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³~. In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s The End of Yesterday, because in Paris, France… Son las cinco in CET.

Deer, Deputy Éric Ciotti,  Alpes-Maritimes, FRANCHE:

Like, Max “Guitar” on the Juanito Guanavacoa Show likes to sing (or murder your Rosbif tocayo’s version² of “Before You Accuse Me“) please be advised that I am only referencing you from today’s  FACE-à FACE Show on BFM’er TV because your rhetoric does not match with the PROMISE that your political party founder, President SARKOZY made to me… via the Talents and Skills Visa program. You are all rotten, the whole lot of you fuckers, except of course Carla, she’s alright.

Here, you probably have heard of this fellow before, he was a Mason, a good one, not like the fake political-parasites of today:

Most of our citizens, are scattered in the rest of Europe and the world, they live and die far from the “fatherland” […] I know that we are forced to go far away to look for the resources that our land denies us; and we could hardly subsist if we were to remain enclosed.


Letter to d’Alembert, 1758…
Page 15 of Chapter I
Le « roman familial » in,
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, en son temps.
M. & B. Cottret
PERRIN, 2005

²~. Eric (sin acento) clap, clap, Clapton;

And starring as Billy 🎹 Preston, The Fifth RHUTLE 🦃.


Now these old fucks can steal all they want
And they can go and pass laws saying you can’t say what you want
And you can’t look at this and you can’t look at that

False Friends in Translation follows… 🌬️ 🎶 When they looked into their lovers eyes they sawmomSex With Your Parents.


And you can’t smoke this and you can’t snort that
And me baby – I got statistics – I got stats
These people have been to bed with their parents

And today Öüï, the staff, introduce you to the MOTHER of all coincidences and ironic calques, for starters, let’s ask the only reliable source in the Universe, Wikipedia, what a CALCO in Lenguiski’s is:

Armando Segovia:
— Wikipedia, what in the Wide World of BFM’er TV is a CALCO?

Champagne, Foie Gras, Caviar, SKI LODGES, et. al., are all GATEWAY HOOKS for cooptation, which ENDS in Corruption.


—In Lenguiski’s, a calque or loan translation is a word or phrase borrowed from another language by literal word-for-word or root-for-root translation.

Armando Segovia:
— Wikipedia, could you please illustrate for the REPUBLICAN PARTY on both sides of The Atlantic, S.V.P.?

Go ahead, mister AlpesMari❇️times , send your “private investigators” like your FreeMASON∴brother did, this time, however, bring send the HOUND DOGS aussi, why don’t you, la préfecture de Cité and the Place Where Évrybody knows my name knows my location all of the time, you capitalist Welfare Queen.


— Indeed, meet me at the geriatrician’s corner à la rue Eliane Jeannin-Garreau at la Porte de Issy-les-Moulineaux.

1945 – World War II: Adolf Hitler moves into his underground bunker, the so-called Führerbunker.

17 de enero del 2013
FIREfire H*E*A*T*

In Ukraine: it’s Sobredosis de cemento 💥

Meanwhile at Fort Knox, Lima is getting a warm and fuzzy… and in GERMANIA, the WAR FIGHTING CENTER at Grafenwöhr in The Upper Palatinate region of Bavaria is getting ready to welcome Ukranians, just like the neighboring Bayreuth did in the Upper Franconia region after Hitler was fetched out of his little fucking bunker, on a THEY like YESTERDAY in 1945.

Pegasus follows, sponsored by BUZFEED and Morning Joe (2016). Happy Alabama-King LEE-They-in Mississippi,  starring Colonel Poulet Bourbon as Chicken E. LEE.

… Well, well, well, look what The Birthday Song brought in (layers cake), and if Dr. Alejandro Valenzuela, is reading, he will probably deploy the plausible deniability mode at SciencesPo.

Jump to Phat Basterd’s wet dream in a General’s Rank… Heavy Armor is knot taboo, Evermore.

April 🐠 in Paris 👼 — Poisson des Innocents


STILL TO COME, “Kerschovas” 9th Dream en el patín del diablo of The Dark Horse³… It’s a FESTEVUS Cunt-Auch and a Ghinni TestaRossa FOURTH THEY of CHRISTmás miracle on la rue des 🔔 Bourdonnais 🔔.

