What are the odds that Life is what happens to you while… Christine Carrier censored Baseball at the Bpi

https ://www .bpi .fr /a-lire-sur-bpi-pro/

Electric LADYRACKS and a Boob.

But First, on a day like today, but of 1821, after 11 years of bullshit, the Mexican War of Independence comes to an end, and instead of going with the Greek model (pirateado primero por los EEUU y luego por Francia) Mexico instead follows the way of the European emperors. In Mexico there was only one and his name was Agustin and that is all that I am going to say about that. Except for the curious fact that the first Mexican president, which followed an ousted Agustin was from DURANGO.

🎶 so… Hot Chili Peppers in the blistering pyre.

But seriously Volks… there used to be an “Encyclopédie of Baseball” on the racks of the 2nd floor, heck I took a few snapshots of them pages and then, well, and then the world changed. COVID-19 became a thing. Long story short, when the library opened back up, the Baseball literature was gone. Sources close to “el bicho” de Saint~Merri relay that Christine Carrier burned said Baseball “encyclopédie” to make room for yet another fucking book about rugby.

Any how, photography was not around the time that the CIA had it’s its official blessing… the Right-leaning padres mock The Church of Satan by mocking the Pentagram or “up-side down star” with a seal called theChristogram”, which looks a lot like the Argentina national seal on the albiceleste. Coincidence, don Francisco? I don’t think so.

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Jesuits

There has got to be an economic value to this. But one has to be French to exploit the angles like Magnum does, bunch of fags 📸.


Now the catalogue at the Bpi will return a querry with plenty of books about baseball, and yet, for the past year and a half these tomes must be ghosts of their own diamond because I have yet to see one single book that deals with baseball, there are however, 20 racks of books dedicated to rugby.

Here’s the visual formula:

Secrets in Plain Sight, re-visited, and to Just to celebrate the Just king of LOUDUN TOWN Jamboree, there will be a Joust tonight, Henry the Horse 🐴 will moonlight as Rosinante 🆚 the White Power Knights of La Canopée à Chato-Let.

The sum of all racks (nakid brestes-es-ese on the Electric LADYRACKS album + Nicole “empty rack” Wallace =’s 20) if you add the Mitch boob factor then Ewe coq suckers have a 21♠️

Over on the Abbé d’Aubignac channel:

On a THEY like today, but of 1601 nace Louis XIII, le juste, rey de Francia de 1610 à 1643. On the streets of Paris and especially around the Pont Neuf, Louie the 13 is known as the “BLACKBIRD Killer”.

Now I can [personally] understand that rugby, next to le sacre pétanque ball of course, is like the national sport for them Frogs, but considering that you have your young and now even old Frenchies wearing Major League Baseball paraphernalia on your PARIS FASHION SHOWS, should it not be the incumbent upon your racks³, to at least have the type of material that can explain to your peripheric, or rather peripheral masses that you cannot, YOU CANNOT mix a Cardinal’s cap (or casquette as you fuckers call the headgear) with a Padres jersey! It’s just sacrilege, Christine Carrier, visual blasphemy. It’s like wearing an OM shirt with the PSG shorts. It’s foul ball to right-field, mister Le Bon.

https ://www .centrepompidou .fr /fr /programme /agenda /evenement /public-service-snapshot /with-a-slight-double-screen-grab

Eye tells you Christine Carrier, it’s pre-poste°rous, ab°Zurdo and inconspicuous, to say the LIST, that your professional hit-squad of book worms would ban baseball from those racks of yours.

And here’s another thing mister Le Bon, if that is even your real name, and to paraphrase REY Bones in “get shorty”:

The reason that you have such beautiful architecture under them sunsets is because of the Pershing Baseball Field in Vincennes.

It rhymes with Abdul, Carambar!

Fuck you, Jon Stewart… sincerely, Agent Orange.

Contemporaneous³adjective, as in: Pythagoras 🇬🇷  was contemporaneous with Buddha… 🥢 at the White House ☎️ line.

³ ~. 🇸🇦

The following is sponsored by the Be All That You Can Be Council on Foreign Revelations

But Wait! If you join NOW you’ll get a bucket of Kentucky’s Own Depleated Uranium reticles for your SPECTACLES and birth control glasses for the rest of your life.

S9 birth control glasses, the only authorized tool to prevent pregnancies in the Ranks and Files. Join now and get a special Texas case for your Birth Control Glasses.

