Las más cabronas… un cuadro paella

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because, “you’re MauVelous, d’ahrling

a l’occasion de l’exposition:

Art et utopie au pays des Soviets

Pour que s’élaborent les nouvelles méthodes de la pense architecturale “La conception” du monde contemporain se forge au contact de l’époque…

«Bilans et Perspectives », 1927 en 2019 

Venn Diagrams in Avalon, certains l’aiment, otros l’amentan, and some te la mientan. Avalon. 🧜🏻‍♀️ 11F7F251-EA3B-46C8-BEAB-FADAC0E31EDD 🔱 En contexto for Mrs. E., (Mme. E., is one of the founding members and perhaps the strongest voice at a place where Evry body knows your name), last Friday we discussed another exclusively open club in Paris, it is called “Los Muertos de La Calle”, that club was Dominique’s final boarding area before the physical copy of the soul begins to deteriorate we also talked about “coincidences” both big and small, and about the ongoing price for a crackhead or heroine addict to take on the role of a low-intensity urban mercenary (punto y coma) we, as in me and Mrs.E., did not talk about SYCHRONICITY, but i did mention the STING and Gordon Sullivan’s former band—low and behold— when we both exited the “counseling area” on the butcher board nailed to the Eastern Wall was a Check for €2.500, a donation from a benevolent soul to our openly exclusive club. What a Coincidence, because she and i were just talking about how some things without context can get misinterpreted by a person outside of the CONVERSATION THAT we had just cleared out of the log.

Señor don papa Francisco I, eminencia. Ruego que por favor disculpe la demora con el tren que carga con el error de San Karol Józef Wojtyła, asuntos que “sin querer queriendo” se entrelazan con los espacios y la arquitectura de las calles de París requieren forma en el fondo de esos lienzos (punto y coma) on the other hand, i promised mabm que el próximo cuadro iba para ella:

https ://haciendomagiaconpalabras .wordpress .com /2021/03/10 /matar-un-amor-by-mabm-2/

But FO’ist! Eye touches base with La Semana Que Philippe Labró…

Saturday 13th before noon at La Place de La Sorbonne (Angry parents) and at the steps of the Lycée Saint-Louis (concerned students). Manifestation in favor or reforming what the 30 or so gathered parents call segregationist (YUP, you did not misread—segregationist) policies for student intake into the French liceo.

Why it matters, as explained from the angle of an ugly-ass, ignorant and stubborn undocumented American in Paris:

https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf /NEP /20210312

Just look at the front cover of N° 2581 of CNEWS matin… it reads like this in Rosbif gibberish

Gang fights, police and teachers assaulted, harassmentYouth and Violence – State of Emergency, page 8”; cnews . fr 📐06A3E3AD-A60D-4483-A98B-C246CDB64CB3 🖼 Correspondence (coincidenzia) for the DADA PEOPLE at Mains Libres, via fip dot fr follows, for Mrs. E., right NOW, the French STATE is about to learn what the term, INTERSECTIONALITY (in the context of Maslow’s pyramid of needs) means… ‘member now Mr. Macron, it takes SIX Generations to get someone out of the Grips Of Oscar Lewis’ so-called “culture of poverty”, —or so we’ve been told.

— Sunday the 14th, early morning 105.5 FM franceinfo. One of two takes. A union card-carrying member of the performing arts trade industry is interviewed (without him getting naked on “the air”) about the state of affairs in his realm during the pandemic.

Why it matters:

Hilarity ensues when the exasperated guests undresses the French Culture Minister on CNN, or some other primetime news network like that.

“At least you have a Culture Ministry,” said the Broadway fellow… 🎭

Ahora con su permiso, mis Amig@s valencian@s, you are probably going to think that Part Two of Isela Vega (from my series: Las Más Cabronas) is about you. It is not. It’s about los abuelitos de Charlotte Gainsbourg; UKRAINIAN refugees who escaped L’Art et Utopie au Pays des SOVIETS, just so that LUCIEN could get to be a horny little devil in La France… Aux Armes!

Of course, the easiest way to get to Serge Gainsbourg Street from Les HADES is to cut across The Louvre and join MALA and Julio at Le Pont des Arts, they will guide you to Picasso’s place where he scribbled a bunch of bulls at Guernica (punto y coma) that’s in the vicinity of Scarlett Johansen’s Parisian bungalow and then just ignore all of the signs and head over to Solferino, because i like to circle the field before reaching my destination; i don’t have a fucking deadline or an appointment to keep so i follow different signs, and besides, i did tell you that Serge Gainsbourg was covering Centerfield and in this plan L’Académie Française is the pitchers mound and The Louvre is the Home Plate, La Madeleine is Rightfield and The Assembly is Leftfield.

Previously on, Mr. Leo: Can You Tell Mí How To Get To Serge Gainsbourg Street?

And Lev Davidovich Bronstein, better known as Leon Trotsky responds from LA COLONIA ROMA:

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