And, Alanis… you know what is a very Strange Coincidence? That’s right Canuck… Pesquet’t left a mess up in space

Breaking the news, “How Convenient, eh!”, it’s been less than a week since Commander Pesquet was evicted from the International Space Station and word from the crew left behind is that Pesquet {notorious for his FIP . fr parrandas up there} left a cloud of debris around the floating station empty darkness…

Need banana for size. Fair use of gizmodo’s take-out, it’s media and off-course: All That Motherfuckn’ Jazz.

https ://gizmodo .com /astronauts-forced-to-take-shelter-as-debris-cloud-threa- 1848057874

As a result, Alanis, [if that is your real name] the po’astronauts who bravely go where billionaires (those motherfuckers) only dare, are having no recourse but to seek shelter in the most inhospitable of places.


DAM… The Space Race — Eye hates to say it Jodorowski, “That’s the Way God Planned It”

Previously on, A Place Where Evry³ Body Knows your Name, i was explaining to our friend, el artista Roger Pérez, cómo fue que nuestro amigo Pablo se comunicó hace unas semanas ya, desde el otro lado de la bocina sintonizada al 105.1 en frequencia moderada parisina próxima al Seine.

³ https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Nobles_of_the_Robe …
such as Colbert and Foucault, fouQUETyou know: bureacrats.
https ://www .space .com /jupiter-moon-io-radio-signal-juno-spacecraft

En el segmento de ayer, por aquello de no dejar a-fuera a-el contexto, David Icke*, the “Julio Iglesias*” of Ancient Astronaut theory, explained via EweToob how Ol’Cronos moonlights as a motherfucking Dee~Jay across the Cosmos.

10,000 Sirenes can’t be wrong. It’s a TIE, both Many Ale on Deadline and The Reid Out make of #OEECF1 a perfect compliment for #F1130E

* Julio Iglesias: REAL MADRID goal keeper.
* David Icke: Coventry City, Oxford United,
Northampton Town and, Hereford United; goal keeper.

Knot really, check el otro radio (el de la Circunferencia) knot el de Marie Curie because with that one you’ll surely G.L.O.W.:

… Or, “Is, IT!, possible… yada, yada, yada.”


Get Back: https ://snl .fandom .com /wiki /Billy_Preston