… [A]nnnnnnd, we’re back — kind of

The following Halloween presentation is being brought to y’all, by WEST drive-thru FUNERALS.

WEST drive-thru FUNERALS, where Donnie Deutsch will make a brand name of your loved ones.

and now the rest of the story

and now the rest of the story… narrated by a young María Teresa Kumar 🎃 DB0650D6-81C1-492D-8518-123C206D35E7 .:. Full disclosure, IMDB provides only one motherfucking single snapshot that features a Young Jason Johnson. Still, we [the staff] will continue to follow LAS CAUSAS that drove Jason to go haywire on the PM Joy.

Attention all Sirens, inform all of the units that a disgruntled Jason Johnson has abducted Mexican Lucha Libre super-dupper Legend, SANTO, and turned a “El Enmascarado de Plata” into a fucking little pumpkin.

Sources close to Tiffany (Blue) Cross relay that the disgruntled “The Root” reporter se PUSO flamenco after PM Joy rushed his black ass into RIGHTING a BOOK

Jason was last seen wearing a Yellow Tie, and people WHO know… [K]now D.A.T. D.A.R.E ain’t no going Back now.

Y por si sobrara menos, Donnie Deutsch… d.a.t. motherfucker, por no decir, ese i’jo-eh puta, went ahead and donned Silver (the color of SANTO) and invited himself into Mika’s business-es-es. The audacity of that son of a bitch… EVRY body knows that blood suckers can’t invite themselves into the scene, that’s what DUENDES are for.


And in the Role of Jerry Only: Walter Isaacson

Turkey is not the enemy

Turkey is not the enemy… this fucker is .:. 757BFCE4-6057-4258-8884-FB5F46CB2BEC * Ask Mí how.


Ari… if you’re listening • Fantasy Island at Melania’s Garden is on

Well… you’ve heard about Montezuma, it’s not one of those. What follows is:

It didn't have to bee D.A.T. Güey

It didn’t have to bee D.A.T. Güey .:. 138C679D-A4FA-4D3B-9508-B1D00FA1203B

La Venganza de Montalbán

But FO’ist!

Hey, po'Boy

Hey, po’Boy … what ever happened to “Hail to the chief?”…….. Deer, Nicolle Wallace, the test of the electorate won’t matter, the lies per paragraph, the superlatives, nothing.  Nothing will matter, except… stay tuned for details, because we [the staff] can’t possibly read paragraphs ahead of Central Europe Time.

Dear, Donald Trump’s Niece on The Make The Rachel Maddow Show Great Again, please relay to PM Joy D.A.T.:

Perhaps it would be badass to have activate text on the screen while the Trump Show is on. You know, like responding on—the—spot to every Fantasy Island trope.

C’mon Phil Griffith ( you bastard ) you remember the little trombone [📎] on, wait for it, —Word.


On–the–spot response for the El Siglo de Torreón screen-grab of the president.

But FO’ist… C’mon, PM Joy!!! How many times must Eye Tell you that you cannot override a Babylon Two mayor, even if he sounds like Daffy Duck.

“This are my credentials” 8 id… motherfucker! MUST SHOW WORK, and Senator Cotton, there is none more lonesome than a PATHFINDER, but öüï don’t stand-alone.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /8th_Infantry_Division_(United_States)

THE PROUD infanta of THE Peoples presidentright. Ladies in Gentle Men:

NICOLE as a grown-adult.

Yeah, Buddy… she is the future Queen of platitudes, her speech speaks for itself, it is what it is, and i would date her if my Dick didn’t belong to Kayleigh McEnany… Kayleigh!!! Kayleigh!!!!@&%?

And now, The POTUS Weekend Report.

Heavy rains will spoil any golf outings at the president’s golf courses on the East Coast, so the president, instead, will do his fucking job for once by visiting the affected areas in the path of Hurricane Laura. It will be the perfect time to complement the police blooper reel on the Ari Melber Show with a split screen of Maria Response in 2017 with the Curvy Laura (now playing at a gun shop near you).

Once again, mr. president, thank you for reading u.s., but if you are going to quote Mí, you should pay Mí 130 Billion Dollars, you can keep thehugs,” mr. Destroyer, and please: SUCK MY KISS… it tastes like a Chili Pepper, and it even comes with a Flea (why with being a Circus) which are much more trainable (fleas) than those bed bugs at your Florida resort.

