“… au soleil, sous la pluie, a midi ou a minuit”

Aux Champs–Élysées
La COP 21 — Sans FX

“Deux, Trois, Quatre!”

Hey there Bill Maher,
you Devil YOU.
Today is March the Third of 2018
But Of Course, WE [The U.S. of A.]
Meddled in other countries Elections,
“You ‘Betcha,”… said an Alaskan Fake Jew*.
By-the-Güey, do say hello to Professor “picky, picky, picky” Meacham.

*… and no, we [the staff] don’t have Jewish grandmothers,
but we don’t care, we love’ya anygüey.
You Betcha!

Al Regresar,
en la Novela de las seis:

Aspersions on Eric Holder’s asparagus, we [the staff] learn what a picky-picky-picky Double Standard is, from our Paris Bureau, Aux Champs–Élysées… where else, eh?

… and still to come,
we [the staff]
remind Brontis à La Préfecturede La Cité
—where else, eh?
what a CARPETAZO is.

So stick around, ‘cus shit’s about to get thick…
“il y a tout ce que vous voulez aux Champs-Élysées.”

Las Fuentes de doña Vilma aux Champs-Élysées, follow.

Maher, W., “Real Time with Bill Maher; Season 16, Episode 6″… Plot:

in this episode; Mr. Maher reels in Cousin Joe’s history professor, Dr. Jon Meachum, and ‘the’ former Attorney General of the U.S., Eric Holder by framing one of the many fuck up’s of the current president of the United States, and using the cliffhanger plot device of the SPY vs. SPY, security clearance, sabotaging of OUR election by 13 Russians or something like that…


Yeah; we were attacked, I mean it wasn’t a physical atack, it was an “electronic” attack on the most vital of our systems, and he’s done absolutely nothing to prepare us for what is to come… in 2018 and they’re gonna come in 2020.

[Audience Claps]


You know… the analogy for what Putin did is the Third Reich. In the 1940 presidential campaign, Hitler’s government spent money in the American campaign, they bought newspaper ads; yadda – yadda – yadda… they were spending money too, and that was an act of war – Dick Cheney said it was an act of war.

[Omnipresent Voice,
Mel Brooks in the role of
Louis XVI, in “History of the World, part One”

King Louis:
You know, “it’s good to be the king”, and if the Meach is going to be quoting “Lord Vader” of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart you know that we are “jusqu’au cou” in deep “


if the Russians did it, it was an act of war…

[Maher interrupts
the Meach’s train of American Exceptionalism thought]


But we’ve done it. We’ve meddled in Peoples elections.

King Louis:

This is what “The Greatest” and Howard Cosell would call
The Rope a
Dope” technique,
and Jon Meachum, knows it
Eric Holder is about to have an Octavio Paz uncomfortable moment,
just like the one that the favorite “se
ñorito” of el Servicio Exterior Mexicano [Paz]
had with a guy named Mario Vargas Llosa.


well, picky, picky, picky, LOL.


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