For context, Kerschovas dreamt of “Home Sweet Home” on yesterday’s “Allegretto-de–Aujourd’hui”, which is a normal 12-step episode for coping with a recent life-changing experience, such as homelessness.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /allegretto /home-sweet-home -3516369

On This They today.

However, o, COMO LO PLAGIAN en la Universidad Nacional Autónoma JOHN MILL ACKERMAN de México†, Kerschovas awoke in a Roman Circus and discovered the skeletons 🩻 of last week’s Allegretto Junior Show in the Lion’s THEN… of all places,  ISSY, Denis Soula had them “hard pipe-hittin’ niggas » killed. Denis Soula has no SOUL.

†~. https ://www .elfinanciero .com .mx /nacional /2022/12/26 /plagio-de-tesis-de-ministra-yasmin-esquivel-amlo-asegura-que-respaldara-veredicto-de-la-unam/

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /allegretto /en-route-pour-le-cirque -1546684

Yup, that Dere is a Hitchcock Silhouette 🗣️… SILENZIO… Must Be THIS 🍼 TALL 🍼 to Ride 🛝🎠🛴 🎪.

³~. The Quiet Beatle.

Of course, as with Évry thing, the VF don’t recognize King Putin’sKing Herod’s order to MO’ider all children under two, born in Belén. As the Very French tradition dictates, El Día de Los Inocentes is observed on the FO’ist THEY of April, when baby Jesus fed the 🔔 clochards 🔔 of la rue des Bourdonnais, un boîte de PILCHARDS to the Hungarianmasses.

†~. 1941World War II: 🎡 Operation 🕸️ Anthropoid 🕸️, the plot to assassinate high-ranking Nazi officer Reinhard Heydrich, commences 

El Circo de Kerschovas… Boulevard de Rochechouart 75000—CEDEX… 🤸🤹🏻‍♀️🤸🫵

And in Paris, Öüï now Ketchesup with a SuperStar Student on The Juanito Guanabacoa JUNIOR in 🇨🇦 CANADA 🇨🇦, 🎶 Oh, Canada SHOW :

🏎️ Copy-Pasta, ENZO 🏎️ … 🚜 COPY-Pasta 🚜, that’s the way Ewe do it, 🎶 you Play The Guitar on the RFPP¹the little faggot with the Earring and the MakeUp, —yeah, Buddy! That’s his own Radio Show.

Oh, Canada.

¹~. Money for Winos… Dire Streets.

~. Pronounced with a Greek, not Latin “i” accent, as in… Wynton, Wings, and Wine .

🌬️… based on a TROU 🕳️ radio 📻 show en AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL… sponsored by STARBUCKS and the Home DEPOT en Los Santos de Mythos-sur-Leroy Merlin 🛠️⚒️🛠️⚒️🛠️⚒️🪚⛏️🧰📏📐🪣🥽…🩻

Eweish peoples are the WO’ist, especially the Ewes from AMERICA.

La Coalition juive républicaine dénonce Santos pour des mensonges sur ses références

https ://www .politico .com /news /2022/12/27 /republican-jewish-coalition-denounces-santos-for-lies-about-his-credentials -00075625


Juanito Junior (en CANADA)…


Youse gonna’ copy my DRAFTS, Eye asks, motherfucker, TO KNOT BE LIKE THE FRENCH CHILDREN WHO HAVE SEX WITH THEIR PARENTS, and please RESPECT the CREATIVE COMMONS 🎅🏽CLAUSE that says the following:

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

~. Like RFPP does with Juanito Guanabacoa Sr., In-so-far as allowing the use of the RFPP facilities for the production of “Aquí somos, aquí estamos” show, but not taking on the responsibility of loading up a podcast version, of Francisco Belmont’s program on the RFPP (dot) NET site.

Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format.

Happy Birthday, Lemmy!

Un homme incarcéré à Toulouse pour avoir violé sa fille et filmé les faits

Un homme incarcéré à Toulouse pour avoir violé sa fille et filmé les faits (20minutes.fr)

Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for Non-Commercial purposes.