Now, mr. potus, is Reginald aware that you used one of his hits for your Fascist propaganda at Melania’s House? 

In conclusion, Turkey sends his regards, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, thanks you for helping him get a little bit closer to taking a big chunk of Syria. And for that blow-job from you-know-who.


The ENTIRE audience at tonight’s White House violation event is attended 100% by nurses and first responders, Jesus Fucking Christ, miracles do happen, it’s like Jesus’ Fish story, the president asked for nurses and first responders to Standin the place where you are, and every swinging dick and hanging boobs stood up in ther place.

Over at the Ari Melver Show… it’s the asparagus, stupid!

And Dr. Fauci went:
That’s not how the principle of wearing a mask in COVID–19 times works, now stop casting aspersions on the prevention.

https ://www .salon .com /2020/07/29 /trump-loving-texas-rep-louie-gohmert-blames-wearing-a-face-mask-for-his-positive-covid-19-test/

Ancient Aliens — Executive abductions

Ancient Aliens — Executive abductions .:. ADDFAFBE-68B3-40F5-8DF2-3D59BBD30706 👽 In ConTexto, the world will note that whenever Donald John Trump is challenged with an explanation to his outrageous remarks, such as his admiration of a white lab coat–wearing individual (apparently a medical professional) who muses about alien DNA, demon sperm, and of course proselytizes about the benefits of taking hydroxychloroquine to cure the Coronavirus, that Donald John Trump runs away (like a coward) by abruptly ending the daily rally from the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House… because that is what “War Presidents” are supposed to do.

https ://www .nzherald .co .nz /world /news /article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=12351864

Anyhow, Black Spy, we here at staff are climbing up Babel’s Tower trying to put context into a cunt, it is not an easy adventure, Eye can attest to D.A.T.! In any case and/or scenario, Mr. Nance, so we are doing 1993 all over again along the Rhine, eh‽ Clearing up them old Nazi barracks and sending that Yankee Dollar back to the U.S., back to the U.S., back to the U.S.S.R.


The Army goes rollin' again

The Army goes rollin’ again .:. 2C6B4762-2814-4A57-BFA2-69E49713BC01 🤦‍♂️

March 1993, Sullivan Barracks Germany (where General George S. Patton began to die in December 1945). As a non–commissioned officer in The U.S. Army (a buck sergeant really) i personally saw (with my own lying eyes) how small business entrepreneurs from a recently open-market economy (Russia) took advantage of our unit deactivation and the “detail” of U.S. soldiers provided to these Russian entrepreneurs to disassemble and load the now “surplus” unit furniture into their Russian plated trucks. Six months later the Air Force would move into those same barracks, all of the surplus that went to Eastern Europe would be refurbished for the new “tenants”… Question, who’s gonna get all that surplus this time around, and who will be moving into Sullivan Barracks and into Heidelberg (where General Patton ultimately died)? The UKRAINIANS

But nevermind them Russians working for a de iure* president for life, because when the mail gets backed up on purpose by the non–union workers of the United States Postal Service or by the temp workers in that institution then you know how it feels to get fucked from INSIDE the HOUSE, Chris Hayes.

In Hilo Hawaii

And because we’ve been tracking a registered letter to a state building in Texas, mailed by–the–guey on the 4th of July, we [the staff] can attest that as of yesterday [according to the tracking system at La Poste] that particular registered correspondence just made, IT!, to New York City… so yeah, the report suggests that the constipation agent is self-administered, but we know nothing about them Chinese seeds toSuburbia”.

Oh, how Eye wishes that he could write with all of the humanity of a Jakob Hirsch Soboroff (he’s seen some pretty fucked-up things in El Paso, Texas, you know), but sadly if somebody, —anybody— decides to actually GET IN GOOD TROUBLE in Texas, that somebody better be ready to lick el fundillo of the powers that be, like it became the case with me, Armando Segovia, when a story about a SUBURBAN section of Ciudad Juárez (Chihuahua, Mexico) intersected with the political allies of Bernardo Gómez at The Unesco Headquarters during the first TRImester of 2016.

