Hand gestures 101 — intro to hand gesture interpretation

    Pivot < ~ > toviP , and mister Lacan, how about that John Heileman visiting the “Au pied de cochon” and not stopping-by to say hi. Definitely a weak-ass Bud.

A Beautiful Number : 3³  


Three times FO’ is a full suppa’, suckas³! … “[G]ot Xnge fo’ a hundred³?

³~. Plural of sucka.

Ouest side radio, 🎶 👁️ went to the 📻 station and Eleanor Rigby was listening to the Tuba playing that tune about the priest, Father Spuds Mackenzie or some wanker’s surname with a faggety skirt on.

Rufus Apostille de Vermeille 🌇

People WHO know, know that the best tense is the one about El SUBjuntivo PREsente 🎁 de Io… 🌌

World Expo follows.


Subjuntivo presente

yo : muja
tú : mujas
él/ella/usted : muja
nosotros/nosotras : mujamos
vosotros/vosotras : mujáis
ellos/ellas/ustedes : mujan
vos : mujas

³~. Ask any lacaño stuck at any of the wards of Sainte-Anne Hospital in Paris, Texas.

https ://www .ussoccer .com /2023/06 /concacaf-nations-league-semifinal-usmnt-3-mexico-0-match-

*~. Ask Mexican presidential candidate, Claudia Sheinbaum, but don’t tell her challenger at The Cervantes Institute in Paris, France, because Marcelo will have to most likely swallow.


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