Intermission … Les Cul-Reptiles* and the French lesbian librarians who loved them³

*~. It’s part of The Parisian Olympic effervescence that is about to hit Mme. Hidalgo’s retirement news one year before the Mayorette hits Sixty-FO’… Issy, Sydney 2000, Australia is the enemy.

It’s the sweatband of Africa: Les Culs-Reptiles.
“This novel is serious entertainment. It tells us that “man’s nature is not to serve lies”, in a merciless and mischievous x-ray of a Sahelian country and an entire continent of ostracized {excluded} peoples to the ass-reptiles under the mirages of La France {and her stupid retrograde Marseillese} .”


³~. All events and librarians depicted on this blog —including the music and dykes based on real lyrics and people— are fictional. Additionally, this blog includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now. Rather than remove this content, we want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together. Like South Park, this blog should not be referenced by anyone… especially faggots.

To all of the Cucos and Cucas who are sleeping with the fishes, This Bud’s 🥀 For Ewe.

To celebrate 🥳 International Refugios They, Leonardo DiCaprio is concentrating all his treasure in the recovery of a little submarine off of the Cape Cod coast, while negros stuck on the Hellenistic coast are somehow not on The News  📰.

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2023/jun/19 /greek-coast-boat-sank-tracking-data

And, Cousin Joe, did you know that Samaritan is the equivalent of a guardian?

Chinese color wheel standards… where white, white is ware, Mr. Wolf of Wall Street, and White is always evil, but only when Whitey is live.


I’ve seen this yellow-LV*-road before, here’s what happens, spoiler-alert!

Louie 👜 Vuitton gets guillotined by La Kerschovas’ Tati®️ bags at Pont Neuf, hilarity ensues when La Samaritaine gives not one single fuck… or as the John F. Kennedy Bridge in Niger says: one single ass-reptile.

¡🇻🇦 Francisco 🇻🇦! Eye found that “elegant” chamuco that YOUSE talkin’ about

It Don’t Mean A Thing if Ewes don’t (at least) get a bloody nose.

And, Avi Velshi… Phuck, Medhi Hassan! Youse the real deal, a Real Working Pun Hero. Any how, Avi Velshi, Eye hopes that Baby Blue doesn’t MissIntERprets what follows, pero sí… it’s a Blue Cunt-Auch:


What da’Phuk does The Atlantic knows about “Phast and Spid?”, NADA, that’s what. The Atlantic on speed is like a used car reference re-sale bible, which is AlWays open to re-intepretations especially when them wheels are “carros chocolate”, con el front hood de CaCaHuaTe.

The BANNED BOOK CLUB, just like MONTAIGNE à la préfecture would have wanted IT!… that motherfucker.


Here’s how the proceso works, first Ewe select the ROAD to test-drive the Blue Cunt-Auch, and then you get a porn version of the EASTER Bunny and remove all references to the ∴ 33º ∴ in Mexico, which off—course resets “La Panamericana”, but then A-Gain… there’s no guarantee that MANU 🇨🇵/🇪🇸 CHAO has been CLEARED to “cross ❌ connect” over to, —San Diego.

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2022/12/23 /sheinbaum-calderon-catalogo-persona-non-grata-manu-chao-pero-nosotros-le-daremos-la-bienvenida-299154 .html

On the same note, 🇨🇱 El Topo² 🇨🇵  may now return to El Puente de Ojuela, on location 🎬 (off-course) to re-shoot “Le Montaigne 🩸  Sangrona », which as Évry body knows is HOUSED at La SORBONA³.

Eye is tellin’ Youse, el mundo de Le Monde is having a field-they with all them notorious-es-ese F.R.O.G’s., from Katmandou to Catemaco Évry body gets a mulligan.

And by French decree, although, serial murderer and memoire millionaire Charles Sobhraj, does not need a French retirement from the C.A.F., the royalties-rich Charles Sobhraj, will also be docking in that juicy Solidaire payment for the end of the year, ES, haga usted de cuenta, señor Présidente (🇲🇽 FOX 🇲🇽) algo así como esa pensión que su colega, don López le quitó, pero la diferencia, cómo usted comprenderá –señor presidente– … sin tener que hacer más que una chingada.

³~. 56 rue des Écoles, 75005

²~. https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Alejandro_Jodorowsky

OLYMPICS Select Sport

Not to Sparta’s standards… Your FORKS are Phucked, carbon fiber, mis huevos, period!

Boxing could be dropped from 2024 Paris Olympics, IOC says


Any how, Avi Velshi, getting back to Francisco’s “elegant devil, let’s just say that them Blue Suede’s and that funky “Powder Blue Tux” with the ruffled shirt listened to Tucker Carlson on FOX NEWS and the cheap bastard rented, as opposed to owning the look, just like that BENDITA “emision americas” en RFPP, who went ahead and took the X~Más PUENTE off while PERU BURNS. Now THAT, that is commitment to the Peruvian Embassy in France, and of course, ALAIN ROUQUIÉ at the IHEAL and SciencePo.

