Sope de Arepa… Take-out from Korea Town at the Base of Chávez Ravine

Bonus Track for Nathalie Piolé… Now before Hilo, Hawaii, sends that “Midnight Train To Georgia” let US Knot forget that OCTOBER is the International Month of “Woman is the nigger of the world”, and Eye quotes Sir Winston Lennon: fuck Sir Walter Raleigh – He was such a stupid git.


Goooooo, Dodgers… and per Willie Ab-bot’s instructions, more pictures for your words:


Yup… That’s a Siren 🚨

[Context for Primetime in Hawaiian Standard Threads vía Tamaulipas, follows]

Gil Scott Heron is a fag… and here is why, ∵ cholo; if the birds have something to teach us about “freedom”, according to don Calderón “el reformista” de El Reforma en México, is that “freedom” is nothing more than a PineApple 🍍 Pizza 🍕.


I’m gonna take the song from every bird
And make em sing it just for me
Bird’s got something to teach us all
About bein’ free, yeah
Be no rain
Be no rain

https ://monoaureo .com /2022/04/24 /cefiros-y-trinos/



¿Será que por eso Dios no me dio Alas? — Zigarrros Alas — “¡A Mí, mis Alas! ».


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