Breaking News : LOS MOTONETOS de Juanito Guanavacoa

Breaking the news:

These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You.

Viva México… en el Sur de Francia, and if you are just finding out that the Indians en Ceylan have nothing in common, or rather, nothing to do with the Indios de Celaya, worry-knot young BuckStars de Botzaris, because in the next paragraph Eye will “flirt” with the Celestial hypothesis of Serrat’s “Tío Alberto” and it’s its alignment entre “Esos Tipos y Yo” y lo « bonito que caga, el señor ».

https ://www .publimetro .com .mx /nacional /2023/07/12 /journaliste repond-a-amlowhenquestionne-sur-la-politique-et-l-absence-d-ethique

Da todo lo que puede darSu casa está de par en parQuien quiere entrar tiene un plato en la mesaPero no os cambia el cielo porLa orden de la Legión de HonorQue le dio la República Francesa 

i.m. 🛎️

After the break it’s Serge Gainsbourg and his precisely relevant wordiness of a Wordsmith and his Muse.

https ://www .bbc .com /news /worldeurope

Jane Birkin: Artist and style icon’s life in pictures

Tío Alberto, tío Alberto… I still remeber the days in 2013~2015 when Francisco Belmont, in the role of Juanito Guanavacoa at Raul Velasco’s Gallery, shaded “American -gringo- Music”, Évry time that he, and all of the other “FLAKY-Left” motherfuckers saw me around.

Juanito GuanavaEmE Mala Fe.

… fast-forward to today’s editon of “Aquí somos, aquí estamos”, all-of-a-sudden, Juanito Guanavacoa is a, “picking-cotton-picker” for profit, —off-track.

So if the regular-vacationing French persons wonders why the world hates you it’s because you provide MAMUNIA to criminals who used to wear a badge in thier respective “shit-hole” countries.

For the record:
Mamounia means “safe haven” in Arabic.

https ://www .indiegogo .com /projects /hard-soil-the-muddy-roots-of-american-music#/


… and as predicted last month, from a trend picked_up last year during FRENCH vacation, the Juanito Guanavacoa Show is left to his own devices at Frequence Paris Plurielle (106.3 fm) and naturally, now that the flaky-left in FRANCE is on vacation and the good~people at Alain Rouquié house is not listening, Juanito “profits” from the calamities in Mexico, which he off-TRACK, helped to create.

… for the record, “SoFy Velasco and her tales” are missing from Juanito’s Sunday show, not sure if she’s not among the colaborators there any-more.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Mamunia

Previously on, “Eye Still Haven’t Found Dépêche Mode »


En contexto… Wait for it, wait, … ⏳

75 y los cuentos de SoFy Velasco en rfpp . net … sponsored by Amnesty International en Belleville… featuring on playback: https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Fernando_Pessoa y las palancas de La Casa de l’Amérique latine at l’IHEAL de la Juventud Bolivariana en Guadalajara, JaliscoMéxico.

State of ISRAEL = Reich 3.1 ⚒️🛠️⚒️🛠️⚒️🛠️ but that’s just what rubbed off for some* during the Shoah, and in Washington, the Speaker of the TRIBE… perdón, Madame Macron, I meant to spell, and in Washington, the Speaker of the HOUSE of David… damn it!!! Here we go A-Gain… and in Washington, the Speaker of the HOUSE cancelled a Seminar on Capitol Hills grounds after Israeli Prime Minister and the AIPAC war pigs called his ass and instructed that motherfucker to ERASE HISTORY. In retro-spect, with all due respect: you can’t have it both ways³, STATE of ISRAEL.

³~. What are you French, or are those frog-eyes nothing more than spectacles on CLIMATE CHANGE?

Israel can’t complaint about Holocaust denialism if they are going to deny the attrocities that the State of Israel is [and has, in the past 75 years of INSTITUTIONAL OCCUPATION been] inflicting on the people of Palestine, the its original people in the land that United States in America evangelists are now claiming from an imaginary God, on both sides of Jerusalem.

Armando Segovia
Lomas de Poleo witness…

The Borderzine fellows at UTEP can’t allow me to lie, I showed the staff there how that enclave on the West Bank of Juárez City, looked a lot like a little occupied West Bank… on the outskirts of Jerusalem.


— Pain, Ewe said?


When PBS goes out the way that Democracy Now!, did… Blame it “on the río ».

