Hand gestures 101 — intro to hand gesture interpretation

    Pivot < ~ > toviP , and mister Lacan, how about that John Heileman visiting the “Au pied de cochon” and not stopping-by to say hi. Definitely a weak-ass Bud.

A Beautiful Number : 3³  


Three times FO’ is a full suppa’, suckas³! … “[G]ot Xnge fo’ a hundred³?

³~. Plural of sucka.

Ouest side radio, 🎶 👁️ went to the 📻 station and Eleanor Rigby was listening to the Tuba playing that tune about the priest, Father Spuds Mackenzie or some wanker’s surname with a faggety skirt on.

Rufus Apostille de Vermeille 🌇

People WHO know, know that the best tense is the one about El SUBjuntivo PREsente 🎁 de Io… 🌌

World Expo follows.


Subjuntivo presente

yo : muja
tú : mujas
él/ella/usted : muja
nosotros/nosotras : mujamos
vosotros/vosotras : mujáis
ellos/ellas/ustedes : mujan
vos : mujas

³~. Ask any lacaño stuck at any of the wards of Sainte-Anne Hospital in Paris, Texas.

https ://www .ussoccer .com /2023/06 /concacaf-nations-league-semifinal-usmnt-3-mexico-0-match-

*~. Ask Mexican presidential candidate, Claudia Sheinbaum, but don’t tell her challenger at The Cervantes Institute in Paris, France, because Marcelo will have to most likely swallow.


Last Week To They — Compared to what, Salma*?

 La Jornada Artificial… after the break 💔 Öüï take a sneak-peak at Pandora’s Box 🎁, ISSY… I’ve seen them chones on Princess’s aussi. 

Los Hilos artificiales de Tam-tam 👙🪢🔬

*~. Madame FIGARO nº2022; 26~27 de mayo.

Please be forewarned that … whatever wherever you think this is going to lead to, it is not. In any case Thomas de Corbillón, chinga tu madre, you are now like the good Rev. Al Sharp’n, an honorary jalapeño!

I literally can’t pull la teibolera de pandora. That the French call it La Nuit Blanche es porque la doña está cubierta 🎶 de Pilares de {Au y Ag}.

Note to Marie-Ange Schiltz:

what kind of Mexican covering las noticias transnacionales de la Cultura de encuentros encuerados entre la filosofía del “objetivismo” y la cultura de “la pobreza” would I be if I ignore, that which Univision (34) and Telemundo (52) on the UHF DIAL call, « lo nuestro »?

~. Ayn Rand.

La Nuit Blanche… get a LOAD of this, mister French Ambassador to Xochimilco. I Am, the axolotl.

~. Oscar Lewis

For the record doña Schiltz, the correlations between what don Leoncio Orellana : . from the Latin American House in Paris Saint-Germain 217 and, la Fundación Televisa is in and of itself an entire universe where Ely Guerra y Natalia Labifurcada intersect with don Leo’s bendición:

Go ahead, I commend you, but! There is one condition, (this is Spring 2011) and that is that it is not always about the poor. 

And no, there is no Causality there.

Page 68, coverstory Salma HAYEK: 
Une seule VIE me paraît trop COURTE”. par Genone-Matray’etta.


Any how, what better way to segue onto the Schiltz’ périphériques underpass-es-es on skid row in France and merge onto Oscar Lewis’ take on the “culture of poverty”, because “como el viejo decía…”, chin 🥃.

Up next, “A Bridge Too Far” starring Julie Gayet

I Wanna Rock, Right Now! 

It takes tú and a champagne supernova 🍾 To The Throne, Charly 🥂 Tú 🤴🏻, to the 🚽… On the double, chop chop; fish and chips, bad teeth—worst tits, the BBC and the whole 9 enchiladas.

It takes Tú…
By: Robb Base and… 

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/03/05 /espectaculos /chris-rock-répond à Will Smith un an après la claque

E Z there, big fella!
Don’t forget that you won the TED audition for “Say My Name” 🥊, period!

