El pórtico — Let’s review

This is a Public Service Announcement on behalf of The Paris Tourism Board³… because there is no such thing as a free lunch, only repas solidarias, or something like that. Stay tuned for updates, in the mean time, Öüï remains your neighborhood SDF, —on vacation.

This is a time delayed sketch… starring Million Dollar Babies y, Tu Mamá También!

³~. No relation to the coq Suckers at The Paris Tourism Office, on account that They hold the monopoly of “imagination” in the Trail for The Liberation of an Elevator Shaft in Paris.

Here’s another Engle, Richard:

All the fits that are news.


https ://archive .org /details /FOXNEWSW  _20220725_200000 Your_World_With_Neil_Cavuto

But FO’ist on the Fed’s Wife Show, Andrea Mitchell, the sexiest septuagenarian on the Peacock coop is getting The Nation ready for this weekend’s at Trump’s Post Office building in WaWa Land.

Dear, Adele… FOX NEWS CAVUTO wants your LOGISTICS monkees to keep your appetite away from the buffet lines in Vegas.


Deer, Neil CAVUTO… Step Away From The Breakfast Burrito Bar. Coma frutas {and} verduras.

Across The Mall, the Kiwis are being undermined by the Shrimps on The Barbie and, oh, the Humanity!!! Free Subways for life, AUSTRALIA 🦘, 666 tatoo required. Détails at 11 with Judge Pirro, the scariest sesquicentennial (150 if youse from Texas) on The FOX’s den.

Chinese Democracy, according to Tocqueville.

And, Admiral Stradivarius, get a hair cut! You hippie. I’m tired of telling you Navy faggots in advance the PROTOCOLS of Désorientation, the little French bande annonce told you both in Technicolor™️ and in VOSTF.

She’s got PAULIE’S appetite.

Think Tanks with spies like Malcom Nance just don’t get, IT! MANNNN!!!! Eye is a pathfinder —in advance, HECK! Eye even showed you a motherfucking ATLAS que je Trouvé

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