Hey, Cafecito Carbello… are You not a muse?

The Josephine Prize à la maison de le Papillon 🦋 monarca.


Sketch my ass… said, Mike Barnicle on the Brooks Show.

Work at, IT!, a little more.

By golly miss Mole, Eye has no insperpiration.

Are We Back to “The Nuremberg Defense” on the the “Cuarta Transformación” del Seguro Social mexicano en Dinamarca?

Look it up, Mike Barnicle (you son of a bitch!), now send that $W€€T U$AID to El GOLFO de Andrés en Tehuantepec, who off-Course (of course) inhabits la Región más allá de La Quinta « la chingada ».

https ://www .infobae .com /mexico /2023/09/26 /ce-sera-mieux-que-le-danemark-_»_: _amlo-reporte-le-démarrage-de-le-imss-wellbeing


Creative Commons International Licence — Share Alike… no sea culo y fume mota con sus verduras, consulte a su chingada madre, y luego al médico.


Across The Atlantic, it’s The Circus 🎪… are Ewe Knot amused?

Live from Canyon Colorado on the streams of GOOOOOD MORNING, Black Spy!!!!!

It’s Wall Street In–glish*

*~. Only on Cho-thyme.

It’s just another COTEJADO …

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