Issy, Avi Velsho, the motherfucker is wearing Azul Cielo just for Kicks, which off-course was what gave that shifty devil a güey, a closer look reveals that in PHACT, that kickstand es pezuña de chivo.

I wanna Wake up in a City that doesn’t Sleep.


TENga, pues Su Cuadro, 🇻🇦 su’Santida’ 🇦🇷, Eye has it on good authority to relay to PaTmos,  that Yes Indeed, that horse’s clutch sucks, which will make bringing Hell behind that Corcel 🐎 a bit of a Joke.

Any how, 🇵🇪 Osler Amaro 🇵🇪, por ‘ay dicen, en El show de 🇲🇽 Juanito GUANABACOA 🇲🇽, que tu présidente con garrote, ELLA, igual que cualesquiera 🇲🇽 Georgina Moreno 🇨🇵 de morena–🦁SCIENCESPO🦊, ELLA si lee… y por eso su represión la d’ELLA si es “buena, justa, y…”, necesito otra cerveza para poder PATsMAR lo que sigue, mi cholito.

But FO’ist! Öüï catches up with the Medhi Hassan (re-run) show:

But Was SHE, “Raised on promises? »… like them Eweish GOÏ’s are?


and just like Pedro Picapiedra’s meshed’UP wit, with the CHARACTERS of The JETSONS, Medhi’s absence for the Dead Crucified Jew session (Nativity’s Eve) of his show makes no sense to either 🇮🇱 Hanna or Barbera 🇮🇱, which is probably why Medhi doesn’t read teleprompters from Aljazeera anyMore in Casablanca, but rather, from the rose gaRTen en la Casa Blanca…

Who’s Gonna Build Your HandiCapable Village?

People often stop Mí in the middle of a trip to ask where “el toledo 🚾 ” is located at, and my first reaction is, ‘watt’EM# Eye, a salarié de la bendita Paris Tourism Board 🛹 ?’, and then after seeing their jeepers turn de UN indigo indigne-vous is when Eye tells them trav’Lers, “la taza 🚽 del lugar está al Fondo; ala Derecha”.

Jump from, “By the numbers with nombres” y viceversa en dorso, off–course.

🌬️🎶 Yo! Ha’ ya doin’

Sorry Eye can’t get true

Why don’t Ewe leave your nombre y tu número?

De La Soul, putos!

From l’Alma, putos!



Just the facts, Timeline. Where where you when Guerrero comenzó a temblar… and Timeline responds, en el 5⁰ Sueño, siñor del Toro. I know no Chronos!

In Contexto:

¿Dónde te agarró el temblor?
La Crisis sin Chico, Che!

Won’t Ewe, come see about Mí?

To The Moon, Alicia. , the Moon.


Don’t you Simple French Fuchs Forget about Mí, because Eye, unlike otros ojos mexicanos lindos 🕵🏻‍♂️, Eye knows that l’Alma termina en dónde Longchamps comienza, es decir, en el mero culo del Caballo del General George WaWaLand en París, casi esquina con Tokio, el Palacio, —knot the Risin’ Sun 🌞.

Over at the Juanito Wannabacoa orbit, rfpp is sucking a big Bleu coq of Le Roi, no less. It’s not only tributary, but symbolic of yesterday’s Rosbif catastrophe.

A la memoria de Nazar Haro, mentor de los Guanabacoas en RFPP… Before Eye Accuse, Ewe… take another look in the mirror, mister Le Roi, or whatever your Nombre est.


†~. That’s French for nomenclature… Can Ewe, entendre moi bien, mon écoute?

But speaking of slaves, is there anything missing in this 🚾? Except for accountability, and a Bud™ if youse a lowly peasant, Eye can’t think of a doG danG ThinG.

In the WO’ids of Pundita Rhulita³: don’t hate the Game, hate the ⚽ FIFA ⚽ and the 🇫🇷 elite 🇫🇷, not the game 🌬️ :

The RATP HandiCapable Bleus. In local News, Valérie Pécresse, Île-de-Saint Louis préfet, vows to install some kick-ass screens on Évry privatized inner-city collective transportation system bus 🚌 for the 2024 Olympics. The funds for such endeavor de envergadura, of course arrive via the SPLASH FUND from the Burning of Nuestra Señora de París, and that pesky hunchback, NostraCosa.

³~. Stephanie Rhule’s, “Hate the Game not the Players” δ Hour.

Any how, SoFy Velasco is not scheduled to tell those tales that she tells so well, Dommage en Dimanche, and–so, Öüï (that motherfucker) is going to continue reviewing Cousin Joe’s criticism of Messi 🇦🇷, and substitute El Gran LIO, for the soup sandwich of Sir Kane 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.


