Intermedio — Tribute to Reddit

You lucky devil.

What about this guy

Teeny Tiny Cat

And now, Ladies in Gemini, to welcome–Inn the First of Twelve Animals in the Chinese Zodiac to Our [Thing] à La Cosa Nostra Hotel & Casino at Tranquility Base is THE Metal RAT…

Please don’t Let Mí bee MissUnderstood

Thing Two on the Freddo Files

Thing Two on the Freddophiles follows .:. 8508A607-4348-4F80-B4C6-543B74785280 🌊 “…[‘C]us Eye is just a S.O.U.L. whose intentions W.E.R.E. good ». Motherfuckers.

Reserve GNOW! Opening Show is on January 25, at 03 hundred hours in Zulu Thyme. In the mean time, while human K.I.N.D. auto destructs and clears the way for a G.N.E.W. Era, here’s a little “Light-hearted” fire starter from Judd Apatow’s non-consequential Generation ✖️, enjoy, —motherfuckers!!!

Strategize D.A.T., Elrod.


Moving on, meet u.s. on the next post (or / not), it’s time for another edition of: Link Goes Here.

It's a Win — Güinn situation

Invest Gnow!!!

Deer, Katty Kay: Scratch D.A.T.!
Adventures in Transliterated Strategies follow.

Frequency hop: Los hilos de Sasha, presentan

La Soledad de las Fuentes.


Huh… “por un guioncito.”
Hm… “por un guioncito”… “por un guioncito”.
We [the staff] don’t believe in « precognition », even if our hero of the day, Samantha Bee, in the role of a former Queens resident who once upon a time took a midnight train to Georgia, does. Or doesn’t—who cares.
So we [the staff] are going to file this screen grab under the remarkable coincidence folder… a simple sample of Synchronicity, diría a lo mejor good–ol’Gordo Sullivan.

… por un guioncito.

TimeStamp: 03 hundred hours in Central NATO Time
It’s Weekend Edition
and a big moon is rising.

When we return:

Las Fuentes de doña Vilma
El mal ejemplo de doña Chole…

en “La Jornada”

Casual Friday…
“Just The Facts, Ma’am”

You Can NOT! Have SOUL in América; sin un acento. If you try to get some SOUL out of America, sin un acento what Ewes–a–gonna get is POP… and that just ain’t SOUL.

… in New York, The 11th hour is winding down, and in París, well in Paris—Paris s’eveille… and we [the staff] are going to sleep.

Ladies in Gemeni:
Mr. Schmidty.
Earlier in the programming, Mr. Schmidty translated what all of the laughing delegates at a recent General Assembly at U.N. Headquarters in New York were thinking when Donald Trump said that he had done more for the U.S. than any other sitting President in the history of the United States.



HHQ CMD 3rd Army
Signed by:
Major General Kasie Hunt.


Former Republican strategist, Steve Schmidt is hereby conscripted into the 321st Armor Division with a rank of Captain. He will take command of the 3–77 Armor Regiment. Captain Schmidt will rendezvous with SFC Teeny Tiny Cat and together, they will meet up with CSM [code name] “Oddball”.

“A Low Down Dirty Shame”… IN A WORLD, where Kanye holds a medical degree, and Secretary Carson has the fascinating rhythm to play Musical Chairs… around a 30 Thousand U.S. Dollar dining set. •—_!_—•  SNL has the weekend off, so just imagine this pair of Uncle Toms circling around a very expensive table; paid for by good ol’American tax-paying dollars. 

The mission for this outfit is to bring SHAME [as outlined by Field Operative, code name, “The Rachel Maddow Show” on last night’s briefing in EST] to the occupying forces of the American Chapter of the Sons and Daughter of Propagandists from the Nachrichtentruppe that took control of the community outreach of the Three Branches of Government in the United States of América.

TimeStamp: 20 ‘til—Noon in Central Siren Time.

