ARMG 101 — 6 Cr. Hrs… NYU / CUNY stews need not apply

I swear, the nepotism of The Ed Luce Show… for context, asegovia3 is closing “the work week⅜” with American Imperialism, Ed Luce, was born in Great Britain, Issy, Ed is the illegitimate cosplay of Greg “animals are great” Gotfeld. Ed, believe it or not was sheltered from the Mighty Zeppelin by the Imperial Order of Maggie Thatcher and the grace of the dearly departed, Mother of C3-Pee-Oh… but Évry body calls him King Charles. Any hoot 🦉,  Batman, mister Luce didn’t get to discover Kashmir until recently, when he started writing about the love affair between Dr. Jalife-Rahme from Da’Hood, and Dr. Zbigniew “big Kazhimier’z” Brzeziński, on the Morning Mika Show.

Note to my current girlfriend, Nathalie Piolé ⛏️

Those Sirens 💃🏻 meant nuttin’ FO’mí.

No Insistas, Susana Pubeda, mi corazón es de Natty Le Pío.

In local news, either Madame Hidalgo is getting into the ‘Saw A Women in Half‘ business, or that there booth below 👇 is about to be filled with water 💦…

Drop The Chocolate Drop 💧 African dodger involved an African-American man sticking his head out through a hole in a curtain and trying to dodge balls thrown at him. Hits were rewarded with prizes. People were sometimes seriously injured or reportedly even killed after being struck.[2]… In Atlanta, a former running-back All-Star is reviving that piece of “Americana”. The Republican Party re-branded African dodger, with Drop The Walker.

South of the border, more specific, over at La Jornada… Alfredo Jalife-Rahme Barrios summoned Jean-Christophe BERJON to the Canal Once Embassy at the 13éme arrondissement. Mister Berjon, the original drafter of the Carol d’Obeso Show was asked to explain why Mister Macron is sending boom 💥 booms to the clown. Meanwhile, at la Place d’Italy, all gas ⛽ stations are starting to look like US during the Argentina World Cup ⚽. TOTAL.

Note to editors, the following is a time-delayed BFM’er TV ketch-up:

https ://www /economie/carburant-un-retour-a-la-normale-prendrait-une-semaine-en-cas-de-deblocage-des-raffineries_AV-202210100235 .html

This is, Last Week Tú THEY ⚾

Armageddon 101, pre-req:

Blame it on COVID, students in a falling state are not making it easy for higher education. But enough about La Sorbonne in Babylon II, right now the Maker of this blog just crashed with yesterday’s front page cover of Libération in France. And the death of French Chemistry, or something like that.