Couche-Tard with them Canucks… it’s a « No Go » zone

“goD has a Word for that³ »:

They are going to tell you that the monopoly of prices (Monoprix en Brasil) and the Canadian version of the Piggly Wiggly (Couche Tard) PACS* is both a financial and sanitary restrictions cooperative…

And still to come, if she so desires on or at around noon, the Front National guide-on Marine La Pluma… for the occasion, BFM’er TV prepared an opposites-parallels capsule showcasing the one thing that Them United States of America guarantees with Liberty and Fuscas¹ for all… titled:

Oh, the fuck’n IROny, Yasmin!
is it just the Circle of spots²?

The good thing is that one of Donald Trump’s executive legacies will include the reduction in troops in the territories where Liz Cheney’s dad made a lot of bucks. 🐇 In context, the good U.S. Representative-at-Large for the same state where her dad used to lay telephone line (Why-oh-ming) is probably atoning for her father’s excursions; or maybe Madame Representative is the King Slayer that motivated Mayor Giuliani to call “trial by combat”… I mean, this people have Sex With Their Parents³.

But FO’ist it’s another edition (for the FO’ist time) of, “What The Fuck, Yasmin Vassoughian?”… WTF, Yas? Starring Yassmin Vassoughian.

We begin WTF, Yas? With our favorite Saturday and Sunday morning cartoon of Lindsey Reiser… LINDSEY!!!, HEY, LINDSEY… meet me at the corner of Marvin and Gaye for Military Vehicle Identification refresher course, but FO’ist, let’s take a closer look at our favorite Generals, over—

[Radio Silence, or Listening Silence Fa-Fa-Follows]

“Esta’z laïs—toria DEA-un Gato (punto y coma) está el Gato Tom, está Don Gato… pero todo el Mundo Quiere Ver?”… Anyone?, anyone?, David Jolly? Anyone? Which Cat does the world wishes to see? — Anyone?

—_*_— Cienfuegos update

Lorem ipsum Dolores Hidalgo Chingue A Su Madre El/La que deje Algo

Say there Mª Teresa Kumar what ever happened to the former Mexican president, Enrique de Jesús Peña Nieto’s, military bodyguard? M’ember him? You know who i mean, right? The one that Minister Ebrard succeeded to get a PARDON for; m’ember him? He was nabbed in El Ey by the D.E.A. while he (the military guarda espaldas) was shopping for this and that. Man, that Marcelo Ebrard is a heck of a diplomat, proving that Mexico, like the Very French, never leave a political picke in a foreign jail.

💯🔥 🆙📆 —_*_—

🗣 Medhi Hassan built my Hot-Rod… it’s a love affair, mainly Medhi and my Hot Rod… [Yeah, fuck it].

… and then Black Spy’s boss-man, Jim Cavanaugh, sends the ol’Irish “nick-o’the thumb on the lower lip signal”, tell me Sir, who does good in prison? The privileged crooks that’s who. How many of those did you frame into a cell?

Heck the only individual that love prisons are the same MotherFuckers who have the monopoly of confiscation on the highway, Junior Brown, you know the kind, these unionized thugs with a badge will confiscate the tuition CASH of anyone who does not look like a full-grown trust fund baby, especially in the South… How Do You Think, Lindsey Riser, that them HOT WHEELS in police regalia comes from Tax Paying Dollars?… Silly, Wabbit, tax paying Dollars are reserved for the most Violent Political Party in God’s dying Earth and they go by the name: The Republicans. And yes, check the TALE of The Tape; pound for pound the most Wars on Record since the IV F.R. was dissolved and later occupied; ask Ah-nold Corn[s] from “The Church of Man Love”, Ah-Nold will tell produce a video for ya’. This is WHO öüï Are.

On a serious note: HEY, LINDSEY! That last interview that you and your sidekick just finished, was a Ray of Light on your last Trump Era Talking Head post. Good comeback on that advertorial for a failed prison system, in the form of experts from a former failed system cop.


1. Fuscas: Let’s ask the Diccionario de Mexicanismos Mexicanos de La Academia Mexicana de la Lengua Mexicana de los mexicanos… De Aztlán. De arranque, Raquelito, you can CHECK with Pulitzer Prize Winner, Eugene Robinson, —he will tell you that in Sao Paulo, a FUSCA is a German Beetle.

2. Spots: This of course are the Television spots; The Evil Television spots; for mor on that, here’s El Gato Volador, and the tale of “Don Gato y su pandilla”.

3. “It’s, Hey Motherfucker! »: según Lou Reed.