Los hilos de Mariana X. Rivera en el museo de la hipocresía migratoria de La Porte Dorada de Vincennes

WAR… Why can’t Öüï be Friends?

Ensayo de Vida… if youse out of Schlitz, Ewe is out of Schiltz’-es-ese… 🍻

Où en suis-je, à présent, avec les personnes à la rue ?

The current situation overwhelms me, too many people stranded on in our Central Paris sidewalks.

Georges informa 🦁 y nosotros CoteJamos.

Every day, new faces are added to the old ones I’ve spotted or,  recognized¹ from La Bagagerie. Some make a fleeting appearance, others come and go, others disappear.

¹~. In translation there are adaptations, this one here, doña Schiltz is one of Em#.

https ://primicia24 .com /contenido /le-northeast-cartel-a-envoye-un-message–cordial–a-amlo

The Things You Have To Do For Money — Live Killers.


Freddy Mercury to Marie-Ange Schiltz en, Communication… 5 Euros.

With all due respect, we remind the good people of El Excelentísimo señor Asvazadourian at the DRSD*, and to the gentleman of the CDG, also the new kids on the block of the CDNE, but SPECIFICALLY a LOS MILITARES MEXICANOS destacados en la Embajada de México en Longchamps (PARIS), and of course the CIA, The FBI and, Katty Kay, —the BBC, and B.B. King, that:

Peñoles gets a free get out of Hell card good for 96-hours.

The unfortunate passing of Sinead McNamara, a crew member aboard the yacht, is a tragic chapter in the yacht’s history… SUCCESSION aside, the yatch used to belong to don Alberto Baillères. The yacht is now owned by his family… which probably explains the benevolence. No doubt that someone in the Baillères family is going to get foreclosed on the inheritance, which includes El Cerro de Las Noas en proximidad con San José de Las Panochas, en La Zona del Silencio en La Sierrita.

*~. Hofstein, C., ”Les espions tres discrets de la DRSD“, reportage. Le Figaro Magazine, 16 et 17 juin 2023, pp. 42-48 en La Folie BEATLES, par Paul McCartney.

Dig it.
The communique highlighted the French Touch of the cartel propaganda adding, « [A]t the end, as if it were a diplomatic message between government representatives, the cartel member said: “Without further ado, we await a response from you and we send you our cordial greetings. Sincerely, your safe servants of the Northeast Cartel” ».

I do not select the news cycles nor its para-lelos 

Previously on, ¡Qué LINDO Caga El Señor! Followed by Reed’s classic, Sex With Your Parents, it’s Adrien Brody in SUCCESSION, for the record, Eye will watch Brody in anything that he manifests his fina Estampa de torero that he is Cast on.

https ://www .superyachtfan .com /fr /yacht /mayan-queen/

¿Alló Silver*? El Llanero de Las Flores… Tonto 🪶.

*~. Based on Ke-mo sah-bee’s all-out expose of The Lone Ranger. In other WO’ids, fuck GOLDBERG (Ewe Ho) y que viva SILVERMAN, Sarah.

And, Mika Brzezinski, don’t call that glorified Disney ride an “expedition”… unless your French 🇵🇱 relatives at the Immigrants Museum of Haute Couture recognize the women from Mariana X. Rivera’s reality show as a trade, and not just a Samaritaine’s hipster item.

-https ://www .proceso .com .mx /internacional /2023/6/23 / james-cameron-dit-que-la-recherche-du-submersible-titan-etait-un–canular cauchemardesque–

— And, my condolences, thoughts and prayers are with the French millionaire who’s sleeping with them Fishes. And no, señor Excmo., i don’t mean your compatriota de Haute-Savoie next to the ghost of JACK Dawson, —Jacques!, and in the words of Mel Brooks in History of The World Part Two, “not that one”. I’m talking about them Poissons’.

In Memory of Roe v. Wade. Yes we’re going to a private clinic.



Synopsis: Émilie Munera goes to the Point Neuf and buys a French-made huipil from Pharell Williams who coincidentally is now in the business of recycling Red ❌ Cross thermal blankets for his Louis Vuitton strip show.

But FO’ist!!!

It’s Pass The Dutchie Darmanino³,
you son-of-a-piggy en Matignon.

³~. Geraldo Darmanino is the illegitimate basterd’son of Senator John “Bluto” Blutarski (R-FLA) and some french whore from Saint-Tropez.

Hilarity ensues when La Kerschovas does not approve and Willie Geist gets a Guayabera from Lula 🇧🇷 en Libération.

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