From the gutter to Ferrari — Viva Las Vegas

After the break, Adolf Hitler stopped rolling in his grave after hearing the news today, “Oh, jungle!” In Munich, the Young Turks smashed the German national team in the Euro Cup qualifier, and “la bendita Préfecture de Police” a Cité just accomplished what Pétain’s collaborators could not, after the break it’s “Bye-by” les bouquinistes parisiens, 2 hours of ceremony will cost you your spot.

In local news, la F.I.A. is not happy about the Strip, and Carlos Sainz³ has never been to Spain.

If it’s cherry, take it.

³~. … no Insistas Susana Pubeda, no hay cita ni nada de Grasse, and here is why, because the Tijuana Brass “Solo Toro” is not a « Lonely Bull », it’s The Only Bull 🐂 (but not the Energy Drink) the Tractor maker who is not even in the race.

Any how, Katty Kay, Eye just wants Ewe to relay to Cousin Joe and his little pre-taped weekend review show that:

— The staff at, nor its syndicate, have any saying in the order in which Öüï, [that motherfucker] eats a sandwich, or the sequence of the News of The They.

— All content, including all of the fictitious fragments included with these OATS over the years have one of this little seals on our archives:

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Le égout de péché, o como dicen en La Place de La Concorde: Sin Sewer.

Now that there just turned into a hunk of metal

Hey, Cafecito Carbello… are You not a muse?

The Josephine Prize à la maison de le Papillon 🦋 monarca.


Sketch my ass… said, Mike Barnicle on the Brooks Show.

Work at, IT!, a little more.

By golly miss Mole, Eye has no insperpiration.

Are We Back to “The Nuremberg Defense” on the the “Cuarta Transformación” del Seguro Social mexicano en Dinamarca?

Look it up, Mike Barnicle (you son of a bitch!), now send that $W€€T U$AID to El GOLFO de Andrés en Tehuantepec, who off-Course (of course) inhabits la Región más allá de La Quinta « la chingada ».

https ://www .infobae .com /mexico /2023/09/26 /ce-sera-mieux-que-le-danemark-_»_: _amlo-reporte-le-démarrage-de-le-imss-wellbeing


Creative Commons International Licence — Share Alike… no sea culo y fume mota con sus verduras, consulte a su chingada madre, y luego al médico.


Across The Atlantic, it’s The Circus 🎪… are Ewe Knot amused?

Live from Canyon Colorado on the streams of GOOOOOD MORNING, Black Spy!!!!!

It’s Wall Street In–glish*

*~. Only on Cho-thyme.

It’s just another COTEJADO …

Deer, Jean-Pierre Asvasadourian… Magnum is for fags*

*~. Jonathan Quayle Higgins III told Mí so, back in 2015, but Nicolle Wallace made it a point that existential crisis-es-es are silly, followed by an, “erase your account”.

Dragons are closer than they appear. Do not feed the dragon, and stay away from the “heroines”.

Fast-forward To They, and all of a sudden “existential emergencies” became the talking points on the MSNBC’s.

Aussi, the U.S. Constitution, contrary to populists beliefs, is not the operator’s and/or service manual to The Republic. The U.S. Constitution is the instructions pamphlet for an imperfect democratic process, and a worthless and anachronic Electoral College.

https ://twitter .com /AsvazadourianJP /status /henri-cartier-bresson

Segoviaspixes© on the other lens, mister French Ambassador to Xochimilco, is where it’s at, them cats at Henri’s joint next to Buttes-Chaumont and the Puebla Pavillion lack a spectrum of light that only EYE (alone) can deliver.

Literally, Breaking on FOX News, a Trump republican from South Carolina admits that Putin, and not Australia, is the enemy.


Öüï, however, insist that Australia is the enemy. In any case that The Barbie is in, Shrimpy’s cousin, Pinchie, is not amused David French. And that’s just mister Paine bitchin’ about el pastiche cubano (mañanero) en franche°musique.

The Gall, France! And nothing but the motherfucking Gall, France.

