Club Jazz à fip… is for fags 🌹— Gary’s gone

🌹~. and Évry body in Europe is a motherfucking fag, bunch of Preverts. It’s « Patrimoine ».

Viva México, ratones.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts/club-jazzafip/carte-blanche-a-raphael-mezrahi-le-passionne-du-son-

But seriously Volks, in Hilo, Hawaii, it’s still don Porfi’s Birthday 🎈, but over at La Crypte Archéologique del Km. Zero de la Île de La Cité, ya es 16 de septiembre and later in the programming Öüï is going to be looking at a vulgar display of clay, rocks, and other assorted stones.

And Aya Cissoko 🥊… ‘member her, she is currently gracing the fence of the park de Saint-Jacques along la ridiculously named rue de RAVIOLI*, any how the pugilistic artist ran into us (the staff, Yesterday) as we were getting high during our annual visit to don Porfi’s resting place.

But seriously, Volks…

In récapitulation it was a most excellent afternoon and Eye had an opportunity to listen to PAISAS visiting don Porfi’s. New this year, I did not burn a Mexican flag, but I did keep the good General moist with my beer ration waste-liquid. You are welcome don Porfi, youse certainly bienvenido en Bienvenue.

Where were you while we were getting high?

And, Sirène… fuck The Pink Panther, Popeye, and Ewe tú, Mozart.


Leave, Gary 🎸 Alone!!!


Ewe basterds.

Happy Birthday don Porfirio — patrimonio de Alicia

Fuck you Paris, and Jupiter aussi

15 de septiembre (Twelve years ago)… Issy-les-Moulineaux; Metro 🚇 Ballard. I parked the Blue Pill³, precisely in front of Dr. Poisson’s ground-floor flat, and next to the Technicolor building on la rue Eliane Jeannin-Garreau just before 📍 BFM’er📍TV.

³~. 2005 Ford Ka.

El placer de los dioses — l’ennoblissement du vulgaire.


… 12h, I had to take a dump before heading over to our favorite despot’s tomb en Montparnasse, as I entered el toledo (WC) I could faintly hear a solitary voice singing Las Mañanitas… on my way heading West to the 15éme Division on the aptly named Avenue d’Ouest I encountered a handsome chap dressed in full-charrería regalia del campo, not in the traditional black Rayo de Jalisco suit. We exchanged salutations but I didn’t feel like taking the snapshot.

https ://diario .mx /deportes /jefe-de-red-bull-se-disculpo-con-checo-perez-por-discriminacion-20230914


It’s all Greek to Mí, Morresey. 🎶 The More Ewe Ig°Nor°Mí, the closer Rue gets.

From the East (looking from), Taurus is right behind the upright resting place as if the Bull 🐂 was looking at The Mexican from the top of the that ugly eyesore on the Boulevard de Depart, but if you happen to be looking from the West (rear of tomb) Virgo has both The Moon and The Sun on top 🎩 of the dictator’s spot.

I am the son, I am the heir,
Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar,
I am the son and heir,
Of nothing in particular…
It’s just another set of misheard lyrics: The Air of a shyness that is criminally vulgar

I’m a dreamer, bay-bee… so why don’t you kill me.

Viva, La Raza and artistas like Tamayo.
Viva el Cinco de Mayo…

El Vez… (Soy Un Pocho).

… What she said.

Track 7: US and THEM

DAS BOOT RECORDING 2011 presents: page 14, La pop dans l’ère du clown. Rolling Stone. Numéro 151, avril 2023 (FRANCE).


Ahora cuéntame una de CLOCHARDS with luxury brand items courtesy of “Un Mundo Raro”.


Hoy no hubo Émission Américas en RFPP . net… nonetheless, the program grill at the Botzaris radio station shows the Osler Amaro logo as being “active”, but Juliette, Malena and Mateo are live from La Parole Errante in MONTREUIL-SOUS-BOIS, naturally, rfpp is NAVEL–gazing a re-run of their 30th Anniversary.

Appropriately enough, two French broads are philosophizing about ‘writers’ and the censorship that miniaturize their efforts in France. The Pen Club is at the mound, and they are talking about Turkey and Irak, without (maybe) not knowing what is happening under their mic 🎙️ (plural).

Hola, Francisco, tu carcajada no paso desapercibida (punto y coma) sabemos de antemano como te gusta estar en El Commando de los controles, no por nada tus bambalinas tienen como telón, a la policía judicial del PRI nuestro de aquellos Díaz [en Montparnasse].

Don Porfirio et les étudiants d’aujourd’hui
Hugo Aboites

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2023/04/15 /opinionopinion /012a2pol

There is money to be made in Charity in France, but you have to be LATINO for that.

One thing for sure is that the censorship from The Préfecture de Police does not happen (as it applies to my DOCKET there)  without the SOLIDARITY of the Caviar-gauche de La MAL27 at Saint-Germain-des-Prés,  “Siempre en Domingo” en la rue des Cascades, La Juventud Venezolana (de Guadalajara, Jalisco—México), Morena-Francia, Los Amigos de México en Francia, and of course, the Superstar himself, Juanito GUANABACOA…

If you tune in right now (Saturday 15th of April in Paris) the president of the navel gazing club at Cruz de Caballos, Metro Line 9, is covering Actes Sud and the Afghan Wings 💸…

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2023/4/11 /anulan-condena-de-50-anos-de-prision-de-el-mochaorejas-su-banda-de-secuestradores-305187 .html


As we rant, 🇲🇽 Juanito Guanavacoa and Florence Cassez 🇫🇷 are gathering the necessary paperwork to bring  DANIEL “mocha orejas” ARIZMENDI to France, where no doubt mister “ear chopper” will get his Early Retirement and double RSA check, plus “logement”.

