Del 6 al 13 de julio es National Awareness Frida Theys… Shop NOW!

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Pour un poignée de dollars
La Fea

La Fea .::. 1BA25328-49A1-4C8D-8417-5409D5B4A81C .::. Starring: Tiffany Cross as the girl from the Blue House over Yonder, —in Coyoacán.

Sponsored by La Casa Azul of Princesse Tam🧶Tam or something like that.

Over at the Washington St. (75008) kiosk, Louis Vuitton just snatched the “V” from George at Champs Élysées, poor George. Over at La République, it’s 2015 and there is nothing to see here.

… [I]ndeed, John Mill Ackerman, in•deed, the mere street setup for the upcoming post Covid-19 Bastille Day celebration, which it is coming up in the programming, following Frida’s day of the dead celebration on July 13, reminds me of that time when Los Hijos de Astérix broke into the Tuileries Garden during France’s version of the Disneyland MAIN STREET Parade on July 14, 2015, when —you guys— sheltered inside of a little theater to watch documentaires about “The Man”. What a güey to herd the sheeple to be heard.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2015/07/15 /15-de-julio-la-placa-de-gilberto-bosques/

Tell Mí Moore

Tell Mí Moore — tell me mo’

… Across The Atlantic, it’s time for Humor and Irony with Willie Geist and just in case you have not heard the News Today, en La Jornada de HOY the News are just like in the Wild Wild West; In•deed Willie Geist, now pass the Ketch-up for them Spaghetti~O’s, Aymen, and give our regards to “La Pundita” who is off today celebrating Frida Day 🦴🦴🦴🐶 in Coyoacán.


El AMLO .::. 7C71FA3F-CB6D-4D7C-9739-DACFBBD8EADE … Aquí no hay ningún BUENO, Blondie, y para colmo allá en El Norte, —puros “Bounties”.

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