———nothing follows… except an Unwanted Number

TimeStamp: 20h00 in Central NATO Time

BRASIL 0 — Belgica 0

We [the staff] heard it
through the GrapeVine…

Is running for

Following his successful guard duty, Teeny Tiny Cat decided to take the reigns into his own fucking tiny cute paws and reform this motherfucking Spectrum… full discousure we[the staff] have no fucking idea who CHARLES is, but we admit this is a nice cover… BELGICA 1 — Brasil 0

minuto 14’
Belgica 1 — Neymar Jr. 0

…minuto 22
Los Flamencos bailando Samba con los cariocas
oh…. the humanity!!!

minuto 30’
Belgica 2 — Brasil 0

… Ohhhh, The Humanity!!!

nota de la redacción :
por alguna puta razón el marcador agrega un punto al equipo que va a la deriva… nuestras disculpas.

minuto 40’
Mika’s team 2 — Everybody else’s favorite 0

Segundo Tiempo


minuto 50’
Belgica 2 — Brasil 0

No te olvides de que Donald es una sanguijuela.

minuto 75’
Belgica 2 — Brasil 1

Seis minutos para ver quién se mide con FRANCA!!!

minuto 90’
NEYMAR Jr… go back home… to Paris.


RED DEVILS Vs Blue Devils


Sgt. García: llévale mi canto — Demasiado Corazon (sin acento)

El Fondo:

Right now at the Parade field (yes the very same one where Teenie Tiny Cat is being celebrated for properly standing his post until properly being relieved) is animated by an outfit of “Cubanos Postizos” and Don Quijote who are dancing with Demasiado Corazon (sin acento).

Private Property de La Mancha.

The following must be read in a
Brian Williams voice

Brian Williams:

Well plug a 9Volt up my ass, strap me to an Abrams Main Battle Tank and call me “aRTooDito,” last weekend Sergeant First Class Craighton “oddball” Australius III and the remaining misfits from B Company from the 3rd Brigade 321 Armor Division successfully engaged and destroyed an enemy squad just ouside of the Eastern perimeter Front, where all is quiet now.

It wasn’t an easy skirmish by any means and as a priviledged witness I can bring back the testimony of the loss of the legendary tank crew of SFC Don “wardaddy” Collier, who was guarding the Eastern perimeter Front just as last week’s portion of the parade was welcoming Sarah Chayes from the Afghan front, and who at the time, was scheduled to deliver a speech about corruption and graft by chicken hawks who’ve never set foot on the battle front. The “lonesome” tank crew known as “Fury” was hit right in the ass by an enemy RPG team just as SFC “oddball’s” track was clearing a grassy knoll; needless to describe you can imagine the volley of coaxial M240 and M2 .50 caliber machine gun rounds that (literally) shread the entire enemy RPG team to a pulp.

TimeStamp: The Year of The Cat… “Aprés l’Amour” in night and day à Paris —Corazon… because “the ARmy” keeps rolling along.

…she was last seen just ouside of Saint Sulpice (75006) under the poets canvas marché speeding on a red muscle car and heading Westbound from Paris towards Le Mans in La Sarthe.

Stick around because coming up on the programming, John Heilemann gets all “straightforward and candid” in “Real Time” and gives us [the staff] a SitRep on Sgt. García’s progress in finding the trail of « Lightning McQeen ».

… TimeStamp: 0600 hours in CET.

¿Cumbia de dónde, de Calexico? — No, güey… en La Madre… ¡Chihuahua!!

En Urique, Chihuahua, hay seis habitantes y ahorita Faltán Seis para Las Cuatro².. in MST.

Mina Río Tinto… casí esquina con Lluvia de Oro

TimeStamp with Kasie Hunt is All Day And All of The Night: 16h45 in Central Siren Time.