It’s a relativo really, just ask rfi:

https ://www .rfi .fr /en /france /20230512two-french-citizens-held-in-iran-released-returning-to-france

Pain-Eye_say-it_A-Gain… Pain 🐝🥢🍯 🏺⚱️⚰️


It’s like harvesting honey 🍯 for Pooh in China and being susceptible to anaphylaxis from a Sting. Or, getting your Salt 🧂 from peanuts 🥜, knowing damn well that the latter is neither a nut (it’s a legume) nor a decent remuneration coin, especially if youse allergic to certain legumes, such as the aforementioned, peanuts.

Nothing feels better than blood on blood…

The Boss.

Of course, if youse French then Ewe has the option to get an extra-incentive called “espèces”, which is a FALSE-FRIEND for Spice, but non-the less, it’s like chilli beans on that nacho 🧀 platter of y’OURS, —nigga.

Fuck, Peanuts 🎹 with SoFy Velasco on rfpp . net!!! — Long Live The Muppets 🥁🥢

Ay, que Pessoa, que Pessoa…
Siempre con máximas y aforismos
para refrescarte-la, hoy por ser día de las Madres…
en EEUU, y en la OEA, la Unesco, y rfpp también.

Knot to be outdone by PBS’s effort to paint Vermont in a different shade of enamel, the Paris Tourism Board deployed the Spanish bragadas from the 👩‍🦯 guided Tour de a patas* por París on a mission to claim PAINT 🎨 for the Benefit of France Culture or something like that.

*~. Hearded like sheeple por Le Cluny and Shakespeare por le ShyWaWa next to chez Magoo.


See you mañana, i swear, if only the Paris Tourism Board had the imagination.

Previously on The Le Pen Club at rfpp en Montreuil — M9 at † de 🐴

Avril 2023  

Saso Porcel at Pleyel.

… and BENNY Blanco from “daBronx”, if that’s even your real voice[over] Let Mí, CARLITO Brigante, tell you How, IT!, —will be. But FO’ist you and “Pachanga” are going to have to know how to get to Sesame Street, at La Salle Pleyel, where l’Opera next DOOR is going to be, as the French say, ANNULÉ! Tune in at Eight when the Head Nigger in charge explains to Bernie Sanders why the opera is gonna go the way of Hun and Ninth Street à Lyon.

Slim 🏎️ Borgudd
“Chiquitita” en rfpp .net
¿Por qué’Stan tristes hoy?

Noire… With a Ticket To Ride.

P.S. à la inverse ∴ I begin at the end of Sam Stein’s transmission in Babylon Tú, you son of a bitch! And here is Y, pronounced like them Greeks dew, not like the French eat their grec.

Any how, Benito Blanco at the Bodega, now I know why in Venezia, Los Hombres G, got in a fight with the mafia; god-damn ginny-basterd’s called David Summers, ‘il Brutto’, pero no por feo… si no más bien por Wey!!! You mean to tell me that The Ugly Mexican at the Farmer’s Joe Show on MSNBC didn’t know the roots of the Avocados 🥑 that he eats! BOLOGNA with MAYO at 6 in the morning with Ice-T, Collete! Hop on the bus and call Mí ” Blondie 🤠”… It’s all New York NOIZE!!!

AGUACATES… Agua pasa por mi casa, Kate de mi corazón. Ketchup? Secretary Kerry’s wife would not be filthy rich without Our Tomates.


All ghost* notes lead to Ring💍 Starr³… Talking ’bout—Pop Music:

Ringo Starr has long suffered the mockery of the public and musicians. Described as an “average” drummer, Starkey was in the right place at the right time and did not deserve his status as the most famous drummer at  the Préfecture de Police in Paris, France… in the planet…

Édito, pg –03– Nº 201.


Entonces, Chiquitita Velasco...

Entonces, Chiquitita Velasco… Ai’ Te va, because by the time that I got to Robespierre (M9) the Le Pen Club de France had already vacated the grounds of La Parole Errante, Juanito Guanavacoa was nowhere in sight, and Osler Amaro was en retard. So I did the only sensible thing in the meantime, Yesterday,  which off-Course was to re-establish a conversation with the ‘Alien lizard” on the wall next to the cantina y con un gato que’staba allí.


Il aura fallu près d’un demi-siècle et les louanges à répétition de (many, many great drummers et autres Stewart Copeland at THE POLICE pour qu’il soit réhabilité aux yeux de tous…

Édito, pg –03– Nº 201.

