Dear, MARA Gay (The NYT) meet Phat Basterd’, guy’s a fag

Have a doughnut, because the Reverend Al’s face says it all, the GW Bush pundits³ are all laughing at you, Knot with Mí:

Across The Mancha, women no longer have to pay The Taxman for lettin’ IT, Bleed 🩸.


Press 1 for Dominion, press tú for Ewe!

Famous Monsters… Don’t Open ‘Till Doom’s They. Misfits Only.


https ://youtu .be /6nG_4e39gL4

Mara Gay, Dr. Poisson can’t let me, Armando Segovia, lie. As she was receiving the news from Montpellier, I was invoking Gary in the very City that he was born in (Corona)… I don’t say this lightly because she is the one who turned in the “love letters” to BORIS and Stephanie Menou at the Prefécture. Issy, there is a personal side, but this blog is ALL TRADE… as in profession not a fucking EXCHANGE.

And, Mara, if you want to double-check the source… follow my steps to San Pedro and head over to the French Consulate across the harbor on The PCH to Santa Monica and ask the fellows there what my Home of Record was before obtaining that CCT.

³~. For context listen to Elise Jordan explain Gary WEBB in the context of the Iraq War… which is why I learned to Stop hating The Gwars and Learned to Love mister Dominique de Villepin’s daughter in New York¹.


A Fish is born…
XVIII STREET Games of the XXIII Olympiads

Coffee’s just about to be brewed, and them Cucarachas are seasoning the sugar.

It’s Time to listen to them Roaches…

¹~… but my heart belongs to Nathalie (Not-ah-Lie!!!) 🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🥁

Anyhow, Nathalie, don’t wait for Mí, Eye is going to do some peer-reviewed Bass Extracts… she’s just a source.


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