Previously on asegovia3 

México es líder natural en los países que hablan español”.¹

Jaime el obedienteEl chofer obediente. Por Sabina Berman — Un texto ficción (QUE NUNCA PODRÍA PASAR EN México, mucho menos en Chihuahua) sobre la Minería. El texto ficción trata sobre un cabrón que dice que en el caso en que ganara AMLO, ese Cabrón se mudaría a Chile a “cojer” minas por aquellos rumbos donde según ese Cabrón, pues el Bendito Gobierno de por allá si deja que se las coján… a las minas por supuesto.

… and in Washington, Lieutenant Hunt is still wearing a Full–Dress (utility) uniform and Chief Warrant Officer Williams remains a stow-away on a Main Battle Tank’s bustle rack.

Hey, Jimmy, where’s my cup of joe?

At the parade field Sergeant First Class Craighton “oddball” Australius III, and the remaining misfits from B Company from the3rd Brigade 321 Armor Division present arms to Teenie Tiny Cat for properly standing his post until properly being released; to that cat’s right, sits a newly promoted General Chris “Colt” Matthews, “the Colt” just  took over Carroll O’Connor’s outfit of pencil pushers at the MSNBC Depot.

Right now, however, es hora de darle en La Madre a las noticias, o como dicen en los medios de los países que hablan Inglés: 


Out of service range

It’s Time for another edition of:

Breaking The News, with your Host Sabina Berman, who is ‘Almost Live’ from La Sierra Madre Occidental (Western) Range.

Sources de la fuente contaminada de la mina Rio Tinto S.A de C.V.

1.  Sabina Berman durante el llamado “post debatitlán” con Brozo, “The Shady Clown” en la sala del “Charro Amarillo”.

¡Brozo!!! [Ja, Ha, Ja—Kabrón] ¡ Chingas a tu madre (allá en la sierra o en la playa en dónde tu andes”!!!).

2 Berman, S., “El chofer respetuoso de Germán Larrea“. Vía: El Universal de México… porque México es el país más Universal de todos los Universos que Hablan en Español; o algo así.


En Caborca sigue siendo Domingo… Weekend Edition continues


Please be advised of the following contingency outside of the parade field:

The staff is currently addressing Second-Order “Admin” Division gremlins. We will return to the closing pageantry of the award ceremony already in progress, shortly; keep your SQUELCH–ON.

… Flasback to “El General” à Cinema Christine… barrio latino—París.

Ladies in Gemeni, please stand for the Singing of OUR National Anthem by Atahualpa Yupanqui.

Master Sergeant 

Teeny Tiny Cat

TimeStamp: 20h40 in all latitudes of the World…

Kasie Hunt:
Willie!!! I’m supposed to be opening the ceremony, we’re celebrating a pussy cat, not a cocky dick.

Willie Geist:
Exactly, Lieutenant … what am I? Joe Scarborough?

Kasie Hunt:
Huh?!… you do have a point there, so how did you ever get to be called a Willie, isn’t that short for —well, you know.

— Well, Lieutenant… I do have tendency to be a dick when Mika does not approve.

— Oh, that’s right you do tend to get your skeevies up in a bunch when Mika get’s in her zone… anygüey, Willie, let’s switch it over to the interns checking out who’s descending to the Parade Field at the underground level –3, eh?

— Hey, have-at-it, Lieutenant. You’ve got the rank, but I’ve got the pay-grade.

— Ahhhh, I see where Ewe get Ewe’r call sign from, go ahead, Jimmy, show us the cat-walk at The escalator…

Kasie Hunt:
— Yes, we kind of predicted that the “Bee–bayonet Regiment” would be walking the Sirens in, say Willie, who is that mermaid wearing for this ceremony? Might that be a Pescado de Oyuki Gown?

Willie Geist:

Indeed, Lieutenant, the bone tail gives it away, but right now we’ve got to switch it over to Chief Warrant Officer Williams because the ‘ezcaramusa’ team is getting ready to get the dressage show on the road.

…TimeStamp: 23h33.

Kasie Hunt:
Arre, pues, ezcaramuso!