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Fluorescent reflection of a “Cool Daylight” on a laminate laundromat tabletop

10 de el mañana en Central North Atlantic Thyme

Fluorescent reflection of a”Cool Daylight” on a laminate laundromat tabletop

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Meanwhile in Kentucky, Russia determines that Donald Trump’s military needs No Education!

If you don’t drink your Kool–Aid®️, you can’t have any mess-halls!!!

… [and] of course, the cover girls went:
Wiii don’t knead NO education, Donald Trump shot Ft. Campbell’s {SOUPhalls for military dependents} and Eye saved Andy Warhol, period

Sección “C”: Deportes

El próximo toro, “Soy de seda
le corresponde a:
« Currito Rivera »

Wiii framed the BULL

ALABAMA!!! – Wiii framed the BULL here FOist, period —_•|•_—  Any and all aspiring Dry fuses must show Cause/Effect/work and, a little bit of S.O.U.L., period

… [A]nd in Washington, Kc⚡️Dc gave birth to Sam Stein’s Wife!!!


Epílogo. In Spanish it means Afterword

Dear Ari Melber and the good folks at MSNBC —no es lo mismo—
pero sí es igual. Say hello to Donna Brazile and Debbie Wasserman, they are the best thing that could have happened to the Donald Trump adminsitration.

Dear Conan de la O:
if you really want to connect Mexicans do not,
we repeat, —Do Not— forget
your shots of Chuchupeste con Sotol en Ciudad Juárez,
por favor, porque eso de consumir puras pinches
Quesadillas sin Queso, eso sí que está:
de la chingada.

It’s 2018.

The impeachment trials against the 45th president of the United States of America were derailed by the Speaker of the House. In Paris, the U.S. Ambassador immediately begins to implement the Bernardo Gómez (Televisa) strategy in order to connect the American expatriate community using a historical figure*,  as the Instituto de Los Mexicanos en el Exterior did, following the election of Mexican President Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa in 2006¹ al utilizar la llamada << Ley del Kleenex >> … 

Did you get that, OP? —|— Uso Justo de Duncan Bridgeman y el Elenco Estelar de la Antigua Guardia del Canal de las Estrellas. Y Qué Viva la Criada bien Criada. Yuppiiiiii — Yea!

Did you get that, OP? Did you get how even a guy like say, Hitler could use a dead hero to further his political interests? —|— Uso Justo de Duncan Bridgeman y el Elenco Estelar de la Antigua Guardia del Canal de las Estrellas. Y Qué Viva “la Criada bien Criada”. Yuppiiiiii — Yea!

For this task, the new baseball league was named in honor of Fredrick Douglass, while the softball tournament [over at Pershing Field, in Vincennes] was named after the historical figure of Harriet Tubman.

*  …de la misma manera, Familia Cuarón en París,
como lo hicieron sus colegas del cinito mexicano en el Cinema Christine
con la figura histórica de Gilberto Bosques (GiBo en París); allí sí, [cabrones]
en ese cinito sí se pudieron limar las asperezas entre La Embajada Mexicana
[de Enrique Peña Nieto] y el comité de MORENA-Francia,
para sacar adelante sus carreras y sus pagos en especie.
Viva México y Vivan Los Amigos de México —en Francia.

Las fuentes de doña Vilma:

  1. Arreola, F., “La Mano de Bernardo Gómez” … [y el Kleenex® de Duncan Bridgeman] en: La Jornada, de hace mucho—no los que hoy la guardan. Vía: http ://www .jornada .unam .mx /2006 /12 /12 /index .php?section=opinion&article=016a1pol

and now, it is time to drain the vein. Hasta la próxima. [Duncan Bridgeman homemade Video might follow, en dónde él asegura que los mexicanos, excepto Bernardo Gómez —por supuesto— no saben hacer nada por México, y por eso hay que ir a la Gran Bretaña para que les digan como se sacan las cosas; las del subsuelo, las del campo, las de los bancos, y por supuesto LAS DE LA PROPAGANDA de partido en el poder].