The FB of Mexican Cinéma update: benchmark Nº 2

Not to be outdone by The Pinault-Hayek Bourse Collection in París, Francia, Facebook’s evil headquarters singled-out the personal accounts of academics doing research on, anybody, Avi Velshi, academics doing research on what topic?

Anyone, Evry body? What kind of research?


Facebook censure des universitaires qui travaillaient sur
la désinformation de Facebook

… and just in case Ewe think that Eye is jumping on these two band wagons, [Censorship/Anne Hidalgo] please_please do allow me to direct your periph-vision to the Ice Cream Shop, because “i am 32 flavors —and then some.”

… And starring as Anne Hidalgo: Pancho Villa, in the role of Antonio Banderas, off-course. Go ahead, i dare you to say that Antonio Banderas is Knot, i repeat for Salma Hayek; i dare you to say that Antonio Banderas is Knot “el hombre perfecto” para interpretar el espíritu de Anne, period! 

Still to Come, La Femme du JOUR, April 14th, 2015… The thing about HINDSIGHT, Madame Hidalgo, is that on your first DAY OF CAMPAIGN for L’Elysée, I FOKEN KNEW³, Madame Hidalgo, that you would be looking « LIKE SOME CAT FROM JAPAN »:

https :// /2017/08/ image .jpg?ssl=1

Anyhow, a quick programming note regarding Benchmark Test Nº 1 results (punto y coma) be advised that OUR wordpress dot com personal account has been taken out of the detention room. This morning at around 01h00 in CET, The Pinault-Hayek Connection was cleared for surfing… Eye Repeat for Hilo, Hawaii, The PINAULT-HAYEK has now allowed (as of 01h this morning) asegovia3 dot com to post, edit, and continue to murder the English language, one clause at a time.

Benchmark Nº2 results:

— Connectivity arrived, not sure if the I.T. Team at La Collection Pinault reads this blog, we RECKON that they do not, and that the CODE blocking of our individual MAC Address was not a reactionary response, but rather a most unfortunate coincidence.

Image attached/supporting media: youse looking at it. Consider this an “Atta-boy”, unless, Sonia KINCAID 🔫, your hubby is like Enrique and he demands that Öüï mentions “Los Logros de l’administración”.

Buenos Días, hoy es jueves 13 de Octubre —2016

París… visto desde: Une Place de la Laïcité¹ (XVº arrondissement)


Coming Up ↑

[Context follows]

[Context follows]… in the meantime, Standard Operating Aviso Publicitario: uso-just-de-los-medios.

Ahora… regresamos ↑con a las primarias a la francesa.


Major League Baseball took a different kind of break earlier today as  the First Lady of The U.S.  stepped up to the plate.  Ella conectó un quadrangular con las bases llenas [en el senado] y la bola ya hasta agarró su propía órbita. | Disclosure: because the Republican team invoked how jocks [allegedly] behave behind closed doors, los cuadritos de la llamada “post season” también son un uso justo de los medios. [Shout-out to the Last Word with Larry].

TimeStamp: 15 para las cuatro de la madrugada… Right now ↑ a commercial break

[Not sure —yet— if Context will follow]… but the use of media in this frame, es un iso justo de la historia.

[Not sure —yet— if Context will follow]… but the use of media in this frame, es un uso justo de la historia.

TimeStamp 12 de la noche [CET]… aquí no hay contexto puro contenido.

Bottom_of-the-First… Curve Ball in Washington just got hit on the wrist… TimeStamp: first quarter of the 2 a.m. hour in Central Europe… Play Ball!

El debate entre los conservadores en Francia acaba de terminar, y lo más entretenido en la pantalla [a lo mejor] fueron los logotipos de los tres medios que ajuarearon las espadas de los moderadores. Pero luego, pues el proceso electoral es eso, un proceso electoral y no un circo.


Tengo dos amores:
por supuesto, mi país; lo sigue México,
y después —está París…Texas
y por eso
Somos tres_

The street is my gallery. | Uso justo de todos los medios, y de todas las expresiones. [Context follows].

The street is my gallery.  |  Uso justo de todos  los medios,  y  de  todas  las expresiones. [Context follows]. || Fotos capturadas por armando segovia / segoviaspixes (2011-2016). CopyLeft.

…next to a weather balloon.

A continuación:
A first look

[Context follows] | Uso justo de todas las garitas y los medios.

[Context follows] | Uso justo de todas las garitas y los medios.

…for the times, they are a Changing.”

En el Siglo XXI, Los Watchtowers se pueden ver a través de los newstands. | Fotos capturadas por armando segovia / segoviaspixes (2011-2016). CopyLeft.

En el Siglo XXI,  Los Watchtowers se pueden ver a través de los newstands.  |  Fotos capturadas por armando segovia / segoviaspixes (2011-2016). CopyLeft.

  1. Jean-Fréderic Poisson 
Uso justo de las noticias.

Uso justo de las noticias… enfrente de La Bourse CAC40