Ceremonial Award — it’s Showtime

TimeStamp: 09:30 hours in Central Siren Den Time

… sadly, before Division Command opens the award ceremony in honor of Teeny Tiny Cat for Standing his Post until properly being Relieved we [the staff] observe a minute of silence for the Sixth communicator that lost his life in Mexico. Once again, impunity disguised as “there’s nothing to be seen here” took the life of yet another Journalist; this time around, Héctor González Antonio, 40 years of age, was beaten to death in Victory City, in the state of Tamaulipas.

En México ni el Tiempo pasa… en México no pasa nada.

Actual TimeStamp in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, is the Third Hour of the Last day of May of 2018… meanwhile near Buckingham palaceoh, What a Wonderful World for a Karimewife of Javier “jarocho” Duarte.

El trabajo periodístico no tiene mucha ciencia. Basta con ser buen reportero para cumplir con la chamba. Pero eso sí tiene su chiste. Un buen reportero tiene fuentes confiables, a las que puede llamar sin que duden de él. Fuentes bien informaras. Y Héctor siempre sabía a quién buscar”… Pascal Beltrán del Río, en: Bitácora del Director en Excelsior; Miércoles 30 de mayo.  }—~~~\*> Esperemos… que en el OTRO CASO “DUARTE”, Londres NO SEA como El Paso, Texas.

TimeStamp: Who Knows… ask the Quantic Soul Orchestra, who are spinning right now on the turn tables of Minnie Miny Cat —Welcome, who would have thunk it, eh… that the Very Same STATE that Luis Posada Carriles used to illegally enter into the U.S. to plan, yet another “hit” on Fidel, would have probably been the beginning of his down fall, but ‘BAMBI’ would prove two things, one, that There’s No God in Mexico; and two, that he had friends in ‘High Level Places’, and thus, he literally made a mockery of those precious Immigration Laws and-oh-by—THE GÜEY, ‘bambigot away with dozens of murders —all in the Name of The United States of America— Yes he did, George Doub-eh-YA Bush… you cleared him.

For the record: this frame was originally posted on November of 2016 during Fidel’s funeral procession… the following is the original cutline: Foto de Intermedio… foto debe de ser reemplazada con la foto de el terrorista [“Anti-Castro militant] Luis Posada Carriles. The one where the terrorist is being led by Federal US Marshals into the Texas District Court, in El Paso, Texas. It’s from 2007. | For additional information ask TIME magazine what happens “When America’s Ally is a Terrorist.” For the RECORD: la foto ya fue reemplazada.

TimeStamp: 3 Bandits
at 18h41 in
Central Siren Time
with Minnie Miny Cat scratching them Vibes.
“Yeah Baby”.

Hey, Susie… it’s ∴ One 33 ∴

… and at Studio 3A inside Rockefeller Center, KC-DC is sporting one helluva wrist Watch coordinated by that Awesome gray robe-like suit.

Live from Studio 3 ∴ it’s Eydie Gorme as banned by the BBB… wait, what? Not the Better Business Bureau!!! but the British Broadcasting Company.., or something like that.

Yup, it’s still Ms. Dior fashion Watch at asegovia3, and a Full Dress Rehearsal for Teeny Tiny Cat is–a–still Going-On, eh!

Anygüey, esto es el Intermedio de Las Dos*, al regresar “el gatillo” vuelve a hacer su vuelta por Xicali, esta vez acompañado de una Niña de Fuego del mismo tono y color que al “pintor” de la gran iglesia [que] se le olvidio pintar en sus muros, sus pendientes y sus domos.

Buika… La niña de fuego meets “el gatillo” bilingue de Xicali. Time-lapse: ∴ Dos 33 ∴

… angelitos negros, follow:

Ladies in Gemeni:
Minnie Miny Cat

De cualquier manera, Sirenas, gracias por abrir la Taquería “Funky Chicken with Frijoles” at 247 Guerrero St., we [the staff] sure dig that kind of Soul Food, from Tommy… we are also pleased to inform you that General José Juan Reyes (in the role of Pedro Armendaríz Sr.… q.e.p.d) commissioned Teenie Tiny Cat’s twin sister, MEENIE MINY CAT to take command and turn the tables on the “Pintores de Pincel Extranjero”, and engage the perimeter with her spinning and scratching skillz, eSe.

