Over at the Ari Melver Show… it’s the asparagus, stupid!

And Dr. Fauci went:
That’s not how the principle of wearing a mask in COVID–19 times works, now stop casting aspersions on the prevention.

https ://www .salon .com /2020/07/29 /trump-loving-texas-rep-louie-gohmert-blames-wearing-a-face-mask-for-his-positive-covid-19-test/

Ancient Aliens — Executive abductions

Ancient Aliens — Executive abductions .:. ADDFAFBE-68B3-40F5-8DF2-3D59BBD30706 👽 In ConTexto, the world will note that whenever Donald John Trump is challenged with an explanation to his outrageous remarks, such as his admiration of a white lab coat–wearing individual (apparently a medical professional) who muses about alien DNA, demon sperm, and of course proselytizes about the benefits of taking hydroxychloroquine to cure the Coronavirus, that Donald John Trump runs away (like a coward) by abruptly ending the daily rally from the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House… because that is what “War Presidents” are supposed to do.

https ://www .nzherald .co .nz /world /news /article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=12351864

Anyhow, Black Spy, we here at staff are climbing up Babel’s Tower trying to put context into a cunt, it is not an easy adventure, Eye can attest to D.A.T.! In any case and/or scenario, Mr. Nance, so we are doing 1993 all over again along the Rhine, eh‽ Clearing up them old Nazi barracks and sending that Yankee Dollar back to the U.S., back to the U.S., back to the U.S.S.R.


The Army goes rollin' again

The Army goes rollin’ again .:. 2C6B4762-2814-4A57-BFA2-69E49713BC01 🤦‍♂️

March 1993, Sullivan Barracks Germany (where General George S. Patton began to die in December 1945). As a non–commissioned officer in The U.S. Army (a buck sergeant really) i personally saw (with my own lying eyes) how small business entrepreneurs from a recently open-market economy (Russia) took advantage of our unit deactivation and the “detail” of U.S. soldiers provided to these Russian entrepreneurs to disassemble and load the now “surplus” unit furniture into their Russian plated trucks. Six months later the Air Force would move into those same barracks, all of the surplus that went to Eastern Europe would be refurbished for the new “tenants”… Question, who’s gonna get all that surplus this time around, and who will be moving into Sullivan Barracks and into Heidelberg (where General Patton ultimately died)? The UKRAINIANS

But nevermind them Russians working for a de iure* president for life, because when the mail gets backed up on purpose by the non–union workers of the United States Postal Service or by the temp workers in that institution then you know how it feels to get fucked from INSIDE the HOUSE, Chris Hayes.

In Hilo Hawaii

And because we’ve been tracking a registered letter to a state building in Texas, mailed by–the–guey on the 4th of July, we [the staff] can attest that as of yesterday [according to the tracking system at La Poste] that particular registered correspondence just made, IT!, to New York City… so yeah, the report suggests that the constipation agent is self-administered, but we know nothing about them Chinese seeds toSuburbia”.

Oh, how Eye wishes that he could write with all of the humanity of a Jakob Hirsch Soboroff (he’s seen some pretty fucked-up things in El Paso, Texas, you know), but sadly if somebody, —anybody— decides to actually GET IN GOOD TROUBLE in Texas, that somebody better be ready to lick el fundillo of the powers that be, like it became the case with me, Armando Segovia, when a story about a SUBURBAN section of Ciudad Juárez (Chihuahua, Mexico) intersected with the political allies of Bernardo Gómez at The Unesco Headquarters during the first TRImester of 2016.

Programa de archivo

Programa de archivo .:. 9781C169-C9AC-4CE6-B801-A879E767E5D7 ⚖️
De Facto: when something is a fact, pero no se ajusta a una norma práctica.
De Iure: When Something tiene un Respaldo jurídico… like say from the U.N..
—_•¡•_— Take the Island of Chipre for example, en práctica (o sea, de facto) el reconocimiento político (de iure) sobre la soberanía de la nación en donde a la Afrodita se le ocurrió brotar del mar, se lo pasa por los huevos el imperio de Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, en Estambul.

