Per your request: page tú, with Jorge Ramos

But FO’ist! Moi aussi, M. Lee, j’aimerais pouvoir parler “en français, but aside from the CYAN-colored sanitary mask, Eye just can’t possibly cover my beautiful MEXICAN face with a mascarade… o como dicen en Peru (Expression Latina 2011-12) con una puta farsa.

Rupestre as an adjective in Castellano is relative to rock, por ejemplo Raquelito:

pintura rupestre – cave painting
planta rupestre – rock plant or, Groot’s ancestors who turned into STONES… Darwin classified these as FOSSILS .


“Solo es la experiencia que he experimentado ».


MAMMA M’esta! Mia! Following Vlad’s Champagne Supernova announcement La Mairie de Paris formed an alliance with the Spumante Nationale, leaving La Nueve from Spain tending the Chicken Coop at City Hall.

In Local Sports News:

Öüï would like to remind “a el personal” that a conflict-of-interest prevents us from bringing you the GAME THAT KASIE HUNT can’t describe when it comes to Big Phat Millionaires (literally in the Sky With Diamonds, Lucie)

🇮🇹 v. 🇪🇸

… y a Jorge Ramos, tambien.

Pepperoni v. Chorizo

instead, ASegovia3 will be revisiting with our friend Roger Moore, allá en Toluca, a “Dos hasta la media noche” y la entrevista mítica que Radio Mexiquense grabó con la ayuda del sacerdote rupestre de Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

🎵 Sáquese de aquí señor operador
q’Esto es un secuestro y yo manejo el convoy
mejor haga caso para usted es mejor,
así es que hágase a un lado porque ahí le voy 🎶🎶🎶 … 🔩 The tale, as told by the Cisco Kid (formally from Waco) to Sheriff Bart goes like this… “Then one day, I was just walking down the street when I heard a voice behind me say, “Reach for it, mister!” I spun around… and there I was, face to face with a six-year old kid. Well, I just threw my guns down and walked away. Little bastard shot me in the ass. So I limped to the nearest saloon, crawled inside a whiskey bottle… and I’ve been there ever since.

Quotes from the SOURCE-er-eur:

https ://imdb .com /title /tt0071230/quotes/?ref_=tt_trv_qu

In Contexto: dice la leyenda del Rock en Español, Miguel Bose, que por aquellos años “don Diablo” solía no registrar las entrevistas con los invitados a la cabina.

https: //es. wikipedia .org /wiki /Rockdrigo_en_Radio_Mexiquense

El Destino, cruel y a veces hasta irónico hizo que una noche de Otoño cualquiera [pero] de 1984, como aquélla cuando Radio Mexiquense realizó The Live Session with “El Sacerdote Rupestre” and all phone lines at the station were down, forcing the show’s producers to record the ROCKDRIGO session, so that that particular emission could be unpacked for the station listeners at a later date.

Later in the FABle, The Quiet Beatle told us about the time that The Fab…ricated Four played at Radio Mexiquense, the producers had the excellent idea to have The Liverpool Quarter do a cover of their own Eleanor Rigby with TWO SAXES, a TUBA and a motherfucking CLARINET. TROU STORY, just listen to the Rockdrigo session at Radio Mexiquense.

It’s a damn shame that The Beatles en Toluca sessions were not recorded, though. At the time, the current president of Mexico was put in charge of the Sector that deals with Communication(s) by the Mexican president that killed university students in the OLYMPIADES year of our LORDE of 1968.


Under Secretary López Obrador, austerity was the tune to which every Radio Programmer, like say DENIS SOULA in France danced to. ISSY, en octubre tenía que ser.

And, Luc Frelon… or whatever your name is

FUCK you! transmission continues with the CONTRA-vas:

It’s in the way that you brand it… never mind the Registry. And, Denis Soula, i bet that El niño Luc thinks that this toast is about him, eh? … bunch of Circus Animals*.

* https ://tribuneindia .com /news /schools /oakland-zoo-vaccinates-animals-against-covid-278120

Time Now is the They After last night and The Russian Federation is about to appropriate Les Halles and all of the La Belle France®️ line of produced products including, but not limited, to the Sparkling Wine from the ASTI region of “Spumante”.

🎶 Ya lo dijo Freud, no recuerdo en que lado… [probably on page Tú, del Metro Balderas]…. after the break: 🇮🇹 v. 🇪🇸

Check it out, the staff is going to snort some cocaine, get some energy, maybe a Red Toro, some gizzards from FrancPrix, then take shit—and come back for Deadline, where peter ALEXANDER, or some asshole like that will re-hash The Men’s Warehouse Knews.