TimeStamp: It’s the Three O’clock hour in Central Europe Time.

Issy, right now, a cat loving Film Essayist’s favorite music is playing at the Siren Den—they might not know it, the Sirens and ‘la comadre Lety’ might not realize it, but Minnie Miny Cat little paws are all over that song list at Certains with fip… or something like that.

Marker’s trace of a Tiny Cat.

Right now the Marker is “the night time Ocho” in Central Europe Time, and the opening Act is part of a panacea and the miracle dose is measured in Lovecats, eh.

… Time–delayed link to Chris Marker segment at the Siren’s den follows. We [the staff] shift our screens back to Ms. Dior coverage of las musas en yeguas, on Quartzy—or something like that…

TimeStamp at Orly is 21h53 in Central NATO Time.

Huh! Who would have thunk it, The Siren den went on Strike today

… al parecer, la comadre Lety va a limitar la programación, o algo así; anygüey, pinche Brozo en unos cuantas entradas nos emparejamos con el Profe Merino y su no postura en tu segundo “post debatitlan” sobre Jaime Rodríguez Calderón (o como dice tu compañero Loret de Mola: Jaime Rodríguez Cárdenas¹).

The Exploited meet the Cerditos en la pira funeraria del Büey Finado. •-_¡_–•  Background provided by Le Marché à Saint-Germaine-des-Pres y las « actualidades » por La Jornada en Francés, aka LIBÉRATION, eh.

Samedi, 26 mai
Marée Populaire
Gare de l’Est à Bastille
París, France.

We [the staff] are still in the proceso of running a full–dress rehersal for an award ceremony in honor of Teeny Tiny Cat for keeping a faithfull watch standing his guard-duty post until the terrorist to his right flank (in “Texas Pinto league Orange”) and Stainless Steel cuffs took the ferry to Hades and the deepest circle in Dante’s  hell.

The Dandy Warhols sang it best:

So if Ewe’r playin’ in a rock and roll band
But still you’re doing whatever the man says
Well I can tell you for the money
The simple life honey is good

En Español, amigo (de Proceso y RFI) Raphael, eso quiere decir que si tus “amigos” mueven a huestes de neo-Zapatistas o igual organizarón a Fresitas con crema del #YoSoy132acádemicos en Paris durante el 2012 —PERO— que de cualquier manera hicieron lo que EL ALCANCE cultural del aparato de gobierno del Estado Mexicano les dijo que hicieran, a cambio de alguna galería o equis festival de cinito mexicano,  entonces te puedo decir que de simples lambiscones con disfraz y bandera de lucha social, tus amigos no pasaron de ser—PERO eso sí, se vieron bien CUL… se vieron bien KOOL.  

Hey Hey My My

In México and around the world, the revolution will be digitalized via Jeff Bezos, El WaPo, or some kind of Expanse in the format of a Polítika Fikzión.

Y Sí. Actual Time Stamp: Dou Coula at « The Atlantic » with a quarter to Two in CET; and somewhere, someone is still digging Lithium from the underground, according to Arat Kilo, Mike Ladd and Manani Keita.

TimeStamp: 10 hundred hous in CET and yes Ms. Jess, it is Fire Time, you bet’cha… and of course, comadre Lety, that last part must be read in Tina ‘the palin’ Fey, voice, eh!

  1.  Issy, pinche Brozo, tan desconocido era don Jaime, que hasta tu compañero Loret de Mola —ya ni la amoló— mira que andar mezclando ex presidentes para presentar al entonces recién electó del estado de Nuevo León. Vaya que hasta parece parodía como ‘algún’ inconsecuente blog. Neta que sí, pinche payaso.

Televisa, la empresa que te cambia o te quita el nombre.