Programa de archivo

Programa de archivo .:. 9781C169-C9AC-4CE6-B801-A879E767E5D7 ⚖️
De Facto: when something is a fact, pero no se ajusta a una norma práctica.
De Iure: When Something tiene un Respaldo jurídico… like say from the U.N..
—_•¡•_— Take the Island of Chipre for example, en práctica (o sea, de facto) el reconocimiento político (de iure) sobre la soberanía de la nación en donde a la Afrodita se le ocurrió brotar del mar, se lo pasa por los huevos el imperio de Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, en Estambul.

“Two Minutes, Turkish!” pause:
US Ambassador Satterfield today visits Hagia Sophia after its reconversion to a mosque
https ://mobile .twitter .com/ragipsoylu/status/1288463896471310336

Of course, Siren you better than any Nereid know that while George Brassens might have succeeded in abolishing the death penalty in France, the de facto* Ruhle of the Land states that the only crime punishable by death in the ByLas of “the law” es la calumnia.

I will follow the law!”

The Hon. William P. Barr, responding to the Judicial Committee.

And so, by the power vested in Mí by Professor Pineda at The University of Texas at El Chuco, and the bullet-proof vest provided by the Sam Donaldson Communication Headquarters at the Cotton Building in D.A.T. D.A.R.E Old College on Mine[s]…

Musical guest

Musical guest: DA3ACFAD-646C-45C6-BB2C-20A853B0A6C8 🎙 Digital Underground and The Frisco Kid



🎶 The Humpty Dance is your chance —To Do The HUMP!

In local news: Sports

Aujourd’hui, 20:45 in la segunda parte de El Tratado de Sèvres.


La Seguridad de la UEFA

La Seguridad de la UEFA está entre “comillas” luego de que el Parlamento Europeo, en Bruselas, suspendió la venta de balones de fútbol a la nueva version del Imperio Otomano.

Mehmet “el quinto” sigue exaltando a los Jóvenes Turcos (Jön Türkler) tras una victoria de 2 por 0, el pasado 8 de junio, en contra de la Federación Francesa de Fútbol.

Mientras tanto en VENEZIA

EU seeks Italian support for Turkey arms embargo


Italy, of course said: fuck you Europa, that’s like a $50 million deal, and My Cousin Vinny is the main pusherthe main vendor.

Oh, François Hollande, youse such a Righter!

Today Eye discovered that…

Today in LA

Today in (the key of) LA: Psycho Head Killer weed sans pesticides —[•]~[•]… in the frame, The Purple Pundit sports a Special Limited Edition of Bill Clinton’s broken spectacles. Retail €300.99 SHOP GNOW!

Line 70 (RATP) from HdV to Radio France has a Secret Garden route, vía Longchamp.

… and in Cousin Joe‘s teleprompter, the Script has no TEXT and The president of Vladimir Putin’s United States of Trump Castle[s], Donald Trump, is using the Rising Sun flag (2–Each) as a pair of Balls for his Old Glory guideon.

The 700 hundred perfect club

Fuck Jesus Christ and Kingdom Come, here comes the Young Turks, thanks to “them” Young Americans… only on the The 700 hundred perfect club… Dear, Ellen DeGeneEres: Please Inform Nicolle Wallace that her former boss said the following, “Nicole, brain farting at the end of a spectacle segment is no way to greet Chuck Todd,” that will bee 5 Hail Mary’s and one Our Lorde’s prayer iced tea, Aussi.

That trip was 12 hours ago, right now, well right now Jonathan Swan [2] is just opening his spectacled eyes to the fact that the 45th president of the United States of the Peoples Republic of the Putinesque Empire lets his helicopter (paid for by The Peoples taxes) do the talking for him.

Les Danglin’ Towers on the Conflict of Interest (hasteRisk), in other words, “Eye does not search, Eye finds,” dijo Picasso.

Reminder: Trump Has a Massive Conflict of Interest in Turkey

2. Twelve hours ahead in Central Europe Time, both Yesterday and, of course, Today, period

Oh, boy

Oh, boy! Did Jud’ol gknow that it was the French who invented the Martial Arts in Brasil, indeed. •|• Thyme Gnow: it’s the 11th Hour in Grown–up clocks… catch you laters’ at the 22h; and for Jamaica’s sake, Wallace, take some Purple Beeno for your brain. 

Premiere Rockets made in CHYNA!

Live from Fort Cartoon Colorado.