“I ain’t seen a bridge »

The Bridge

← Donna, Donna, Sanísima ↑

Eye swears that it’s rather intimidating realizing that the fellow behind the “Au cœur de l’orchestre” is the official body double of former French president, PANCHO de Holanda.

Across The Atlantic… Bolsonaro is preparing the feast

Dogma tu madre, Obrador…

In Paris, France… at the Princes Memorial Parc, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior (10) is already on his fourth baby, —at the table.

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2022 /oct /09 /brazil-jair-bolsonaro-cannibalism-boast


Deer, Joy Anne Reid… never forget who you replaced, but yes Negrita, yes, i have yet to be paid. And that is why you have fascists knocking on that Puritan experiment that took you from home, you can thank The “Great” Colbert for that.

On the menu:
El Niño sautée with RAW MILK
With a side of perro.

A raw political fight: Ron Paul battles FDA to allow Americans to drink raw milk

It’s Columbus They’s Eve in The Philippines and to commemorate the arrival, Neymar Jr., is hosting a feast for the Benevolently ⚽ Beneficiados de Portugal, Neymar Jr., an avid wishbone collector became a cannibal like his dear leader, Jair Bolsonaro, after the cock sucker drank the Francisco Franco Kool-Aid™️ following his stint at CFB in Catalunya.


Just sign on the dotted line … 🤘SEAN PENN is the biggest KAREN C.I.A. asset in the World

🎶 The answer my friend ♈
is blowing in the Wind
The answer is blowin’ in the wind ♒


Wind delivers the WaWa in The Zodiaco, ask FLORENCE CASSEZ, she incarnated the role of la ♎, knot-to-be confused with the Greek resistance symbol which off-course, is the motherfuckin’ RESISTANCE ( Ω ), period!

West Philadelphia via Canyon Dr. and Santa Monica Boulevard.

And Starring as Sony Liston… The 13th Apostle.

“Get out of my way,
can’t you see I’m from El Ey?
Yeah, I met Slash, I’ve got a rose tattoo
I bet I know way more people than you

Not to be outdone by the Mexican National Symbol Estampa (en la frente) the Mark of The Beast ordered all Opuntia cacti in Paris to drop their bloody barbary figs from their pads.


And, Black Diplomats in Ukraine… I hope that you, IGOR Novakaine*, don’t take this message to Sean, the wrong way, but Madge’s first (after doing the entire MTV scene) is the biggest fucking KAREN in the Western WO’id.

*.~ Sorry if Eye mispelt your name, Mr. Novikov, I am an anti-dentite and i take Évry opportunity to point this out, anyhow,  your biography is not yet available in Google maps™️, so Eye has no choice but to burn the 1986 edition of The Hollywood Map of The Stars pads.

Meanwhile, in Arabia… cualquier parecido con El Soldado Pérez, es pura coincidencia… ¡háblele!

Pole positions.

https ://www .wiki .ng /en /wiki /ukraine-advisor-to-president-zelensky-igor-novikov-stands-his-grounds-as-russia-counties-its-attacks-947681 /amp

Anyhow, Mr. Novillero, Eye bet you a Kate del Castillo telenovela that you didn’t know that Sean Penn is a career double agent responsible, among other acts, for the disappearance of Venezuelan president, and Softball aficionado, Hugo  Chávez, as well as for having the current Mexican head of State personally deliver “las mañanitas” to the mother of convicted felon, Joaquín “el chapo” Guzmán.

That story is next…

https ://nypostnypost .com /2022/03/26 /sean-penn-calls-for-oscars-boycott-if-ukraines-zelensky-cant-speak/

¿Por cuánto me lo da?

Tuna is the price of a-Toon in Belleville (Punto y coma)… nopalitos are the price of Mantequilla en NAPOLES — ¡BOMBA!