From Paris to Mexico – I like the way you work it… ACT ONE

31 de enero, 2017
Sabbatical Day # 27
«The Tam Tam Princesse Ad Campaign»
… or some Vintage stuff like that.

Mientras tanto al otro extremo de los probadores de La Princesa en El Dosel Forestal de Les Halles en Châtelet*;  la Calzonería de Calvin Klein tiene su propia exposición de trabajos de Andy Warhol… Diego Rivera Quiso exponer allí mero también pero resultó que a los franceses no les gustan los calzones de manta, asi mero como los usa el ranchero; es decir, hechos de puta manta… perdon, quise escribir de “Pura Manta”, y no de puta manta. }–~~~\*> Uso Justo de Todas las Fridas, incorporadas, asociadas, corporativas, benévolas, o simplemente ambulantes en tiendas de paños menores.

* . Neta que así se llama el lugar
“La Canopéé”… Ask Larousse.

«No Diggity, I like to bag you up»

darling, if you think that this «Ad Campaign»
is merely a freak coincidence, then you,
My dear,
is truly living with your –Ojos Abiertamente Cerrados, porque
after all that happened –y para cuando te cayó el Veinte
of all people,
know damn well that this,
most inconsequential blog should be getting a Commi$$$ion
for the conceptual Idea of this “Ad Campaign”


The Guy you used to Bag
Happy Countdown to Valentines Day

[Omnipresent voice from El Más Allá
GEORGE CARLIN narrates both the scene and the setting…
it’s January
of 2017]

Ahhh, yes! Love;

Mesdames et Messieurs; what better way to pitch a lingerie brand on the eve of the BLUE BLOOD MOON of 2018, which coincides with both the FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of the release of Florence Cassez from a Fortified Security Mexican Radius and, with the St. Valentines sales day event, than with an ironic From Paris to Mexico advertisement campaign of the «Unmentionables» Collection, from Casa de Kahlo-Corporation®.

ACT I takes place at the boardroom of a Fifth Ave. advertisement firm where a group of Donnie Deutsch types, each with his own “dedicated follower of fashion” aide by their side, are welcoming a team of French executives from the Tam Tam Princesse firm… or some lingerie company like that, who is are traveling The Globe in search of the right ad company to produce their next Valentines Day advertisement campaign.

[Woman’s voice
please be advice advised th®áat the role of “the” French executive from the Tam Tam
Princesse firm… or some lingerie company like that, remains open, but budgetary projections for this campaign will probably secure a Jennifer Lopez or a Penelope Cruz, depending on the availability of the Talent.

Uhuuu, so, Donnie, as we communicated to your staff last month during the preliminary selection, our firm is going to be sponsoring the next season of the Florence Cassez documentary series: Getting Away With Murderer, (Pffff) sorry, I meant to say ‘the’ Florence Cassez documentary series: “Women in Difficult Situatons”; but I mean, who am I kidding, we are talking about the French here, and as you Americans already know, we can most often than not, get away with Murder, if our government gets involved, right?

[Laughter ensues]

[Man’s voice
The male’s role for this particular character is based on the persona of Morning Joe’s regular on the Mr. Peacock Cable News Network, Donnie Deutsh; possible candidates for this role include “Beto” from AGS TV (Canal 26) or Diego Luna, from Televisa Productions in Santa Monica – California.]

… wait for it, Wait…
In the mean time here’s a frame of reference, and YES it probably needs more JPEG, but the Staff is still going through a rough time

Context follows…

No se vaya Ahorita Regresamos… en febrero.

No diggity Ariana Savalas cover:

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