Meanwhile… at Paris Premiere Headquarters, Turkey’s despot called the movie magazine and complained about the Sista’s Squad Movie poster on their 500th Edition. Tha magazine’s Web content editor immediately followed the Example of the Houston Rockets Corporate Team and followed suit.

And in South Park Colorado

Following the self-censored tregua with Donald Trump, the fuckers from Southpark got punked by Winnie the Poo, in CHYNA!!!

Sin Comentarios

Sin Comentarios.:. America: land of the free, home of Little Rocket Men

The eternal fifth-graders can’t play the martyr card in CHYNA if, motherfuckers, you two cocksuckers threw the towel when Trump got elected. Fucking, fags.

Meanwhile at fip central station…

“Del árbol caído,
todos sacan Duendes »,

Dear, Rachel: tuned in late, is that a Canadian Mine Firm

Eye says again, is that a Canadian Mine Firm that you are trying to figure out?

Never mind the grec

Never mind the grec, here comes the shish kebabs. DEAR, Marianne, before Brontis gets to follow the same instructions from the director of the Préfecture de Police à Paris, from September of 2014, please be advised and/or reminded that we [the staff of this most inconsequential blog] did point out that the Second Official trip of the then president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto was to Ankara to meet with Erdogan.

Because it certainly sounds like Napoleón Gómez Urrutia’s job history. And, for the record, let mí get the Fuentes from doña Vilma Picapiedra…

Make America Nazi program

Ladies in Gemini: The Make America Nazi program… this is what the president of the U.S. of America meant when he said that he has “German Blood” in him… he drank a cup of baby blood before making the German Chancellor wish that Nicolle Wallace old boss was massaging her shoulders. Stephen Miller, stop using my Number.

…check them stones out: Pedro, El Chavo, and the  monolith, wait for it, wait. In the mean time, while Donald John Trump steals my number (33), perhaps Mr. Trudeau could save the day and take in the MEDICAL DEPORTATIONS from the American Nazi Party; just a thought, because Donald Trump just told the Shriners Hospitals to get in Line, Fall-in, and as Stephen Miller says: obey.


Shapes in progress

Shapes in Progress, Mon toil à La Bagagerie, 75001.

Francia 2551 — Italia 6… Segundo tiempo… en vivo desde Bruselas

TimeStamp: 13h20 in Siren Central Den… ISSY, Corazón, T erra mia.

… bon appétit!

El talón de Italia.

TimeStamp: Una hora para el toque de las 4h20 en CET.

Clowns to the left — Jokers to the right… Hold your breath, here comes a bomb*.

* … not an actual bomb, but a figure of speech,
Colombia vS Polonia follows…
ijo’eh Puta vS Kurwas’
A ver quién gana.

Strip Jazz hour follows after the Carnaval at The Siren Den.

TimeStamp: 18h45 CET



… Cometarío del Presidente de los ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS en proceso.

There has better be some « Black Satin » under that hide if Ewe are going to pull kthe Hobo Winter Warm Up multi-layer scheme, eh!

TimeStamp: 19h14 SARAJEVO TIME!… ¡Ah, caray! Sarajevo!?!?!? Not Sarajevo, Maestro—in Central Europe Time!!! What a maroon… [and Sirens, of course Ewe’all should know that Bugsy is hurling those Zingers from the mound, eh!

TimeStamp: seven minutes 19h20 in CET.

The new partnership vista con un retrovisor…

ISSY, for some unknown reason, Santa ‘motherfucking’ Claus—Ewe’all is coming to Town! en visperas del mes de Julio. Might the Sirens know something ahead of everyone else? Will Colombia walk out with a victory tonight in Russia and send the Polacs abusing Kurwhas all the way back to Varsovia? Will López Obrador finally take the siege at Palacio Nacional—o el sistema lo mandara una vez más a “La Chingada”, es decir, a su quinta allá en Palenque, Chiapas. Stick around, we never —in our wildest dreams would have thunk that the Sirens had an oracle among their lair.

… Minuto 10’
Colombia 0 — Polonia 0



Do Ewe know what the best thing about this blog is, Sir? That much like Rachel Maddow, or the Sirens at ISSY-LES -MOULINEAUX Ewe’all don’t read it.

Anyway, Bill, [may i address you as Bill? Of course i can—You’re a Werewolf!] we the staff feel about the G-20 pretty much the same way that you feel about a RECESSION.

