What would Nina do? Answer: She’d Fly High in The Sky

It’s a Knew They.

https ://thehill .com /policy /defense /510158-navys-first-black-female-air-pilot-earns-wings-of-gold

It's like A Table XII for D.A.T.s

It’s like A Table XII for D.A.T.s at Grafenwöhr during a Canadian Army Trophy Cup, period!  .:. 2D5E5B1A-C5C7-410B-8870-111BA0D6ADC7 🧮 Over at the Burlington Coat Factory, Senator Bernie Sanders just told Vice President Biden that if he failed Chemistry in school he is fucked… In•Deed.

And in Washington, Avi Velshi’s Audio just got a taste of what a Hi-Low bandwith tactical jamming pod (at the speed of Sound) can do to airborne or ground communications treaths, In•deed, check the record, Candice.


GrrrrOWL!… .:. DB665F95-2005-4F41-A892-581496A454AD —_•!•_— It’s called Electronic Warfare, and the EA-18 Growler es el sácale puntas del firmamento, “a real means to destruction” say military insiders at The Hill. Lt. Swegle will be the newest addition to the band. She will be trained to perform escort jamming as well as the indispensable “standoff jamming session” way up in the Sky… at Sunset, off-course. How High THE Moon.

Sexier than any Ben Affleck in a vintage debutante flight jacket, yeah buddy!

For historical reference in this historic moment of American might, the framing from an asparagus hater, —and the last— U.S. Attorney General in history (until Highnoon on Jan 20, 2021) is definitely welcomed, especially since we [the staff] are shamelessly screen-grabbing A.M. Joy just to put events in perspective from the outside looking in.

Los Dorados contra Los Pattones

Los Dorados contra Los Pattones .:. 5E238042-7CA1-4F49-AD10-CE63E15CF97F .:. Sincretismo militar, o como mejor lo dibujaría un amigo de Paul en Guernica: Let It Be… “El coronel de Los Dorados” would not sound right, just as referring to Yosemite Sam as a “Kentucky Major,” would sound kind of off-target, doc.

… [C]on el permiso del profesor Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés, Coronel de Los Dorados, eh historiador único y oficial del Consejo de Lucha Libre de los años dorados del pancracio mexicano en El Museo de Chapultepec.

Issy, de-Moulineaux, bien puede ser la matriz de la aviación en Francia; algo así como Lerdo (en Durango, México) es la cuna del aviador más chingón de Chihuahua, neta que sí. Pero antes, mucho antes de que los franceses inventaran la aerodinámica en la gravedad para poder hacer posible la aviación, La Revolución Mexicana inventó la pelea de perros (in the Sky, offCourse)… and D.A.T., general Patton, es la culpa de las chingadas Palomas, —neta que sí… except of course that instead of, IT!, being called “Fast and Furious”, the program was called “Diligent Incursion”.

Note to editors:

Hoy no hubo Jazz

Aerial Warfare between the candidates for Biden’s pick engaged in Air Combat which (off–course) required Basic Fighters Maneuvers from each of the pilotas causing mayor Eddie Currents, Major Major. It was a Classic Catch22 Mêlée. Oh, The Humanity.

Necessary initiation into “los arreglos” de La Lucha Libre and the arcs of how the first “dogfight” on record was a fixed match between opposing sides of the warring front is necessary to draw the irony of how Kentucky Windage is adjusted to an Old Gringo tale.

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