What flavor is that Eye Scream cone? The Answer is off-Course Camp Lemonnier

Quick programming note: a Friday without Katty Kay is just not a Fri{a}day, Cousin Joe. Knot a Fri{a}day, Joe.

https ://www .wpr .org /kyle-rittenhouses-defense-team-asks-mistrial-after-he-testifies

Kyle Rittenhouse waits for the jury to enter the room to continue testifying during his trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse in Kenosha, Wis., on Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021. Rittenhouse is accused of killing two people and wounding a third during a protest over police brutality in Kenosha, last year. (Sean Krajacic/The Kenosha News via AP, Pool) _!_ç  Uso Justo de todos los medios.

Over at the Mika sphere… It’s the Final Countdown (50) meets whatever Asia plays on your local radio show… FIP radio sirens need not apply, because MIKA hates 1971, only 197°0 and before qualify.

And, REVEREND AL… as the honorary Mexican that you are {within the City Limits of this blog} you NOW know what Indian NAN tastes like. Man! Look at that Suit, the lines!!! Now that’s the way to wear a brown suit; you make a failed look look like a kaléidoscope in the sand.

https ://www .msnbc .com /morning-joe /watch /morning-joe-marks-veterans-day -125988421884

https ://www .msnbc .com /morning-joe /watch /rev-al-sharpton-reacts-to-attorney-s-concerns-over-his-presence-in-court-during-arbery-trial– 126056005633

Anyhow, Reverend Al, Indian NAN tastes like Florence Cassez enchiladas, and by enchiladas of course Eye means a technicality in court. For the record, Onions are an essential ingredient in the making of enchiladas, not sure if the Colonel’s secret recipe uses any except of course [for] them world famous croc’oh-barrel tears like the ones on that Rittenhouse faux-bacon bagel.

https ://thehill .com /homenews /581231 –defense-attorney-in-arbery-murder-trialwe-dont-want-any-more-black-pastors-coming

And Eugene Robinson… motherfucker, don’t pretend like you actually read this blog, maaaaaan! The name of the blog is LAS NOTICIAS de México, and right now Charlie Hebdo just ushered in AMLO into the referee spot at the U.N., and you know you should be glad.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /qr4asm/m%C3%A9xico_preside_el_consejo_de_seguridad_de_la_onu/

And Kier Simmons knows… you can’t find a decent taco in France, and yet, And YET! Cousin Joe, the Chinese government is bank rolling chinese cuisine up and down Sebastopol… The Humanity!

Meanwhile at the United Nations {National} Security Council…

https ://diccionarioactual .com /en-todas-partes-se-cuecen-habas/

The Mexican president suggest [to] his counterpart in Biélorusse:

https ://www .latimes .com /espanol /mexico /articulo /2021-07-08 amlo-empresa-estatal-gas-mexico-polemica

— Sr. LukaShencho… ¡Ya lo tengo! Tarjetas de Gas Bienestar

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/11/11 /mundo /en-la-onu-acusan-a-bielorrusia-de-intento-para-desestabilizar-a-la-ue/

¡Got habas?
Clase: frase popular formada por una preposición (en); un pronombre indefinido femenino (todas); un sustantivo femenino plural (partes); el verbo cocerse en tercera persona del plural del presente del indicativo (se cuecen) y un sustantivo femenino plural (habas). —_!_— Foto cortesía AP, vía La Jornada {en la bendita AFP}.

En contexto, Alexander Lukashenko’s picture is being submitted for the next edition of the Georges Pompidou Russian-Spanish (Arido América) dictionnary, Lukashenko is the transliteration of a COYOTE, at an institutional level.

And, Mike Barnicle, what a Heller do Ewe know about Catch? Nice contrast to your Left… and off-course you know that if you check the Archive [of course] Eye is talking about the Wall Paper there… and the maracas across the window next to the guilded frames, YeezUS.



103 years ago… Sgt. Pepper call the band to play

That is not even a real taco.

To commemorate the occasion, la bibloteca pública de información Georges Pompidou will open it’s its doors today at 11, 11, 21… just like all of the stores and the pre-holidays sales, banks however, are closed.


With this being the first time in like 5000 years that The United States of America is not at war, the Mexican president goes to Times Square to see the good folks at Wall U.N. Street Rock. — The photo featuring the ADIDAS « basket shoes » brand is courtesy of LA JORNADA at the Melle. Pitch EMMAÜS award… or something like that.

Flashback for context, but most importantLY, our interptetation of LA QUINTA Républica and la Cuarta Transformación en Nueva York:

https ://www .lefigaro .fr /politique /le-scan /insolites /2014/04/11 /25007-20140411ARTFIG00124 -la-mano-dans-la-mano-apres-l-anglais-hollande-massacre-l-espagnol .php

La nueva MANO en la MANO… in honor of Gral. Charles De Gaulle (iglesia en la mesquita) 51st aniversario luctuoso del creador de la Francia de Hoy.

And that {is} all for today. Have a nice day.

https ://eu .usatoday .com /story /opinion /2021/11/10 /kyle-rittenhouse-cried-during-his-trial-dont-fooled-his-tears /6373345001/

At the movies: Starring as Jonathann Daval, Kyle Rittenhouse in the role of crocodile tears… Gary Oldman takes on the role of a problematic prosecution lawyer.

https ://www .telerama .fr /radio /sur-arte-radio-le-cirque-mediatique-de-laffaire-daval-decrypte– 6990324 .php

P.S… Cousin Joe… your coat matches Le Mire’s tie…and the stripes on those awful lapels are making Mí dizzy. Put a little red flower on that hollow chest of yours to break them ugly lines. And, Step°hanie Rhule… nice collar you got there, it goes real well with them cuffs, and the RED, oh the red… the best, a nice contrast next to that Alabama rube. C’mon, Cousin Joe! Pin a little red flower on.

https ://www .cnews .fr /france /2020-11-12 /11-novembre-quest-ce-que-le-bleuet-de-france -799422

And Morning Mika… fire is shooting out of your eyes, tell you personal assitant to run over to the nearest hardware store in Times Square and get that sexy dress a pair of welding glasses. And last but Knot least, The Willie Geist Show:

Recreates the Forrest Gump scene at the NATIONAL MALL, but the producers of Morning Joe do, IT!³, with a real Medal of Honor club member… Eye literally can’t write (or make) this shit up.