Intermedio — Hear me out Franck, “could it bee!?”

Sitio Not Seguro

Sitio Not Seguro…
y los Uber–esos son para puro pinche BoBo.

10 para las once, en la bastilla de los lisiados.

The process



Para conmemorar la chingada ocasión, Lamborghini destapa el modelo:

*On one motherfunking Leg

... y luego las fresas

… [Y] luego, Franck, check this out:

Previously on The Historical Roast of  ⚜️ 🛸🕳😍 *

* Ancienne OVNIS
Les Trou sur les terriers blancs
who love’em.

Esteemed, Reverend:

As previously explained, we [the staff] don’t doctor the themes that make up this most inconsequential blog ; we know, however, that in the EyEs of the CSPAN tsar** öüï are nothing more than an outfit of political junkies; and so, the board of directors ON THIS SIDE of the Rocco Commisso’s of them CSPANdex, reckon [that] we must break-it-down to the Wi Tang Clan and their MorJo influencer and consiglieri de tutti-frutti, John Heilemann, given that most unfortunate incident with them MAYates, —the other day, after the night before.

** (öüï are not gonna mention his name,
—Mr. Brian Lamb—
we’ll just leave that Block from the “programming”,
out of the ” classroom”)

Now reverend, we also know that when we fly we are not on your radar, but to make something perfectly clear please allow me to not quote to you, a quote from el perrito lambiscón  del washington de ronald reagan, Mario Vargas llosa, en “la trompeta de deyá [3]”, misma que aparece  en la Edición conmemorativa de la rayuela de una “tal” real academia española y de la asociación de academias de la lengua española:

… [E]sto no significa que fuera libresco, erudito, intelectual, a la manera de un [JORGE LUIS] Borges, por ejemplo, que con toda justicia escribió: «Muchas cosas he leído y pocas he vivido».

Rayuela para principiantes

Rayuela para principiantes… in plain English and in Reel Motherfunking Time… that’s the Jazz of Cortázar.

Hey Negrita! Nice Save D.A.R.E.!!! Have a safe flight, and might we suggest; without attempting to invade your space, some anti–Cuentos literature?


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