Jazz Central follows. This message will self–destroy following the execution of  Sirius Error 16, which is code for “Trial” period is Over… Kafka follows… KAF•TA,  not Kafka, —follows. It’s Lebanese night… where’s the Moon at?

TimeStamp: 19 hundred hours in Central NATO TIMES.

Vamo’ Marianna, picha de nuez… Eye know You Love Me, at 19:03 on Central Siren Den, it’s Live, but that frame there is Not, we [the staff] repeat it Is Not The Bossa Nova, You just don’t know it yet.

Previously… on Mercantilism

On our last episode of Mercantilism, when Capitalism reaches it’s Zen Space, (by Armando Segovia) our hero Bumblebee had landed in Paris in the middle of yet, another motherfucking scirmmage*.

*  It’s really the French National Sport.

Mean, while the President of the Russia was repossesing a pair of ‘porta aviones’ from the Ukranians, after his décrèpit fleet of only one polluting decaying fossil–fuel vessel had gone the way of the Soviet, his low’ball bitch in the U.S. of A., Donald Trump, was attentively studying new Doctrines on how to rule and control ‘the’ mass media from a Murderous Decepticon regime in Saudi Arabia.

La cosa se puso interesante cuando not far from the Opéra house, where Bumblebee had originally landed, Dirt Rocket and Wreck–Gar had just crossed over into the City of Lights where LES PILLARDS were milking the fuck out of our main muse’s gas pipelines.

ISSY, the unthinkable had happened, los PiPoPes de Hichicolandía had infiltrated** the Total™️ fuel delivery pipelines.

** …_much like Diego Luna, Armando Àlvarez and the Colombian narcos had done in a different universe bubble with planes and sea vessels filled with all kinds of Sweets for my Sweet, and sugar fo’ my Honey)

Anygüey, dear non–readers it’s 11 a.m. in Central NATO Time.
Coming up on the Energy Wars, Chanel 34*** the Lithium fix on the Sirius Freq
it’s time for, who else???
Yellow LEDbeter, and guys over at the Oasis in the Middle Eastern Sands
please don’t look back in ANGER… please not today.

Not on Madison’s Avenue GREEN DAY!

*** Channel 34
Fernando Valenzuela’s Jersey’s Dial
and elLay’s favorite UHF signal
ahora también en ESPAGNOL.
Consider this a WARNING,
Billy Joe, BULL on PARADE follows.

… but first, no self-respecting brainstormed script on Mercantilism would be worth its Rally around The FAMILY without a word of our non-sponsors at the Mad seasons Vintage on the rue de Ravioli, casi esquina con La MANGA de Saint-Jacques en Paname.