And now, the rest of that story… but FO’ist! It’s another edition of our trademark gig:


Adventures in Translation with musical guest The Tremendous Transilien Transliterations

All the fast horses… Transºliteración transcendental follows. En fin, no pasó mucho tiempo entre la opción de quedarme un rato allí en el jardín La Parole Errante o ir a ver qué estaba pasando con Méliès en su jardín just around the corner from Armand Gatti’s place.

… Still to come, A BAND of Horses and a Collection of asses.

And Jen Psaki, it’s OK to be angry, with Bernie. Go ahead, say it loud, The World is heading towards The Age of Oligarchs… BONG 13 revisited, A-Gain 🗣️📣 and A-Gain., Ask ChiChi and never mind Wesley Snipes, because the Only BLADES that Öüï dance to is The one from The Harlem salsa orchestra.

Hoy en día, no muchos en el mundo osarian (o se atreverían a) meter en cuestión Quest-ionar el rol CAPITAL de Ringo en El Son de “Cha-Cha—BOOM! » on a CAVE in Liverpool.

Édito, pg –03– Nº 201, by Sébastien Benoits.



All the fast horses.

Correction, Vilma Fuentes es un duende³


Amiga, SoFy Velasco… don’t believe the Juanito Guanabacoa torture report, I don’t work best under pressure. No, ma’am-en… My best work is always, Always™ on DEADLINE, soFy Velasco.

“La vida te da sorpresas, sorpresas te da La Vida, »

Gabriel Figueroa did not invent the technique, but like DOUBLE Qué Sacó 007, “nobody lit that bitch in The Sky³ better”, simón q’ISSY, Carly.

Musical Guest: Bob Dylan y Los Dandys… Romance entre pollos y paracaidistas…

El Altar de las Ganadoras… Nevermind gettin’ stoned, Èvry body must get a pad. — This period is sponsored by Vania and PA’.


Meditando yo
Me di cuenta que
Aunque esté sin ti
A tu lado voy…

³~. Los duendes no llevan “X” siendo que estos “geniecillos” cómo suelen llamarlos los franceses son SUJETOS masculinos. Donc, motherfuckers ; no such thing as a “duenda” donde Trasgo®³ mató pollos y hundió minas canadienses en la CONCHA de la Pasta de Cuatrociénegas y El Guadiana.

³~. https ://www .industriaavicola .net /uncategorized /en-mexico-se-inaugura-una-moderna-instalacion-avicola-destinada-a-pollos-de-engorde/

For context on Yesterday’s SoFy Velasco (bimbo) Show, the subject of La Argentina popped-up, and after All Apologies directed at all her Argentines connections, SoFy Velasco wasted no saliva to smother the World Cup winners with vocabulary fit for any royal highness-es-es… which Öüï will not repeat 🔁 on account that RFPP . Net does not take responsibility for the context of it’s Latin American weekend content.

Yada, yada, classified 🔳◼️◾▪️

Never mind, WALDO, Katty Kay, where’s Mika’s big fat pussy?… Probably in PA’jamAS. This is how Rome fell. Entitled Joe’s, and their debutante Significant otters 🦦.

Told y’all yesterday that it was a Walk… You probably thought, like Velsho with a Velcro, patch, that it was Spiderman behind Louis XV. Didn’t you, Congressperson Scarborough? Confess you son of a bitch!

The Football has left the building.


It’s Mo’ornin in America, with Eddie Gloude Princeton


Y como dice Curtis Mayfield, mi querida SoFy Velasco:

Alain Bauer of the criminal trades and métier-es-es is with MALHERBES in reel-time.

Give Me Your Love, but FO’ist, Eye must first disclose that your are not the first floosy from The Voix Sans Voix booth to come along my güey, Juanito Guanavacoa, that’s right SoFy Velasco, before your sexy ass came through here with your micro-orgasms and other assorted cuentos, the GO’ill from Issy-les-Moulineaux, the one and only, Michelle Saldaña, used to project herself on Mí; although to be perfectly accurate, Michelle (my 🔔) came courtesy of Osler Amaro and the rest of 🇵🇪 los peruchos de Botzaris 🇨🇵, not from 🇲🇽 Juantio Guanavacoa🇨🇦 Productions.