Now we know where the CURRENT Mexican president’s FRIENDS reside in France:

Raphaël Morán directing a question to the then 🇲🇽 presidential candidate Andrés Ma. lópez O.:

—Tiene amigos en Francia?< /p>

I will get back to that after I remind The PEN CLUB that LA FRANCE might have a law defending the Freedom of Expression, but I know-know, and can argue, that if you practice Journalism as a foreigner in France, [he/she] one or two, must report all sources to the Préfecture de Police sous PENA de una condena to feed the doves from la banqueta.. And if The PEN CLUB in France has any doubts or wishes tto challenge my know-know, just switch your motherfucking dial to those “politically correct” gringos at politico . com, ibid from China.

RAYUELA-Aeroplane-Marelle en La Jornada dominguera de La Universidad Autónoma de John Mill Ackerman³:

🇫🇷 Plusieurs 🇧🇷 vont à 🇨🇳 Pékin. Pékin n’est allé qu’à 🇷🇺 Moscou. Intéressant, non ?

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2023/04/15

In this sense, Pen CLUB de France… You are all NIGGERS with a microphone. Now go ahead and call me a racist, just don’t think that I, Armando Segovia, is “Comfortably Numb” in France… and Fuck BARBARA aussi.

This is not an inter – mission.


S1, Episode 1: A Closer Look at “CereBro” Belascoarán.

Time-lapse in récépissés … ¡Sorpresa!

En un cementerio parisino en el barrio del Siglo XX, casí altura con la rue Borrégo y Saint –Fargeau:

Francisco I. Madero visita a James Douglas Morrison y ambos, se dan la vuelta por la guarida de Allan Kardec en la División (Norte) de Père Lachaise, hilarity ensues when Guillaume Apollinaire crosses the Avenida de Los Combatientes and screams at Melle. Pitch to go and suck a big cock at The Red Cross.

Patrocinado por El Quesototote”: Cerevro Cheese de la afamada rue des Pyrénées, en El Barrio XX de Paname.
E_Caycevisit /r/POLACA 5 points 1 day ago (vía Reddit México)
He could rape a child during his morning address to the Cult, and they would blame the child, “for being a searcher and infiltrator of the neo-Porfiristas.”


https ://www .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /ylh7r9 /el_mes%C3%ADas/

Dear, Marianne… check please!

Meanwhile at Montparnasse, Carlos Fuentes, y el amante de “La Mala” se dan un rol a la tumba del presidente Chirac cuando en eso se aparece Edgar Cayce con don Porfirio, y que se arma la del Santo vS LA Tetona Mendoza…

Righttt! Consciousness, the most overrated word in The Parnassianism of Mont MARTE!


El Santo vS. La Tetona Mendoza es traído hasta nuestros no lectores, por “Thee Melle. Pitch Award” y la Marca de los cuentos de SoFy Velasco en Saint-Mande’aste.


One, after 909… Meanwhile in Poland 1940 AD

Efemérides del 16 de octubre, continued…

But First, happy birthday 🎂 Angela:

1925Angela Lansbury, English-American actress, singer, and producer (d. 2022)

Formally known as:
El Padre AMARO… but Évry body in Antony called him LOBITO.


1973Henry Kissinger and Lê Đức Thọ are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


1998Former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet is arrested in London on a murder extradition warrant.

How to bury 6 million Leads… in Poland, today is BOSS Day, and in The U.S.A., Aussie, —También.


Happy Birthday, REVOLUTION…
1923The Walt Disney Company is founded

En Chapultepec… it’s “Pinches mexicanos feos, now in tights! » starring United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken :

1909William Howard Taft and Porfirio Díaz hold the first summit between a U.S. and a Mexican president. They narrowly escape assassination.

Over in 🇦🇷 Argentina, los rosarinos finally feel vindicated when 🇻🇦 The Vatican recognizes all of those cock suckers as 🇲🇽 ITALIANS.

And finally, good news in 2002 — 🎶 It Was Twenty YEARS AGO TODAYThe Bibliotheca Alexandrina opens in Egypt, commemorating the ancient library of Alexandria.


1978 – 🇦🇷 Pope John Paul II becomes the first non-Italian pontiff since 1523.

CALIFORNIA y la cónsul peyorativa

Don’t FO’get, HARRY CONNNICT junior
to RELAY to La Comadre Letty que:

NO INSISTAS fip SIREN; mi corazón  es de SUZí

Now we [the staff]
switch it over to

Previously, on the Opinel files

Previously on: The Opinel files.:.26693DC2-283B-4569-B57D-089E70AA1E29 •|• Don’t shoot The Alien, he is a Messenger, monsieur Brontis, and nevermind “the” Gleason, P nor, “the” Morán, R. •|• This is a Thyme-delayed photo–me, actual Today is Sunday morning in Paris, just beefour Saturday Night Live in New York.

any–Güey Bertrand, fuck you,
and personne, nevermind
the chicanos

…[W]hich reminds U.S.
öüï must send a THYME–delayed signal hasta El Ajusco:

Hola, General, y de Paso… BROZO: chingas a tu madre and for the record, YES,
if you co’me on 2 Mí

4 rent

then, and only then,
Eye will come–on 2 Ewe

Dear, doña Lemus:

Knock, knock

Knock, knock…

Carlos knocks on my door
Evry other Knight —
— [E]ye ignores that FAG