National Awareness Frida Theys — No se compara

“[Y]o hasta ofrezco disculpas al pueblo español, al pueblo francés y a todos, porque esto no podemos estarlo comparando.”

Lic. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, on the occasion of México’s pole-position in the eyes of the Dead, and his visit to them United States of Columbus.

https ://www .animalpolitico .com /2020/07 /amlo-reclamo-conservadores-muertes-covid-paises/


It turns out that there was no such thing as “La Nueva España”. It is clear now that his excellency John Donald the First cleared it for all the world to hear, Christoper Columbus discovered America [sin acento] para los americanos, and you can thank “Adam Ruins Everything” for planting that ridiculous statement… Evry body knows that Columbus discovered Colombia… Duhhhh! It’s Right D.A.R.E. in the name.

Adam ruins Rubén’s search for América

… Archive is courtesy of The Brian Williams Self–Quoting Peppers Club.

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