Ojos abiertamente cerrados (Revisited)

This is to say, SoFy Velasco, that your cold-ass rendition of the cuentos que ya no REMember of last Sunday’s show, leave no other option than to continue with my proxi-conversation with los andaluzes del “Jam” de Juanito Guanabacoa, because according to Salvador, el andaluz que giraba de hartista en Portugal, píntando cuadros que según él, en sus propias palabras, “eran cuadros originales, sin repeticion », porque de acuerdo a Chava*, ahora en paráfrasis de mi parte:

[E]s-que no vale la pena mirar hacía atras, mejor siempre mirar hacia adelante, y por eso nunca píntaba cuadros que de alguna manera yo (o sea Salvador) ya había producido, —before.

*~. hipocorístico de Salvador, no las 👯 chavas 💃🏻 de hoy porque esas dos son Michelle y SoFy.

And, SoFy | Michele, it’s important to bring this up in a Synopsis del resumén de El Show de Juanito Guanavacoa, on account that immediatly after that statement the segment that followed was a so-called Blues jam, which of course, as TOTALITARIAN REGIMES in 🇨🇱 CHILE and in 🇵🇪 PERU know, that a 🌍 Blues jam 🌎 (my friends) has no elements of re-pe-ti-tion whatsoever at all, y para COLMO en Colmars, Juanito had the audacity of dissin’ the STAND-UP 🎤 form, calling that form style of delivery as, “solitary” and not pretty like an Orgy or a so-called “jam » en rfpp . net : get it while you can!

It’s the 50th Anniversary of the real SUPERFLY, with that in mind, please relay to your audio files that Öüï now return to la  Synopsis de “aquí somos aquí estamos » del pasado domingo 22 del Año del Conejo de la suerte, espero, querida SoFy Velasco, que ya hayas recibido la pata que les metí en tiempo real a ‘el jam’ de Juanito y su pinche harmonica.

With that in mind, and in la lengua de “Shakes Pirito », Öüï caught up with La Kerschovas, who as luck would have it, Denisa joined the Carnival, that’s right SoFy Velasco, La Kerschohvas is now strolling her way up and down the Ravioli parallel between the Louvre and and motherfucking Concorde, sporting a motherfucking beard. The Paris Tourism Board even hooked her up with a open locker at particular Club Where Évrybody Knows Your Name.


After the break at Los Pirineos it’s another edition of The Soundtrack to “A Moor Es Perros » on the Mediterráneo freqs, with a road trip through the  Royalist Side of The Hexagone in France.

Musical guest, “El Buki Mayor” and that daft punk without a helmet on the French Touch scene.



The Birth of TALKIE, and of course, The Kid

And, Reverend Al… Do Catho Tubes count as spiritual gospel, or as revival gumbo‽


[This Space For Rent]

And, Reverend Al, the Selenites at Tranquility Base Hôtel & Casino wish to express without the explicit consent of DOMINO records, or Major League Baseball, that Öüï literally could not make this shit up.

1858 In Mexico, BENITO JUÁREZ becomes president and a National They of Mourning follows para 🇫🇷 La Legión Extranjera de Botzaris ⚜️, casí esquina con 🇲🇽 Hidalgo al cruzar 🇻🇪 Bolívar.


Mientras tanto en El Perú, en El Perú es la hora de la historia de un indio “no permitido” en comfort on the Eve of the new lunar year of The Rabbit 🐇 2023:

1858: en México, Ignacio Comonfort, luego de disolver el Congreso y desconocer la Constitución, abandona la presidencia y sale de la Ciudad de México rumbo al exilio hacia Estados Unidos.

En la cabina de Osler Amaro en rfpp, “los cuatro suyos” de Lourdes Guanca reclaman encarcelar a Juan Lázaro de rfpp . net por haber coordinado con Juanito Guanabacoa el apaño³ de Flechas en Botzaris 🪶… en retroceso, hoy sábado 21 de enero, Osler y su pandilla se están dando cuenta de la problemática minera que nos une (hijo de la Pachamama…), te lo dice un hijo de la chingada que ha estado tratando de decírtelo desde el 2011, pero así como se queja Lulú Guanca (tu invitada de hoy) que de “terruca” no la bajan, así han hecho con tu servidor… o sea el que aquí mal escribe, no los programas de computadora en ejecución que atienden las peticiones de otros programas, como por ejemplo, “as a client I ask your Server at rfpp . net for a link, or a SENDERO to ‘a reproducción’ of today’s show with Lulú.

