Stanley Kubrick’s “Cinco de Mayo” Space Odyssey in San Lázaro

It’s the 11th Hour at The BBC.

Ah yes… the Navy guy. Australia is the Enemy!!!


1847: la Ciudad de México es invadida por tropas estadounidenses (batalla de Chapultepec). Se destaca la actuación de los Niños Héroes.

Over at the IMER Noticias en tiempo diferido, la doctora Estefanía Cruz sobre simplifica la situación del hijo de Joe Biden, and with the “recelo” of JOHN MILL  ACKERMAN and a French waiter’s attitude, the academic assures’ the IMER Noticias audience that “when the evidence finally is presented” the Republicanos will show that, “Hunter Biden is a ‘nini‘ que no hace bien las cosas“.

https ://www2 .politicas .unam .mx /cri /?page_ id=2003

The good doctor, however, could not answer how the Hunter Biden Affaire affected Mexico. After the break, Eye will tell you coq suckers how the Hunter Biden Affair affects Mexico’s biggest pride, o como dicen en el banco del bienestar de los Amigos de López Obrador: las benditas R€M€$A$.

Masiosare, un extraño enemigo.

All the knews that fit…


In local News there are no poets at MSNBC, Issy, Öüï knew this. And over at the Beaubourg, l’histoire de Blois* has an RDV with Macario³, the greatest movie that Stanley Kubrick never had the time to make.

Y aserejé-ja-dejéDe jebe tu de jebere seibiunouva majavi an de bugui an de güididípiAserejé-ja-de jéDe jebe tu de jebere seibiunouva majavi an de bugui an de güididípiAserejé-ja-dejéDe jebe tu de jebere seibiunouva majavi an de bugui an de güididípi

³~. Blois / 26th Ed.
*~. Pronounced /blwa/ with a snooty delivery.

Slam poetry is for fags.
A faith experiment in on every stroke.

Sobre las olas, a Space Odyssey in 2001

To paraphrase the Serb at the U.S. Open:

If Jaime Maussan had a fancy-schmanzie Greek last name like the Ancient Astronaut Theory guy, or a very British nomenclature such as the one from The Lizard People show, Icke! Maussan would get the recognition that Stephen Spielberg got from that hypocrite actor of “Morning in America”.

But earnestly, Stephen Spielberg remembers the time when N° 40 invited Stanley Kubric to the White House showing of E.T., according to Spielberg, Nancy was sidéré after she got off of the “Back To The Future” DeLorean, on account that, “a number of people watching E.T. who know, that everything depicted in that TOY STORY STORE is absolutely true.

Eddie Terrones the Extra Testicle for MEXICAN Senator… the Niños Héroes from Chapultepec approve this transmission.


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