“Two Minutes, Turkish!” pause:
US Ambassador Satterfield today visits Hagia Sophia after its reconversion to a mosque
https ://mobile .twitter .com/ragipsoylu/status/1288463896471310336

Of course, Siren you better than any Nereid know that while George Brassens might have succeeded in abolishing the death penalty in France, the de facto* Ruhle of the Land states that the only crime punishable by death in the ByLas of “the law” es la calumnia.

I will follow the law!”

The Hon. William P. Barr, responding to the Judicial Committee.

And so, by the power vested in Mí by Professor Pineda at The University of Texas at El Chuco, and the bullet-proof vest provided by the Sam Donaldson Communication Headquarters at the Cotton Building in D.A.T. D.A.R.E Old College on Mine[s]…

Musical guest

Musical guest: DA3ACFAD-646C-45C6-BB2C-20A853B0A6C8 🎙 Digital Underground and The Frisco Kid



🎶 The Humpty Dance is your chance —To Do The HUMP!

Translation seminar: las groserías y los false friends

31 de mayo, 2016 — #92 mars

Groceries n  (food from store)… provisiones nfpl
comida nf
comestibles nmpl
ese jamoncito Serrano, ¿quién chingados lo compró?

Uso justo de todos los medios [Uso Justo de todos los Medios]… context follows.

Uso justo de todos los medios… context follows.


Beto y Billy: aventuras en los dominios del despojo… [context follows]. Bill Sanders según Bloomberg: http ://www .bloomberg .com /news /articles /1997-09-21 /the-new-world-of-real-estate

Synopsis:  un  magnate y  su yerno  cruzan  el puente  internacional  desde  la alcaldía en El Paso (Texas) hacía Ciudad Juárez con la intención de entrar al bar de  Don  Roberto  (La Cucaracha) en la primera cuadra de la  Avenida  Juárez. El discurso  de los especuladores  de los políticos se pierde en la traducción… hilarity ensues when they try to buy the next governor for the Chihuahua, a man that local banksters call: El Quique Serrano (jamoncito for to close friends).

Groserías  nf  (rudeness, coarseness)… tosquedad, falta de finura f
decir palabrotas vtr + nfpl
blasfemar vi
En ESPAÑA, una grosería es igual A SOLTAR TACOS,
nada que ver con LAS PATATAS BRAVAS
de don Humberto MOREIRA.

Relevant Breaking News

Collective bargaining (unions) have scored an unprecedented victory in the land of Trickle Down and Voodoo Economics… No word on the Lexmark strike —yet— that was happening on another sector of the NAFTA territories (the state of Chihuahua).

Uso justo de los medios… Labor strikes in France are all the rage right now, it seems that the spirit of collective bargaining has had a distant effect (why not?). The news for the Spaniards arrive from across The Atlantic, and it concerns  a workers’ strike against a telecom giant… For a moment there, i thought that the workers got the Bernie effect, then i looked to Socorro (TX) and rearranged the priorities of my disbelief: maybe it was just the Pope*.

* El Paso del Norte News:

Ringside to the 50 yard line [at] The Sun Bowl [context follows]… A political tale about D.D. Romo and the people who love to destroy the places where Pancho Villa [formally, Doroteo Arango] took a piss.

Ringside to the 50 yard line [at] The Sun Bowl [context follows]… Synopsis:  a political tale about D.D. Romo** and the politicians** who love to destroy the places where Pancho Villa [formally, Doroteo Arango] took a piss.

** David Dorado Romo vía Beto O’Rourke:

http ://webcache .googleusercontent .com /search?q =cache :Q-aMAsSdtSIJ :pasodels .ipower .com /news /why_care .html+&cd =1&hl =en&ct =clnk&gl =fr&client =firefox-b-ab

TimeStamp: 16h time-now CET

Fin de la primera parte… en Tijuana ya casi pega la media noche***. Ahora sí, a soñar con ese Sueño Americano:

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Interesting find on the “tubes”… subscribe to find out what should happen if a black hole turns white. | Fair use of advertisement vía: http ://subscription .newscientist .com /bundles /bundles .php?promCode =8878&packageCodes =PTA&offerCode =Q&intcmp=SUBS-articlefooter-Q1

*** Pacific Standard Time:

TimeStamps for Peace. | Uso justo del tiempo y la fecha por los Interwebs.

TimeStamps for Peace. | Uso justo del tiempo y la fecha por los Interwebs.