– Response from the Server 🖥️ at La Emisión Américas en el 106.3 fm de la Place-des-Fêtes:

Request Timed Out

Synopsis del Show de Osler Amaro 21de enero del año en curso (Hoy se va Tigre 🐅 sigue Conejo en LUNA, which for tonight happens to be on a Chivo called Capricornio.) Any how…

Hoy No Hubo Jazz

Y por si Juanito Guanabacoa no lo recuerda, no dudes Osler Amaro en revisar, el triste episodio de Alicia Leos y los “43 de Ayotzinapa” en la Maire del XXème durante El Año de John Mill Ackermann y su familia en Francia… o sea, la familia del Jefe de Tesinas en la llamada, “máxima casa de estudios” en Chilangolandia, casí caída del METRO 🚇 Satélite, en La CDMX, no su familia suya, don Osler.

You, there with the feather in your FRENTE, you sir, Ewe make poop smell like Florence, —en Lille, France. —_– Tú The Moon, Alicia. Tú The Moon.

³~. Confiscación de las “armas” tradicionales de los pueblos originarios… EN INTROSPECCIÓN, don Osler y Rojas, si así como con las “armas largas” de los indios “bravos” de las manifestaciones capitalinas, las autoridades en Lima, utilizarán su IMAGINACIÓN para confiscar de los galeones en el fondo del Atlántico, esos tesoros que según dice La Corona de España, les pertenece (a la corona) y no a los pueblos originales, ni mucho menos, —al pueblo de El Perú.

Y… Javier Solis, meet Laura Goodfascia

Yo no me llamo, Javier—eh, eh.

Los Toreros Muertos… el chiste es que eran Espontaneos 🪐 en Tauro y, pues en este tren al Sur, que también existe, finalmente, SoFy Velasco tomó la iniciativa de crear un puto podcast para “los poemas” de un Chilango.

Sophie, Sofi, SoFy, don’t fight it, you want me in you.





Sin embargo, rfpp will not host said podcasts, which shows a clear pattern of The French, those motherfuckers, not taking responsibility nor acknowledging knowledge of Juanito’s bullshit, en DéCalAge. Y Juanito, esa falla técnica that made you skip a beat, is Mí, sayin’ Hello, hijo de la chingada. Ahora, sí, qué chingados dijo Venezuela en Canadá, en el 2013.


Knot… do your thing after the musical spackle on that Wall of yours 💥 which Évry body knows it’s, War Business y sí es sustantivo… Io, por ser gerundio, soy verbo en acción.

In France, Alain Rouquie likes his verbos como floreros en su pinche casa de la América latina.


1 de octubre, 2022 — Yes, Öüï Khan, break da’ Rhules.

Previously on, “Pare de Surfear”, God continues to reign as the most important sponsor of war 🪖, in this edition of The Church of Pare de Sufrir (🇧🇷), The Russian Orthodox’s Church (🇷🇺) Patriarch Kirill the First, just promised Russian conscripts 72 virgins to rape, upon arriving to Russian heaven when they become Dead as Stalin, in Ukraine.

Jihad in Cyrillic… “Russian soldiers who die in the Ukraine war are committing a ‘sacrifice’ that ‘washes away all the sins’”, said the Patriarch of Saint-Sulpice, Paris 6éme.

En fin, God and Country… over at RFPP 106.3 fm, Osler (🇵🇪) anda revisando “La Carta de Madrid” en Segovia, España, con Toussaint y un tal 🇪🇸 Pepé Mejía 🇪🇸. It’s a repeat 🔁 from last week’s show.

Our coverage at ASEGOVIA3 is not a repeat, but an UPDATE for the “good people at Media Part », coincidentally, last week’s Edition of the Juanito Guanavacoa Show touched on something along this alley, context on the cutline of the frame below:

https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v=R5u5Iyafk-k 


No Habrá Final Feliz… long story short a jailed Mexican solider explains to the BBC (yes, that BBC) why he could not reveal the corruption surrounding him in the years when FLORENCE CASSEZ was the Mexican President’s guest of honor in a Chilango Jail. Synopsis: the main fish, Genaro García Luna, and other high-ranking Mexican Officials had not been apprehended yet³. Hilarity ENSUES when a JUANITO GUANABACOA recorded laughter track is backmasked to the interview of former Infantry Captain Vladimir Ilich Malagón.