If what the U.S. democracy needs (right now) to get rid of Donald Trump, is a RECESSION, then a Donald Trump is what was needed to bring the United States of America off of it’s pedestal, and dismantle at the same time the G-7 in Canada… now why would we [the staff] think like this? Ewe might ask?

Well, Bill, it’s probably because starting with the United States or, as “Exceptional” people in Alabama like to call it “AMERICA”; and of course Canada, i’m looking —at you too— France, they are the first countries to screw the local economies where industries such as the Coca Cola Company, the mining industry… and, and, and we [the staff] forgot France’s contribution to the regimes “South of The Border”.

So, Bill, if Trump is what it takes to dissmantle the G–20, the G-7, and the G–moneys like Carlos Slim, and the other three Owners of Mexico: so–be–it. The International Monetary Fund, The World Bank and yes, even…

minuto 39’

Colombia 1 — Polonia 0

NOTE FROM FENSTER the Copy Editor:

This digression in Real Time was interrupted by a score by the Colombian national team… we [the staff] return to our rant in Real Time:

TimeStamp: 21 hundred hours in Central Europe Time.

digression continues after a look at where “The Maestro” is at with the unrobing of the 45th FLOTUS:

minuto 46’
Colombia 1 — Polonia 0

101 Dalmations! Say Bill just what a heck is a “dalmati…. oh, Eye See What Ewe did there—Bill. You are Evil. Respect!

minuto 69’
Colombia 2 — Polonia 0

minuto 74’
Colombia 3 — Polonia 0

Byzantine history with Bill Maher, only on HoBO TV.

minuto 90’
Colombia 3 — Polonia 0

Oye, Bill, a ti que te Gusta “el porro” —dice la “fiesta vieja” en Colombia, que eso por allá: “es sentimiento”…

Brian Williams is an Asshole | Newt Gingrich, you too

21hrs —Central Europe Time.

All throughout the wee hours of the early Friday morning (Last Night), Mr. Williams kept on ‘evoking’, better yet PROPOSING, to every other security expert that he milked ‘as guests‘ of his Breaking News gig, the notion of a ‘Man with a Crazy Idea and a Truck,” rolling [no less] through a New York landmark on any given Mattress Sale Day… Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

Dear Brian and Newt: Got any other juicy conspiracy theories to keep up your fear mongering with the FOX's? | In the end it seems the Single Individual was just another disturbed guy.

Dear Brian and Newt: Got any other juicy conspiracy theories to keep up [your fearmongering] with the FOX’s?  |  In the end [you guys!!!]  it seems that the single—individual—assailant was just another disturbed guy. || Newt: this particular attack, it seems, was not a “Civilization Clash” as you and Donald Trump had initially suggested. You ARE definitely NOT QUALIFIED to take the 3am call… and it’s not because of your “temperament,” it’s because you have no COMPASSION***… of course the staff [in this rag] is referring to The Donald, not necessarily you men of the Interwebs TV’s.

excruciating moment British tourist complains about Nice terror attack that saw 84 people massacred.

[Context will continue to follow].

It’s WAY to easy to claim a ‘Force Multiplier‘ for any given crazy that decides to kill innocent people… a ‘force multiplier’ is a keyword, or rather a euphamism to say “it was the Muslims”.

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel (the truck assailant) was not an ideologically driven terrorist, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was a CRIMINALLY driven individual, furthermore [to use big words],  Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel’s ‘motivation’ probably originated from listening to fear peddler-pundits —of Breaking News TV.

Of course… this is just my opinion, to rob [borrow] a quote from a talking head on Russian TV. And YES. It was a “sickening attack,” as President Obama just said.

En Castellano: Sin Comentarios. | Uso justo de MSNBC.

En Castellano: Sin Comentarios. | Uso justo de MSNBC.

TimeStamp: 22h [time-now]… <<BREAKING NEWS…BREAKING NEWS>>

Shit’s about to hit the fan in Turkey. [Stay tuned].

[Context Follows…] | Uso justo de Aljazeera.

[Context Follows…] | Uso justo de Aljazeera.

23hrs CET [time-now]

… Stayed tuned.

… Stayed tuned—Peace Council is in Charge. Martial Law is in effect, and Main Battle Tanks are on the public roads.

‘Oh, the humanity’:

Erdoğan seeks Asylum in GERMANY,” according to Brian Williams.