Fight fire, Wit Fire – Jump In The Fayah

Any hoot, Señora Rima, it’s a good thing that your Culture Monkees Club does not keep tabs on on this Never Ending Scroll, otherwise you might be wondering why our special Daily Show Edition is dedicated to your Ministry, but for that you would have to ask your ELDERS (from 2011) at la rue Saint Honoré (currently PARIS Centre°), the request was a full-schedule of the Mexican Spectacles crossing over The Atlantic to tell the French “How Mexico, is a lot easier than Brasil”.

Naturally (in 2022) I now realize that when EVERY block of your institutions is in one way or another, connected with the CLUSTER of associations of the Law of 1901, it doesn’t matter how “charming or competent” the person in charge of the reception floor might be, and never mind the “elegance”… Auréline Garcia (3 weeks ago on Google Maps), when the VENEZUELAN (from Guadalajara, Jalisco, México) and PERUVIAN intelligentzia at the Unesco have their fingers all up in The Latin American (air conditioned) Bureau desk of the Agence France Presse (2011-12-13 and 2014)… ISSY, “Alerta que camina, la espada de la recepcionista de BOLIVIA).

https ://www .google .com /maps /contrib /114322233227326323035 /place /ChIJnygmRANu5kcRvCBK2eVEsYY /@45.6814764,2.3386125,6z/data=!4m6!1m5!8m4!1e1!2s114322233227326323035!3m1!1e1?hl =fr

Available also in Viejas FEAS model.

La Austeridad Republicana de Mohammed ben Salmane ben Abdelaziz Al Saoud en Francia

From the Soul, así no se puede hacer mon¥.
Unless you are “La Hija de Silvia Pinal”³.

³~. https ://www .albumcancionyletra .com /corregir_abuso-de-autoridad_de_el-tri_letra__ 181258.aspx
°$ubstitute, “la Hija de Silvia Pinal” por « la sobrina de Marcelo Ebrard ».

Well, if freedom fighters fight freedom, what do fire fighters fight? That there is a suplex on a George Carlin’s masters class dealing with a word salad called: “€uphemisms”.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Suplex

Wonderfoule… or whatever your stage ID is, please be advised that Eye fears no Talking Heads.

Still to come, Brad Pitt

El pórtico — Let’s review

This is a Public Service Announcement on behalf of The Paris Tourism Board³… because there is no such thing as a free lunch, only repas solidarias, or something like that. Stay tuned for updates, in the mean time, Öüï remains your neighborhood SDF, —on vacation.

This is a time delayed sketch… starring Million Dollar Babies y, Tu Mamá También!

³~. No relation to the coq Suckers at The Paris Tourism Office, on account that They hold the monopoly of “imagination” in the Trail for The Liberation of an Elevator Shaft in Paris.

Here’s another Engle, Richard:

All the fits that are news.


https ://archive .org /details /FOXNEWSW  _20220725_200000 Your_World_With_Neil_Cavuto

But FO’ist on the Fed’s Wife Show, Andrea Mitchell, the sexiest septuagenarian on the Peacock coop is getting The Nation ready for this weekend’s at Trump’s Post Office building in WaWa Land.

Dear, Adele… FOX NEWS CAVUTO wants your LOGISTICS monkees to keep your appetite away from the buffet lines in Vegas.


Deer, Neil CAVUTO… Step Away From The Breakfast Burrito Bar. Coma frutas {and} verduras.

Across The Mall, the Kiwis are being undermined by the Shrimps on The Barbie and, oh, the Humanity!!! Free Subways for life, AUSTRALIA 🦘, 666 tatoo required. Détails at 11 with Judge Pirro, the scariest sesquicentennial (150 if youse from Texas) on The FOX’s den.

Chinese Democracy, according to Tocqueville.

And, Admiral Stradivarius, get a hair cut! You hippie. I’m tired of telling you Navy faggots in advance the PROTOCOLS of Désorientation, the little French bande annonce told you both in Technicolor™️ and in VOSTF.

She’s got PAULIE’S appetite.

Think Tanks with spies like Malcom Nance just don’t get, IT! MANNNN!!!! Eye is a pathfinder —in advance, HECK! Eye even showed you a motherfucking ATLAS que je Trouvé

In Local news, knot to be undone by the Webb snapshots of KISS

Fuck The State of ISRAEL.

