Listening Silence — Congratulations, John…

The good thing about this blog is that Mr. Ramos, doesn’t read it.

¡Viva La Raza! Now more than ever, even more than in Pizarro’s time… it’s like Marley said… “it’s a Soul Shakedown, tonight… i need your concentration…” etc., etc., ETC!  }—~~~\*>  Uso justo de toda La Raza, en Nueva Yo’l.

… at least you got the eyebrows right on “La Frida…” something that even the heirs of her juicy Estate could not do before the “Barbie” pirateada took over… and, yes Mr. Leguizamo, sadly, it is the Pitbull era.

Context follows… on John Leguizamo: Latin History for Morons.