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Intro to Serendipity… last FridayToday!

https ://thehill .com /homenews /media /563340-kasiehuntannounces-she-is-leaving-nbc

SHE’s Leaving, JOE.

« “Bittersweet news from me [KC⚡️DC] this morning [Hilo, Hawaii 11th Hour]. This is going to be my final broadcast with all of you of up ‘Way Too Early.’ » said The LAST COCA COLA on the msnbc’s.

Unless, Mr. Pérez, La France is like those shithole countries where our parents where born, in your case (you don’t have one) Peru, and in mine, nº 15 allá en la punta de la Chingada, which happens to be diametrically opposite to the recently departed Pablo Bartolomé’s nº 33 on the storage room’s layout.

Now if you excuse Mí for a second, mr. Pérez, i personally need to address Grama and for that i need to invoke a recurring character [very dear to my heart] that i named Teeny Tiny Cat. So please, mr. Perez—and rest of the good people at the place where Evry Ivry body knows your name, —and Roger— please understand do consider that this is called suspended reality in the dangling participles of The Cuba arc.

See if this sounds familiar:

https ://la1ere .francetvinfo .fr /martinique /haiti-une-semaine-apres-l-assassinat-du-president-l-enquete-revele-que-l-operation-a-ete-commanditee-aux-etats-unis -1058746 .html

— A Miami based Venezuelan soldier-of-fortune with ties to U.S. quasi-military policing agencies (knot Luis Posada Carriles) is contracted to assassinate a Caribbean head of state (Knot Fidel Castro).

— The customer is a militant revolutionary zealot who happens to reside in MIAMI (knot Orlando Bosch) and who is obsessed with installing a different ‘ideology’ on the island, SINEMBARGO the suspect is denying any link to the Port au Price murders (knot Havana tourists from The Italia).

—  Watch this Space, Rachel Maddow… bonus trivia: FAST & Furious is now showing in theaters, and aspersions and asparagus walk into a bar, hilarity ensues when The Salt and The Pepper are at-large in D.C..

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