³~. Context follows, but it is right up the alley of the Stephanie Menous’s files at the Préfecture de Police, in the sense that in 2013, when Bruno, her boss, asked of me to give him an organigram, or a chart of what I was supposed to find out, my response, I am not a fortune teller, I don’t have a crystal ball, I am a reporter and I have certain leads which I cannot furnish you with. And this is when mister Bruno dropped the name of PABLO GLEASON in the docket.

Juanito’s Mexique Big Ranch, don’t drink the Kool-Aid™️, and don’t eat the Tacos, Juanito makes Em# from Sheltered Dogs and rescues.

At the HdV en Paris Centre el colectivo CUBO just recreated the scene en Las Canarias. La escenografía se pinta Zola, Emilio.

La Pundita appears courtesy of Greenwich Mean Time and the River Thames, the passing of the Queen is another reminder before September 2022 ‘Bites The Dust‘ that Las Malvinas 🇬🇧 no es América 🇦🇷.

ToMorrEAU never knEaus.

Page Tú… Morning Star ✨ Edition in Hawaii

Over at Botzaris, Juanito made an early start en, De quel âge?

In another quadrant, Louie Le Vau, the favorite architect of El Partido Is putting the final touches on the Olympic Design for the October Olympics. Under his belt is a commission to design the perfect classrooms for plots outside of the metropolitan Intelectuales.
Escuela Agropecuaria Técnica nº 99 / EST #15.


In local news, Venezia.

Reflexión en el espejo de SoFy Velasco:

los perritos

Protocolo de Estambul es código de Tortura en México llevado a cabo por los oficiales de L’Equinoxe… judiciales militares.


El periodismo de investigación, cómo LA Música VIVA, siempre es mejor en Vivo y no como crónica. La crónica es una TELENOVELA para Los Intelectuales. ¡Bravo, Juanito! Clap 👏🏼 Clap , CLAP 🖕🏼.


Para variar, Juanito celebra la denuncia testimonial de Ayotzinapa, para un público colombiano, la cosa, Señor Temor is de Greco, en su momento, cuando los representantes de Ayotzinapa pasarón por París, los pastores de la protesta PaRiSiNa, repito:

los pastores de la protesta PaRiSiNa

se vieron más cautivados por los OjOs de Perro de Residente (René Pérez) en el Bataclán. En contexto, y en resumidas cuentas, el mero día de la protesta (reglamentada por la Préfectura de París) Amnesty International (A.I.) celebraba su aniversario número ‘quién sabe qué’ y A.I. tenía la Plaza de La República a reventar, y por eso era lógico que John Mill Ackermam y Pablo Gleason (cine institucional Viva México) se llevarán a Omar y los 43 mexicanitos en París, por la rue de Cascades, la misma del Señor Velasco.

Time-delayed plot

Sofy-ToNaNa es enviada hasta Colombia gracias a una beca del Espejo del Perro Con Paciencia Agradecida, de la rue Solidaridad en Botzaris, Francia.

Y SoFy Velasco jumped on The Alix in WonderLand… bandwagon, y los Trabalenguas de maravillas fueron reprimidos en palmadas. And not to be outdone by Manitas en décalage, Juanito Guanabacoa se fue a Chingar a su Madre a Colombia 🕜… nota a SoFy Velasco, los mexicanos en donde quiera usted que anden —o no anden– son hijos de La Malinche y por eso, ZóFy VVelasko, te aseguro que no hay ofensa. Ask ToNaNa. Lewis Carroll just gave Juanito un poco d’Agua 🎩.

If it’s Domingo, it’s Siempre Sunday. Who’s gonna argue that logic? Los lunáticos de Hilo, Hawaii, that’s who. Why Eye reckons that when Lundi arrives at Lidl in CET, The Sac-n-Saves in Hawaii are going to say to Sunday in Paris, “why you just might have to wait for the décalage de La Samba en Marte”. In the mean time wait for IAN to pass the beans before you visit Méliès en Montreuil-sous-Vincennes.

And, Phat Basterd, please relay to Luc Fregön at Siren Central, that RFPP 106.3 fm might just be worth saving, hold that Battery of Special Artillery on Camarón Camp at Buttes-Chaumont.

You may blow your nose, but leave your Scarf on.

En Persia, inspired perhaps by The Sheik of Arabi, Iranian féminas burned Their Bibles in a gran fogata con Los Alegres de Terán en La Sultana del Bayenato en La Fundidora de La Macro Plaza del Obispado rayado, —en Monterrey, Nuevo Lyon 🤠.