A Petty classic, it’s a Nocturne — “Here’s side Tú! »


THE FABER BOOK OF MEXICAN CINEMA (REVISITED), and the « sans » SOUL commercials de El Negro² de Sean Penn.

Page 65, “I was lucky”, the making of tu Chingada Madre también.

²~. Alejandro González Iñarri-tu-mamá también.

Page 44, n⁰ 1681, Courrier International
Jan 25, 2023
360⁰ plein ecran
via: De Standard (Belgique)

https ://www .courrierinternational .com /article /serie-a-la-television-publique-flamande-l-histoire-de-la-flandre-n-est-plus-une-histoire-belge

For historical context, earlier in the Peacock programming, Mika Bee commemorated the assassination of Bob “Caligula” Guccione, founder of her Penthouse floor at the house that Ayn Rand built.


“Hello, CD listeners … », Öüï is going to give a few minutes to our non-readers in 🏄🏽 Hilo, Hawaii, to Ketch-Up with los andaluzes “Paco RG” and Salvador from this past Sunday’s “Juanito Guanabacoa Show”, but that’s only because in Hilo, Hawaii, it’s a Happy Monday Primetime night, and former F.B.I. agent Frank Figluzzi, of Aaron Schwartz demise infamy, he just received the CAPTAIN LOUIS RENAULT, “I am shocked! Shocked! To learn that there is a SPIE among U.S.! », award.

In the mean time, Katty Kay, here’s Mike Pompeo celebratory Valentine for Riyadh 🇸🇦, an orgy for The America that Pompeii loved, under Caligula’s régime.

… and Cousin Joe, you sonova—bitch. “There you go again,” thinking that the revisionist state-by-state trend of the Fifty States, is an American Original, but it is not. Why just check out how how los belgas 🇧🇪 se pasan de 🇨🇵galos 🇨🇵 en la télévision de PAL, if you even remember or knew what a CD or its visual twin, the DVD 📀 worked in the geography of TV… the HIStory of NTSC is so pedestrian, mate, it makes Mí 🪐 want to Stream on a pirate link.

All The Knews that d.a.t.* fit, on a Marjorie Taylor Green bullshit bible.

*~. dumb ass tank operator

 41 – Caligula, Roman emperor (b. 12)


Ask, Phat Basterd’ at Franche-Musique in his faggety Le Clerc, I am an Anti-Christ but most of all, I am a Distinguished ARMOR Technician.

Note to editors, today’s WO’id of the They is F.D.R., as in: The French people, all of #Em, the whole LOT, got a New Deal yesterday, on the 49.3 freq. of le Palais de l’Elysée. To celebrate, here’s the “Cute One” singing the acoustic version of Vera’s Nocturne, “When I’m Sixty Four ».

Spies compuestos: SPIE, (third-person singular simple present spies, present participle spying, simple past and past participle spied)
Obsolete form of spy.


But, FO’ist, it’s another rotation of “Adventures in Translations », with your host, Alejandro González Iñárritu as el amigo del perro agradecido de la calle Stanton, “El Perro Andaluz³

³~. Sean Penn stars as el perro de Andalucía.

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