Adam ruins Rubén’s search for América

by: armando segovia
París, 75001
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falsificadores de la Historia, Pedro? —_— Dear, Adam Conover, here’s a little Trivia on the spot for your producers. We hope that you don’t have a thin skin like the host [what’s his face?] from “Drunk History” (in the United States “of” America).   —_— Image capture courtesy of the producers of Season 2; episode 6 (May 15th, 2017) of Adam Ruins Everything. Source follows.

Anygüey, great show, been streaming it since your ‘College Humor’ pay check days, but with regards to this week’s episode where, “Adam ruins everything you learned in school,” did you know that your rather ‘nativist‘ view of why Christopher Columbus never set foot in America was, by all means, synched with a very ‘nativist’ event in Charlottesville, Virginia? It’s True, Adam, it’s true.

Dr. Salmerón Sanguinés, le presento a Pedro [Navajas].

In fact, by your producers logic, the very notion that because Columbus never set foot in the United States “of” America, he actually never set foot in “América” is part of the “Alternative” history narrative that sparked the collective lighting of Home Depot torches at Saturday’s neo-Nazi Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Time [zone] delayed screnshot courtesy of TRMS. —_— As a matter of fact, Adam, for the first time in the history of The Pentagon’s all 4 branches of the U.S. Military, plus the Coast Guard security detail, they all came out of their Command and Control Centers and repudiated the neo-Nazi support (or lack of diligent denounciation) that was displayed  By Their Commander-in-Chief on U.S. soil. —_—  Uso justo de todos los medios.

But don’t take it from us, check the internationally recognized geographical survey maps, grab a mapa-mundi or, simply skip forward to the very next segment on that same episode of your season 2. episode 6, which goes on to ruin grammar*.

… full disclosure, Adam, we’re always ruining grammar.

We can probably all agree that language (the stuff that grammar is made of) is constantly evolving; however, I would split ways on that notion if a proposition is made suggesting that language can also make Past History evolve, because Adam, i stick with the notion that it is Facts, and not a collection of Words and Slogans that can alter History, in other words, Adam, if you do alter History with slogans then you are signing up and registering for the Winter Semester of Herr Goebbles “principles and properties of propaganda 101”.

SPOILER ALERT… aparentemente, el portal de archivos y datos de todas las cosas del Cine y de la Televisión, IMDB (por sus siglas allá en LaLaLand y Nueva Yohl* no acepta acentos en las “casillas” virtuales de las ‘trivialidades’ y ‘comentarios’… De cualquier manera, * La Hache Es Muda. —_— Fair use of all media and its Databases.

In the words of Rubén Blades and Son del Solar, en “Buscando América”:

https ://m .youtube .com /watch?v= Qhfv7_VTlts

When we talk about América we are talking about a continent, and anyone born in the Continent is an American. It’s not just a group. All who are born in the American Continent are Americans — same as All who are born in the European Continent are European.

On the next segment —given the news update from last night episode of The Rachel Maddow Show— we’ll be reviewing what you, Adam, said about the art world (we agree with your producers on this one) and as proof we will be connecting the tangential parallels of how the man who claimed to have caused General Patton’s accident outside the gates of Sullivan Barracks in Mannheim, Germany, claims that “Ol’ Blood & Guts” was assassinated because of his staunch opposition to allow the Russians keep the keys to Berlin and Prague…

… and so it came to pass, that the brother of  Cersi Lannister … Betsy DeVoss—excuse us we are mixing our tyrants… we meant to type that, The Brother “OF” Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVoss wants to continue to [as Saint Mustaine prophetized] “make of War an Organized Crime”… now with Russian sub titles. —_— Fair use of all Oaths and a thing called Mass Media… amen.

Anyway, Adam, that man retired from the CIA and for his sins he was rewarded with connections to high price art dealers, with friendships with artists such as Salvador Dalí, and with the patronage of Princess Grace Kelly and King Reiner of Mónaco.

The programming, do check your local listings.

So there you have it Adam: Stop feeding nonsense to the Alt-right movement, please. And should you, or your producers forget your ABC’s, just keep in mind that the part that reads “of” in the Seal of our nation is a PRE-pos-i-tion, as in belonging to a whole; and not a PRO-pos-i-toon, as in Adolf Hitler was six-foot tall, had baby blue eyes and feathered blonde hair… and most importantly, Adam, Hitler didn’t ingest his own feces.

Thank you.


Note to editors: We [the staff] tried to post the content you’ve just not read [up above] on the “Trivia” section of Adam Ruins Everything IMDB webpage, we however; continued to get an error message that read: some characters are not compatible with the Latin-1 type set. Please correct errors…. For fucks sake! Next thing you know, they’ll take my Greek away! And we’ll be having <<Holy Wars>>.

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