Salty Cracker Terrorists, in the Iron Dome of La BODEGA.

Boresighting procedures. 9-2350-264-10- fire–fire–Tapioca!!!

Nazareth says fuck y’all

The « Le Tour de France » in Paris… happening right now, the « Le Krouts » and the, « Le Frogs » are peddling in high places. Source d’Origine RFI (international).

Tlaloc is a Fag!!!
Blind Melon dix it, in NO RAIN. GLOBAL WARMING IS a thing.

MAGNUM photos is moving La Biblioteca to Paris.

Previously on… let the record show that The Paris Tourism Board has no riggin’ désorientation.

From the ‘Reuters’:

https ://www .reuters .com /article /uk-france-gas-pipeline -idUKKBN0F71F520140702

“Going … Down, Mr. Tyler?”.

Coq suckers that they IS, the Frogs just signaled the Krauts that the ol’temporary elevator housing structure is currently performing the dismantling of the « La Bastille » tower.

The move gestures the collapse of The Soviet Union in East Germany. Bpi caretakers relay that the ol’temporary elevator housing structure will be shipped to Marfa, Texas, and installed in one of the many ZETA Gas company hook-ups for transfer to Stuttgart, Germany.

Just say’n

BMW lovers are all giddy at the deal and PÉREZ-CUELLAR (pan from, Cd. Juárez/Samalayuca) is dancing the Pole in hopes of luring Elon Musk to buy “La Thompson”.

Min-Willie Colón en Buenaventura Park at LA Villette, Madame Hidalgo decided to transfer  the « Le BRANCUSI »  to Fredericksburg, albeit the ROManian will have to WALK across The Atlantic.

In a related note, the « Les Ukrainiens » already in place at Odessa, Texas… no less recount that for that “STONE” peddler, walking is like Ozzy would say: Flying Hi’, Again… any how, Pompi… it’s like King George, says, “if Eye hurries, Eye can still make Olympiades à Santeuil”.

Mean, while at the Pablo Picasso exposition at the Grand Palais…

{What’s the Story} Track X

In Local news, let the non-reader know that not to be outdone by the planking of LE GRAND PALAIS, la llamada Plaza de La Concordía is wrapping THE OBELISK there with galvanized sheets. Unconfirmed reports relay that President Prime McCron is sending back the monolith to its place of origin in MEMPHIS for X-MAS. TROU Story.

The Isle of Wight… silly Wabbits.

Breaking News… Roland Martin didn’t Golf Today, Öüï repeat, Roland Martin is boycotting White (like yatching and golf and polo and of course THE WWF) Sports for Mexican Revolution Day… the reason, The Mexican Government and Carlos Slim are taxing all of the golf courses in TEXAS.

AND in U.S. FRANCE relations, Eye has to relay to Errin Haines that VP Kamala Harris has not contacted staff… ISSY, Öüï, understands that “She’s Electric”, AUSSI, Mí knows that she’s in an administration full of eccentrics… y por si sobrara menos… « She’s done things I’ve never expected », just like ELECTRICITY, which off of its course, is INVISIBLE.

Bpi Nouveautés à remettre au bureau Presse. —_!_— Actual induction into the SERVICE des PERIODIQUES, 19 NOV. 2021, because the 20th of November is el cumpleagnos del Patrón, antés era la antesala a la REVOLUCIÓN, which COINciDENTally celebrated the on-going Birthday celebrations of General Porfirio Díaz’ which he, COINcidentally, charged to the ACCOUNT of the first Centennial of Mexico’s INDEPENDENCE… from Spain. NOW, in 2011, the Current MINISTER of Foreign Relations for the President of Mexico, MARCELO EBRARD, wanted to do the same. It failed the first time it failed the second time; EL VIEJO RÉGIMEN is BACK.

Morning Glory

— A CAMPAGNE supernova, silly, that’s what.

[A young Robert Di Nero intejects]

Wadda ya’think was gonna’ happen when Ewe forgets to bring the baby carrots and to SEND the INVITATION to Guernica.

