“War is over… if you want,” sincerely: The Islamic Emirates

Extra, extra!!!

Starman spotted waiting in the sky
Foo fighters blow his noggin to Smithereens…
A FOX 11 exclusive on KTLA via KLAQ

— Taliban offers truce for peace.

From deep within his cold grave, the former architect of misery in Irak and Afghanistan, Donald Rumsfeld, says NO!

After the break, The Fifth Beatle goes to El Paso to see about the one After 909… in The U.S.S.R. or something like that! The thing is, you fool me once, Shame on “Rummy”, you fool me twice it’s probably the fault of The Surgeon General in The Ministry of Health 🚬🚬🚬.

EXTRA! Extract!!!

Lennon’s on Sale A–Gain!

— President Bush (43) expresses “deep sadness” for his former Secretary of Defense, Mr. Bush laments that all of the heat in Hell is not enough to warm Mr. Rumsfeld’s cold-cold mechanical heart.

“W”, the Artist formally known as “Dub–ya” then paints a fuckn’ picture that LORDE Cheney nails to a Wall.


So… doigt d’honneur (the Ladi Byrd) or the plumber’s furet?

You fuckn’ Sirene!

For those just tuning in, el staff d’este pinchurriento blog está en ProCeSo de exprimir* una parodia of the upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2021 induction ceremony. Right now it’s time to bring in The Foo Fighters… 🚀🚀🚀 those motherfuckers!!!! 🛸🛸🛸


Note to programming thinkerers:
Please pay no attention to Mr. Roarke de Montealban on our last segment, and here is why, Mr. Villechaize de Montauban
Mr. Roarke was just reminding Johnny Lamira that if he still doubts that, IT!, “started out with an earthquake“, well then the Next time that Mika is in Paris just have her pretty little shoes exit through the Mediterranean Restaurant’s exit of Mr. Buffon’s Jardin des Plantes [on Rue Cuvier] in order to position herself on the Philippine section of Johnny Cash’s 7.1 on the “Ring of Fire” scale quake of LAST WEEK TO THEY!.

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2021 /aug /11 /earthquake-philippines-triggers-tsunami-warning

Ewe ever heard of Johnny Cash? Eye can put in a good word for you.

https ://www .google .com /maps /place/Institut+de+Physique+du+Globe+de+Parisyada, yada, hypertext and all that jazz/

Now, Io no está para contarla… ni Europa para escucharla and, as Willie Geist knows, with David Icke’s “SATURN is not what you think it is” censorship, and the TALIBAN welcoming the French Oppressed (true fake story) it kind of leaves us with a big ol’Existential cruda because NO FUCKING HOLLYWOOD script can make this shit up:


Anyhow, Mike Barnicle, Eye agrees with your input this morning on The MorJo segment:
Trump is not What you Think… and yes, please stop consuming the Trump Brand (punto y coma) instead, and to complement “today’s classic mainstream science [magazines³]” might Öüï suggest the Universal Construct* of David Ike’s Cymatics… UnCut!

 🎵 🥁 Don’t wanna’ 🐝 no 🐒 🔧

Issy–les-NIRvARNAS are a French Grunge band and unlike Johnny Hallyday who could never make it in El Ey, The NIRvARNAS  re-invented themselves in Seattle, and the rest is as THEY SAY, es un molino in The Sky… no WAIT, it’s KNOT A WINDMILL, it’s a fucking Foo!!! Shoot IT—Shoot IT to Villejuif!!! (94800)

Eye is 100.1% sure, for certain, that if Johnny would have moved to Arizona and changed his name to Jon HOLIDAY, Johnny would have been like the Grandfather of bad rock and roll, A.K.A. Country music from New ⚜️ Orleans.

³ https ://www .space .com /jupiter-moon-io-radio-signal-juno-spacecraft