Sprechen Sie Deutsch? — The UK Subs leave The Union

Up Next, Dora meets Armando at the Louvre, hilarity ensues when Futuro Pelo is not what Peniley at REFORMA think it is… also, wetbacks in Hollywood believe that Latinos are underrepresented at RFPP . NET, The Unesco and, at THE CARTÓN that Paco Calderón y El PRI/AN built.

1969The Beatles spielen auf dem Dach der Apple-Studios in der 3 Savile Row in London (Westminsterville) ihr letztes Live-Konzert. Wegen eines drohenden Verkehrschaos muss das Konzert nach 42 Minuten abgebrochen werden.

Radio 📻 Debout re-visited for MINERVA y para Andalucía… it’s a bonus track for tomorrow’s NATIONAL SPORTS THEY in La Franche… “You’ll be older, tú ».

☄️ Get Back to where Ewe Once Be Long 📏

☄️1996 — Der japanische Amateurastronom Yūji Hyakutake entdeckt den „Großen Kometen von 1996“, Hyakutake.

It’s the start of (i shit you knot):

🇮🇳 Season for Nonviolence🇺🇸
1998 : in Littleton (🇺🇸 COLORADO), Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are arrested for stealing a computer from inside a van. This is one of the events that if the police had investigated¹ they would have prevented (20 days after the Season for Nonviolence) the Columbine massacre.
🇮🇳 January 30 – April 4 🇺🇸 

1948 – Following the assassination of the Indian 🇮🇳 independence movement leader against 🇬🇧 British rule, Mahatma Gandhi (b. 1869), in his home compound, the date becomes “Martyrs‘ Day” in Indiaand in Memphis, aussi.

🎳 Jesus Quintana 🎳meets The Walrus, hilarity ensues when 😡 WALTER Sobchak 🤬 tells Donnie to, “shut the fuck up, Donny! »

¹~. “The boys’probation officer discharged them from the program a few months ahead of schedule for good behavior. Regarding Harris, it was remarked that he was “a very bright individual who is likely to succeed in life”, while Klebold was said to be intelligent, butneeds to understand that hard work is part of fulfilling a dream.” This last part inspired NASTY to write his n° 1 Solo Hit, “HAPPINESS IS A WARM GUN” for the Broadway Musical Show; Michael Moore is Bowling Foo.

In Local news, La Nuit Debout is nothing but a delivery pizza job platfom, INDEED!

Forecast for Tuesday calls for tornados

— 1956 – In the United States, Civil Rights Movement leader Martin Luther King Jr.’s home is bombed 💥 in retaliation for the Montgomery 🚍 bus 🗣️ boycott 🤹.


 1972The Troubles: Bloody Sunday: British paratroopers open fire on anti-internment marchers in Derry, Northern Ireland, killing 13 people another person later dies of injuries sustained.

Meanwhile, on a day like today, but on Sunday in 1972, EWE TOO made their  ‘public performance’ debut at The US Festival near the GLEN HELEN CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, in the foothills of San Bernardino, California… legend has it, that on cold windy nights, pintos³ at the low-security prison can still hear The Echos of “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, trou 🕳️ story, doc!

Sweet McCarthy thought he had a woman , but Taylor Green was just another man.


³~. Charlie Sheen ⚾ in Major League… The Superbowl is here, Spring Season’s just around the bend on I-15 and U.S. Route 66.


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