Deadline update: Viva Alicia!!! Say no to “the” ALEXANDERS-es-esos! Peter.

This slogan is approved by JORGE RAMOS, not because Öüï agree with El Reforma de don Calderón (big cacerola if youse into Cannes at the Mexican Embassy of “Jazz à juan-ito”), but because it’s a Trou Story that dates back to the Sicilia Theys at Trocadéro in March of 2011.

LUC FRELON, i am out of BEER! You jazz fuck!

Beer update, Mister Yasser Arafat cannot, EYE repeats, cannot let Mí lie, because our Ecuador connection restocked the urge for Hops in the form of an Ale, gracias, Mano.

And, Major Thom, please remind Mr. Luc that like you, Sir, Öüï needs to get high, Aussie! 🏄🏽‍♂️

What kind of Jazz Hour are you (Luc Fregón) running down at Issy, eh⁉️ You are displaying shades of Quebecoise-es-Ese. This is why Ontario is going to shit! Ya Bum!

This has been our “namastase” session as requested by the 6 O’clock Siren-end Shift.

Öüï now returns to it’s normal rage.

Drop Mí out in Harlem, in•deed.

El sacerdote rupestre productions presenta: PORTRAITS

Avec le soutien de un prêtre américain and Martin Marietta’s Master Builders in Miami-Dade County, a band in parts and off-course, SOBREDOSIS de CONCRETO. 

With a Grant from The Ewe of California en La Santa Cruz (Campus IHESS).  Seminar on “los hijos de Sánchez”, follows. Musical Score provided by Strickland (TX) propane and propane accessories.

But FO’ist!

There’s something about Chris Jansing.

Synopsis: If you have knot been reading this blog, then chances are that you know that ever since Phill Griffin left the peacocks at the NBC farm several “acts” have followed, —all have moved to París— but there’s Something about Chris Jansing.

Part One of Tú, and Vice-President Harris, thank You  for reconsidering Manu Chao’s prayer, and Madame Harris please don’t be afraid of “The Zebra” in-or-around La Ave. Rev. on account that Öüï all (already know, including Cerf-panthère*, that it is nuttin’ but a Donkey Show, and you OF ALL PEEPS “know that can’t be bad”. Tell’Em# Armando “el manitas” (From Juárez) sent you. Them Renegados wear a Red (Bandana) and “The Kids” are Alright.

Note to Françoise (La Pancha de La Bagagerie) ay' te va toda la frase de un chingazo (chingadazo if youse Versed in argot Chilango).

Translation is made possible by a grant from the good Frogs at DEEPL™️…

Précisément dans ces moments où la confusion règne terriblement dans l’atmosphère, comme d’étranges microbes venus d’autres galaxies, envoyant des messages télépathiques, nous faisant voir des réalités qui ne correspondent pas aux bonnes dimensions, le prophète du nopal se présente d’une manière ou d’une autre, déblatère depuis 1984 et dans ses visions hybrides du rock and roll mexicain, il m’a raconté un jour des rêves oniriques et des symboles archétypaux que je devais réciter par les trompes d’Eustache à tout le personnel ces messages du prophète du nopal” (Rockdrigo, 1985).

Chapter Three: The Vatican gets a Sit-Rep report in 🇫🇷, report in 🇪🇸, and a report in 🇩🇪, from our Colonia ROMA 🇮🇹 correspondant, the one-and-only, El Hombre Araña 🇵🇹… Jeff Goldblum 🇳🇱 is knot amused, mostly because La Mosca 🇦🇷/🇻🇦is orchestrating the Exodus from peacockland to La Île-deFrance, where Loki©️ (the goD of mischief) secured an Axios allegiance between Kornacki, McCammond and Jordan. All of a sudden, Pécresse turned Australian while looking at le Champ de Mars… But there is something about Chris Jansing.

Obla•di Oh—blah Da!

Sure, sure, y’all are going to dismiss this as a conspiracy theory but Willie Geist, with Slovakian and Hungarian roots (Eye smells Esperanto’s Soros!!!soroS) and the fact that Chris Jansing is the Face of Oh, hi! O… what’s the Story, Thomás Pesquet?

Note to programmers:

The Reflex — George Soros (spell IT backwards, The Prophets of RAGE and Chuck D will leave IT!–At D.A.T.*

And Luc Frelon, if you are listening… Fuck You! It’s a Fraternal Fuck You—“… [A]nd Ewe knows, you should be G.Lad,* period