And, Tiffany Cross… never mind https ://www .society-magazine .fr /matthew-mcconaughey/… and That is All that Eye is Going to Say!!! INSTEAD, Mr. Roland Martin, I am going to GET BACK and review the ANTESALA to the JEFF KOONS tulips in THE GARDEN of Julieta Venegas and Natalia LaFourCade (Paris 2011) AT the TIME, Marcelo Ebrard was letting CARLOS SLIM group take 3 rebars  for every ten laid, and 100 Kilos of CEMENTOS CRUZ AZUL for every ton spread on LA RUTA 12 que se derrumbó. And now, well now it doesn’t matter because AMLO is presidente and don Carlos ya no es parte de la MAFIA del PODER, don Carlos is now the official sponsor of PAN y CIRCO en el BOX y LA FIA en París.

https ://www .espn .com .mx /video /clip /_ /id /9538462

‘Canelo’ Álvarez logra unir al Senado de México

« El boxeador mexicano desató la locura y los senadores se juntaron oara* [sic] buscar una fotografía ».

*.~ para

For contrast, the only other CELEBRITY who’s had that effect at San Lorenzo was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Beiber… no Wait WAIT Wait!!! Justin Trudeau, not Beiber,

https ://www .quien .com /espectaculos /2017/10/13 /pese-a-criticas-periodista-consigue-su-foto-con-justin-trudeau

https ://elpais .com /internacional /2017/10/13 /mexico /1507915584_282517.html

Over at the Grand Palais de-Construction review:

Now you’ve probably already HO’id about how, “The grand old painter died last night… and about how Dave Dee is no longer with us. But Mickey and Tich and I would just like to carry on the good work that’s always gone down in [studio] number two.”

And, fip à Sirène j  i zz… wait scratch that latin EYE!
{Change to}
And, fip à Sirène jazz

Eye told you that I was going to bury Paul in the next segment, lo and behold, and NOT TO BE UNDONE by the DE-Construction of Le Grand Palais, the Bpi is featuring at its “bureau Presse”:

I Me Mine

YET ANOTHER Mythique portrait With The Beatles
page 38, When The Royal Family Adopted Beatlemania for Thé{e}.
Numéro 01, “Mythique”, France Quotidien and some fellow named ÉDITO, or Something like that.

LEARN WHAT LENNON THOUGHT ABOUT LIVERPOOL [page XV]… Please, Please, Please, la locura!

« J’ai grandi à Hambourg, pas à Liverpool »

Those Fucking immigrants!!!

And still to COME, One fo’My Baby and ONO for the Road.
https ://www .beatlesbible .com /1960/11/20 /live-kaiserkeller-hamburg -48/

Over in ROMA, Sophia Loren sang the Mexican National Anthem {version Pérez Prado} and so NEVER mind Amarillo BY Morning… Gotta Go Now Baby if I Hurry I can Still Make Cheyenne.

Dear, Marie–FRANCE: if Eye were any Dumber i would have married a Cop, instead

Coming up en la rotonda de La Villette:
Los Gerundios de doña Vilma


Las Fuentes de la maldita vecindad

No se vaya, —deteniendo… [A]l regresar, Los [y las hijas] del 5º Patio de los Amigos de México en Francia ofrecerán una “Master Class » en escapísmo sin fronteras. La cita es en el Cinito Mexicano de Georges Brassens; Paris 75014, casi esquina con El Circo del mecanico elecTriSista en Porte des Lilas, o algo así.



2011, efeméride exacta en archivo.
Sitio: rue de la clef, 75005;
en las meras narices del gabinete
Cousin De Biens et Syndics
y Gérant de Los Daubenton-es–es–esos.
Ocassion: Coloquio y/o festival urbano.
Invitado Especial: La Resistencia de Tunisia
Telonera: una profesora del IHESS; ficha
doctoral en archivo. Razón Social
para justificar la curiosidad de ir a
escuchar a la susodicha, [pues
resulta Amigo Yorch] que la muy
francesa traía noticias de tus
carnales de Oaxaca. Ulises Ruiz era
el malo de la Telenovela. Luego, o
sea mas al rato, cuando migremos los
“dentiles” de hoy, con los”detallitos” de los últimos 12 años [trayectoría en curso] veremos en
dónde quedan las rhunas* d’esa Rana.

Entonces, pues, así como medio espejeando pero con la mirada entre los cuernos, [de una moto, no los de un büey, no sea usted Taurino, licenciado] te comento que el Cine [La Clef] en dónde el profesor Victor Quintana Sylveira perdío su virginidad, ya cerró sus puertas.