Good Night, it’s  30 minutes  one hot minute ’till midnight… and for Joe Biden: no sleep ’till Sydney.

Mandibulin sighting in Long Beach

Martes 7 de junio, 2016
Sección: Spectacles / The Big Top
Paid Advertorial from the AP.

BREAKING NEWS… President Erdoğan to visit the State of Kentucky to say goodbye to Muhammad Ali. Political pandering?… Ya’ think?

Shark sightings along California shorelines… In other announcements, both the Associated Press and NBC News are calling the Democratic presumptive nomination to former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, ahead of today's primary election in the Golden State…

Shark sightings along California shorelines… In other announcements, both the Associated Press and NBC News are calling the Democratic presumptive nomination  [in favor]  of  former  Secretary of State,  Hillary Clinton… [both outlets]  make  the  announcement ahead of today’s primary election in the Golden State…

TimeStamp: 03:55 hrs… CET… watch that space.


Uso justo de los normas de calidad ISO 9000 —y de los medios en El Ey.

TimeStamp: 0900 hrs.  CET  [time now]…  Breaking news…  Police bus in Istanbul is target of a terrorist attack: [at least] two killed in that blast.

The Sydney Morning Herald [AP/Reuters].
http ://www .smh .com .au /world /explosion -rocks -istanbul -district -police -targeted -20160607 -gpdnvo .html

TimeStamp 11am CET

Secret voting systems [ISO 1776]  assemble an ‘historic’ presumptive
nomination in Long Beach. No word from the Jersey Shore—yet.

… while the American voting process gets undermined,
right now—i’m gonna take a nap.
Read you in a few.


© “You’ve come a long way, baby.” ®


Has recorrido un largo camino, baby“.
Quote is ‘borrowed’
in the context of the Mexican Flag.

[Context follows] … | Uso justo of The French Connection —and of course— France24.

[Context follows] … | Uso justo of The French Connection —and of course— France24.

It appears that the Mexican Flag has now become a protest symbol in different corners of the world… especially when it comes to the things that deal with “Effective suffrage.” I’ll leave the “no re-election” part of that “historically empty saying” for another post.

If this post gets to the desk of Georja Calvin-Smith, [ yeah-right* ] i would inquire about the context of the Mexican flag on the capsule that her producers chose to show in the snapshot up above.

*  menos de tres lectores.

Exactly Ms. Calvin-Smith, what does the Mexican flag have to do with the electoral body protests over in an African nation? Are the people in Kenya worried that their country’s political panorama is going to get infiltrated by the mafia or —maybe, i’ve been told— by a drug running cartel. Are Kenyans worried that all things political in their land are going to be mexicanized in terms of past rigged elections. Or, was the flag in the France24 video being used in the same way that the “Che” Guevara flag is waved, —say— during a General Greve or a May Day Parade?.

In any case, for the pandering choir of the Left in México, here’s a snapshot of how happy certain channels were, when the prodigal son of one of their own [ a respected academic ] was selected by the Enrique Peña Nieto administration to run the Mexican version of an electorate institute.

[Way Back Machine snapshot follows on Mr. Lorenzo Córdova Vianello… Content via: http://cronicadelpoder.com/capsulas/empresariales/201404/sabe-usted-que-lorenzo-cordova-vianello-es-hijo-del-profesor-arnaldo-cordova

Los borradores. | Uso justo de una nota que se borró.

Los borradores. | Uso justo de una nota que se borró.

Dear Ms. Calvin-Smith, the context is in Spanish, should this language be foreign to you, don’t worry, you could fix this by running over to RFI, i’ve heard that their Américas ‘team’ is well versed in Mexican  political pandering  political coverage:

… y bueno, la nota del cuadro de arriba —en su integridad— sí aparece en un google search por los interwebs. | Uso justo de los medios, y de la Crónica del Poder [punto] com. | Vía: http ://cronicadelpoder .com /columnas /linea-politica /cordova-debe-renunciar

… y bueno, la nota del cuadro de arriba —en su integridad— sí aparece en un google search por los interwebs. | Uso justo de los medios, y de la Crónica del Poder [punto] com. | Vía: http ://cronicadelpoder .com /columnas /linea-politica /cordova-debe-renunciar

TimeStamp:  17h  23hCET.

Time Now

We now join the race at the pier that connects with Route 66.