Allí mismo en La Clef [amigo Yorch] es en dónde comienza el ataque de las Chicas Cocodrilo y el show de Rumoritos Gleason. Al rato te cuento, compa Aarón, cuando migremos esta pinche nave a otro blog con mas gadgets. Porque aquí en este espacio las cosas ya son como la rueda de una cochinita de las Indias, Hamster equis, –creo yo— que se les dice en inglés.

Small fry:7E235ED0-12C0-47E8-A164-249B41959F8D

De cualquier manera o sin importar algún Evento en Horizon, sirva esto como el primer desdoble para vaciar la primera base en la fundación o cimientos [ya por demas] afianzados por debajo del Agua gracias a la tecnología desarrollada “a la manera de Rabelais, [le] señala Jacques“, a doña Vilma en sus fuentes de Juaritos [La Jornada; ibid] en los tiempos de cuando Ciudad Juárez fue el destino favorito de Frank Sinatra para afianzar los castillos de barilla en las bases de un divorcio express [La Nota Nostra].

================== more ================

=======  bang  =======

======== when EWE see ========

=========== a =========

================== « more » ==============

=================   LINE   __________________

… [L]ike the önë circled on the dentils below:

After the « more line » you will see a link that will hypertube you to a previous related post; por ejemplo, Raquelito, let’s take yesterday’s episode, which covers our encounter with the F.O.U.R. Star “über” service from the creators of Brontis á la préfecture, and roon room 1511 à Cité, which changed its acronym to SPQR, or something like that…

[Related « more » line]

Sunday morning, 04/06/2019
10.03 hours in:
[central] Bpi time
[at] Le Beaubourg

We [the staff] of this most inconsequential blog apologize for the delay-in-coverage, which as a non-reader of this excercise en escapistmo ∴ should understand first hand; but most important [John Oliver], and as a G.O.L.D.E.N. rhule to keep in mind from the pages of “la vie de R.O.S.E.C.R.A.N.S. Baldwin… à Paris », that when it comes to the F.R.E.N.C.H. Minister Of C.U.L.T.U.R.E. all motherfucking nodes lead to a Central Coordinating Web for the B.R.A.N.D.I.N.G., G.U.I.D.E.I.N.G., and “the” E.N.S.N.A.R.M.E.N.T. of good intentions, just like ALL’them Country African Rhodes.:

THEREfore: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/reality-check-with-polly-curtis/2012/mar/08/kony-2012-what-s-the-story

For more information on the T I M E and L I F E of Rosecrans Baldwin, please read: THE DEATH OF FRENCH CULTURE , by “the” distingushed C.O.M.P.A.Ñ.E.R.O. “Antoine” and of course some yank from “THE” SciencesPo School of Journalism, the Önë–and–Only: donnie morrison, B.I.T.C.H.E.S!

Once again, non–readers of this most inconsequential blog, our effort to continue our T.R.A.C.E.D. trajectory in an effort to bring all-Yah motherfuckers a better blog was suddenly and temporarily derailed by a Metal Detector at  le Bpi 33 G.E.O.R.G.E.S. Ponpidou 33.

And yes, doña Fuentes: IRON MAIDEN riding on top of a YUGO goes here.

… and then Mika tells the former lawmaker from the SHOW MÍ State:

Mika Brzezinzki de Scarbourough:
—”Bring Your Daughter, bring your daughter…”

Los Amigos Invisibles vs M.U.J.E.R. Policia:9E7DE944-ABB0-4F24-95C4-212D7B4024C3 •|•
RAPE, Mo_ear’dHoy! It’s Just a K.I.S.S. Ah—Güey! -•_!_•-  Yup, a storm is on display at LE BON MARCHÉ. Eye shit Ewe not; and Library boy! Welcome to the greatest f.a.r.c.e. in France.

—Claire, bring you daughter. Joe’s got Front-row thickets for that “almost sold–OUT” show.

Simulacro de una premonición

Wait for it… wait

Sin comentarios…

17 hundred hours
Central NATO Time.
Sookie Sookie (Steppenwolf)
“Let it hang out Baby”.

… and the Best Actor is: Neymar Jr. EWE’ALL!!!

In other news, Real Motherfucking Actors rage at people watching FAKE ACTORS at the WORLD CUP, ewe’all:

Stage actors rage at audience members watching World Cup on phones

Screen Capture follows via #Beyond100Days with The Big Kat and a Brit with a tie.

Source… the motherfucking BBC, of course: